Items for Sale - Prisoner of War & Civilian Flag of Truce - Section Two

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CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA #12a, 10¢ milky blue (some students call this shade on type II “opaline”) tied light strike of RICHMOND / VA. cds on small narrow cover to “Mrs. A. E. Holcombe, Jetersville, Amelia County, Virginia” with strong  period docketing across the top “Hattie’s letter from Brooklyn written on the 6th of March 1865”; note on back from Jack Molesworth that this is positively identified as civilian Flag of Truce use by the companion cover, which regrettably is no longer with it. $250.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: US #65, 3¢ rose used on money letter (thus not canceled); to Private Wm. D. Crosland, Prisoner of War, Co. E, 5th Division, Prisoners Camp, Point Lookout, Md. with docketing “Per flag of Truce” and “$5.00 U.S. T[reasury] note”; also very small light manuscript “ex” (examined) at right. $300.

William D. Crosland was in Co. E, SC 15th Infantry and Co. A, SC Holcome Legion Cavalry, and Co. C., SC Manigault's Battalion.

Much more information on linked page.


CAMP SORGHUM, COLUMBIA S.C.: 10¢ Milky Blue #12a, gum stains, uncanceled but tied by manuscript docketing, bold OLD POINT COMFORT / VA / DEC / 16 [1864] double-circle cancel and DUE 6 in circle for U.S. unpaid rate on cover endorsed from "From Lieut. Wm. Henry Raymond, Co. H., N.Y. Vol. Arty. Prisoner of War, C.S. Military Prison, Columbia S.C. Per Flag of Truce Boat", manuscript examiner's mark "Exd. By T.G. Holland Lt. 1st Ga R" (guard at Camp Sorghum), Very Fine. There were three prisons in Columbia. The attribution to Camp Sorghum is based on military records researched by Brian Green (signed on back). Military records for Raymond accompany – captured at Cold Harbor. Ex-Murphy and Walske. A scarce Camp Sorghum prisoner-of-war cover via Richmond and Fortress Monroe. $2,000.


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILL: US #65, 3¢ rose used with target and matching ROCK ISLAND / ILL double circle postmark with blue R.I. BARRACKS / PRISONERS LETTER / EXAMINED oval (Harrison type II) which was used in blue only from August 11, 1864 – February 21, 1865. Addressed to Mrs. Emma L. Newman, Point Pleasant, [West] Va. which was then in the Union.  (Mason County); top back flap missing, Ex Hedin $300.


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by prison bar grid with matching COLUMBUS / O // OCT / 22 double circle cancel on cover to Mrs. Alfred Hughes, Wheeling [West] Virginia with manuscript “Exd Peter Zinn Major”, from political prisoner Dr. Alfred Hughes, who was considered a traitor to the Union for refusing to recognize West Virginia as a state and remained at Camp Chase for 8 months. After his release in December 1862, he was elected a member of the Virginia legislature and so remained until the fall of Richmond. He was a pioneer in homeopathy. Slightly reduced at left. Ex Hedin. $250.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O double circle cancel on cover to J.D. Hamilton, Care. D. Browder & Co, Montgomery, Ala. with straightline DUE  10 from Richmond, although no Richmond cancel showing. Endorsed “T. H. Hamilton, Lt 18th Tenn. Regt., Prisoner of War, Johnson’s Island, Ohio” and routed “For Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe & City Point”.  Nice postal use of both sides. Ex Hedin. Military and regimental records included. $750.

Thomas H. Hamilton enlisted as a 2nd Lieut in Co. K., 18th Tenn. Infantry. He was detailed asDrill Master and Conscript Officer. He was wounded at Murfreesboro, Tenn. January 3, 1863 and left on the battlefield. He recovered, but was captured at Nashville on January 30, 1864.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied target and matching SANDUSKY / O double circle cancel on cover to W. T. Sutherlin, Danville, Va. with prisoner endorsement “W. E. Williamson Jr., Pris of War” with RICHMOND / VA. // JAN / 21 and matching DUE 10 routed “Per Flag of Truce” and neat oval PRISONER’S LETTER / JOHNSONS ISLAND // EXAMINED / G A R (Pvt Gerald A. Ressap of the 128th Ohio Volunteers who was a mail examiner from September 6 to 15, 1864). Military records and other information included. President Jefferson Davis and his cabinet went to Danville early in April 1865 and made their headquarters at the residence of Major William T. Sutherlin, which is thus referred to as “the last Confederate Capitol.” It was in the Sutherlin home that Davis' issued his final Presidential Proclamation.  Cover with couple small edge faults and open 3 sides; inside is addressed and likely handcarried and pencil post-war notations inside. Ex Hedin.  $800.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND: Sandusky, Ohio: US #65,  3¢ rose, tied by target cancel with matching Nashville / Tenn // Feb / 23 / '64 double circle postmark on incoming cover to "Lieut. Col. J[ohn].W. Inzer, Prisoner of War, Johnsons Island, Ohio”, manuscript "Ex. D.S.A." (De Alva S. Alexander, 128th O.V.I.) censor's marking, top back flap missing  $200.

John Washington Inzer served in Company I, Alabama 58th Infantry, was captured at Missionary Ridge, Tenn., and confined to Johnson’s Island.

Much more information on linked page.


FLAG OF TRUCE: US 65, 3¢ rose tied cork with OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // AUG / 25 [186?] double circle on cover to Mrs. Samuel R. Rucker, Murfreesboro, Tennessee Care of Mrs. D. D. Wendell. Uncertain of year of use as Murfreesboro fell early in the war and thus Rucker, who was fighting in the South, had to send mail home via Flag of Truce. $160.

Private Robert M. Rucker was in Co. A 2nd Tennessee Infantry

Much more information on linked page.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA #7-R pair 5¢ blue tied RICHMOND / Va. // SEP 1 / 186 from engineer of the Confederate gunboat Merrimack to his wife Mrs. Julia W. Ramsay, Charlotte, North Carolina with endorsement “Via Flag of Truce from Norfolk”. This was an inner envelope (outer envelope discarded at exchange point per mandate), not all of which bear censor markings. $800.

H. Ashton Ramsay, C.S.N., Chief Engineer of the C.S.S. Viriginia (formerly and popularly known as the U.S.S. Merrimack)

Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY OHIO: POW cover bearing 3¢ rose #65 tied by "Sandusky O. Apr 8 '64" duplex to Mr. A. C. Mitchell at Glennville Ala., endorsed "For flag of truce boat via Old Point Comfort" and at left "J. B. Mitchell Lieut Co B 34th Ala Regt.", manuscript "Ex BAN" examiner's marking, entered Confederate mails with RICHMOND / VA. // MAY / 7 cds with "Due 10" rating handstamp, flap opening tears. Information is sketchy on Alabama soldiers in the Army of Tennessee. Could not find out where or when Lt. Mitchell was captured but most likely during the Atlanta Campaign earlier in 1864. Nice use of both sides postage. [OH] [AL] $750.


JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY OHIO: prisoners cover bearing  US 3¢ rose #65, small fault, tied by "Sandusky O. Apr 12 '64" duplex to Box Spring Ga., endorsed "Lt. E. H. Smith, Co. 'K' 3rd Ga. Cav." and "For Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe", manuscript "Ex R P H", entered Confederate mails with "Richmond Va May 7" cds and "Due 10" straightline handstamp, Very Fine. Nice use of both sides postage.  $850.

Eugene Hamilton Smith (1843-1880) - 2nd Lieut in Co. C 3rd Georgia Cavalry.

Much more information on linked page.


OHIO PENITENTIARY, COLUMBUS, OHIO: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 tied by target cancel with matching COLUMBUS / O // AUG / 15 CDS on cover to “Mrs. Charles Ready, Murfreesboro, Tenn” with large flourished censor marking “Examined Wm A Judkins ADC”. Mrs. Ready was John Hunt Morgan’s mother-in-law and this is ADDRESSED IN GENERAL JOHN HUNT MORGAN’S HAND. Rare thus! Cover with 1” tear at top. Signed on verso by Brian Green attesting to Morgan’s hand. Photocopies of exhibit pages with long write-up accompany. RARE PRISON AND RARE GENERAL. $1,800.

Brig Gen. John Hunt Morgan and his men began raids in Kentucky that lasted three weeks while being chased by Federal troops, but were never captured. In July of 1863, Gen. Morgan and his men took part in their final raid, during a 24 day ride into Southern Indiana and Ohio, which ended when Gen. Morgan was captured.

Much more information on linked page.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: 3¢ rose #65 tied by grid handstamp with matching HENDERSON / KY //MAR / 19 / 1864 cds; incoming cover addressed to prisoner Lt. F[rank] C. Barnes, Co “G” 56 Va  and endorsed "Ward 11 B.1" and “paid 3 cts” at top, ink stain at top right corner. Captured at Gettysburg at Pickett’s Charge, one of the Immortal Six held under fire of their own guns. See Kaufmann article in ASDA magazine on this website for this story of retaliation and retribution. $500.

Lt. Francis Cargill Barnes (1835-1910) was a Private in Co. G. 56th Virginia Infantry (Charlotte Defenders) and rose to 2nd and then 1st Lieutenant. He was captured during Pickett’s Charge at stonewall at Gettysburg

Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied segmented cork cancel on POW cover to “Lieut Thomas H. B. Randolph, A.D.C.C. Brig. Genl. Pendleton, Prisoner of War, Johnson’s Island” and “Per Flag of Truce”, bold G.F.Y. oval examined marking on back flaps, Old Point Comfort cds, small tear at top not affecting stamp or markings. Military records included. $450.

Thomas Hugh Burwell Randolph (1843-1900) was a corporal in Co. C, 2nd VA Infantry.

Much more information on linked page.


CAMP PAROLE, ANNAPOLIS, MD: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 (small faults due to envelope overhang) tied target cancel; addressed in peacock blue ink to “Robert R. Cook, Camp Parole Annapolis Maryland in care Lieutenant Hathaway Co D, 106 Reig NYSV” with regimental receiving mark “HEU VELTON / JULY 27 1863 / N.V.”, irregular reduction at left. CSA Catalog PAR-01 with CCV of $300. Harrison lists only 25 covers known from Camp Parole. $250.

Robert R. Cook was 23 years old when he enlisted as a private at Lisbon, NY info Co. D NY 106 Infantry.

Much more information on linked page.


ELMIRA, NEW YORK: US #65, 3¢ rose used with blue target cancel and matching BALTIMORE / MD. // JUN / 7 cds on cover to Sergt Hider D. Dickens, Prisoner of War, Barracks 3 Ward 30, Elmira, N.Y.; oval Elmira examined marking, bit reduced at right upon opening.$300


DANVILLE, VIRGINIA: Southern prisoner of war cover from Capt. William F. Tiemann to J. W. Tiemann Esq Care Miss D. F. Tiemann, 128 William Street, New York, N.Y. “Per Flag of Truce” with pencil docketing up left side “Danville Feby 11 / 65” and Capt. Tiemann’s POW endorsement at upper right under encircled DUE 6, Old Point Comfort Feb 18 double cirlce. A number of additional pieces including 2010 letter from POW student Galen Harrison to Jerry Palazolo re this cover. Also a partial transcript of Tiemann’s recount of February 18, 1865 when he was among those transferred from Danville to Libby Prison in Richmond. He arrived Richmond on February 19 and was paroled on February 20 at Annapolis. Cover a bit rumpled with tiny edge tears at top but in generally good shape. A scarce Southern prison. $1,600.

William Francis "Frank" Tiemann (1844-1926) served with the 159th Regiment of the New York State Volunteers.  He was wounded in the Battle of Irish Bend and fought in two other major engagements in Louisiana, at Port Hudson and Mansura.

Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied SANDUSKY / O // JAN / 20 double circle with matching target cancel to Asa White, Lincoln, Mass; bit soiled and opening flap tear. Oval prison examining marking at left. $170.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLANDMONEY LETTER bearing uncanceled US 65, 3¢ rose, as was normal for envelopes containing money, clearly indicated by lower left corner $5 .W.W.T.N. under which is written Flag of Truce, addressed to I. W. Fuller, Co. Gm 7th SC Cavalry, Prisoner at Point Lookout, Md., back flap unsealed, as usual. $300.


FLAG OF TRUCE: Unidentified prison, US 65, 3¢ rose tied cork with OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // AUG / 25 dcds on cover to James G. Wall, Cynthiana, Harrison Co, Ky, with ms. directives Via Flag of Truce and Robt Ould, Bureau of Exchange, Richmond, Va. up left side; part back flap missing, light staining. $250.

Garrett D. Wall served in 7th Kentucky Infantry, Cluke/Johnson’s Brigade, Morgan’s Division, Army of Tennessee. He was promoted to 1st Lieut. and Aide de Camp to General Richard M. GanoMore info on linked page


FORT DELAWARE: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by RICHMOND / VA // JUL / 20 [1864] cds on small narrow POW cover addressed to Mrs. Martha T. Moss, Chappell Hill, Fluvanna County, Va., routed Care of Maj. Gen. B. F. Butler, Commanding Department of Virginia & N.C. and Via Fortress Monroe & City Point Per Flag of Truce. U.S. stamp removed or fell off. North to South use. DELAWARE CITY, DEL. June 18 [1864] cds and Fort Delaware oval examined markings. Prisoner James Moss was a private in Co. A 23rd VA Infantry (Louisa Rifles), wounded at Winchester, returned, and later taken prisoner at Spotsylvania and confined at Belle Plain, Va. from where he was transferred to Ft. Delaware 20 May 1864. $650.


FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE CITY: POW cover addressed to Mrs. Mary E. Douglass, Fishersville, Augusta County, Virginia; US 65 3¢ rose canceled by target and tied by partial strike of RICHMOND / Va. CDS, small DELAWARE CITY / DEL. // NOV /18 CDS, used with CSA 12-KB dark blue (touched at left to enormous margins right into other stamp and bottom) tied by both the Richmond and Delaware City circular datestamps, manuscript "By Flag of Truce Boat via Fortress Monroe," pristine Very Fine mixed-franking cover, Choice, 2002 CSA certificate 04298. $1,300.


FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE CITY: POW cover addressed to Lieut. W.A. Smith, Prisoner of War, Fort Delaware, Del, Division 28; with manuscript directive “For Flag of Truce Via City Point and Fortress Monroe” with pencil docketing “Jn Banets (?) Oct. 26th.” US and CSA mixed franking with CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue and US 65, 3¢ rose (both stamps with tiny faults) tied together by segmented cork cancel, and Confederate stamp with OCT 20 (1864) Old Point Comfort double-circle cancel. The oval censor handstamp was used at Fort Delaware only for about seven months. By November 4, 1864, the use of an examined marking at Fort Delaware had been discontinued, although letters were still censored. Hillsville, Va., October 7th 1864” mailing origina at lower left, from Lt. Smith’s wife, Electa. 2001 CSA certificate 04076. $1,500.

William Alexander Smith served in Company J, 50th Virginia Regiment, Jones’ Brigade, Johnson’s Division, Ewells CorpsMuch more information on linked page.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: fresh inner prisoner-of-war cover to Henry M. Cunningham Esq., Co “J” 1st Div. Prison Camp, Point Lookout Md., Care of Major Comdg Post with notation “to be forwd if he is not (there).” Franked and fully prepaid as an outer cover but no postmarks so clearly sent as an inner cover, US 65, 3¢ rose uncancelled but "tied" by a small spot of gum staining, used with CSA 11, 10¢ blue (3 large margins, couple small toned spots), tied by bold manuscript "19 Dec" docketing, magenta manuscript "Died 14th Jany 1865" at top, 2000 PSE certificate 40899. $900. H.M. Cunningham is shown in prison records as a private in Company F, 3rd South Carolina Regiment who died of pneumonia on January 8, 1865, and is buried in the Confederate Cemetery at Point Lookout. Captured at North Anna May 23, 1864. I could not find records specifically for Henry M. Cunningham and there are enough inconsistencies to be certain of this identification as our addressee. More research needed.


"IMMORTAL 600" MORRIS ISLAND, S.C.: US 65, 3¢ rose (tiny corner perf crease at UR) tied by ALLENVILLE / KY. // OCT / 2 (1864) CDS with date in manuscript, addressed to Lieut. Stephen P. Allensworth, Prisoner of War on Morris Island, Port Royal, South Carolina. Magenta pen docketing "Contains $111 Greenback," Desirable Morris Island-addressed "Immortal 600" cover, signed Stanley B. Ashbrook. $1,500.

Stephen Philip Allensworth was one of Morgan's Raiders (1st Kentucky Cavalry). Much more info on linked page. Complete prisoner bio included with the lot. See my article for full explanation of this sad chapter in the Civil War at ASDAPR09.pdf


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by bold segmented cork cancel, used with CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied by neat LIBERTY / Va. // MAR / 15 cds on cover to Mr. D. A. Deaderick, Knoxville, E. Tenn. With bold strike of OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // MAR 24 double-circle datestamp, ms. directive at lower left “Per Flag of Truce Via Fortress Monroe.” 2001 PSE certificate 50990 mentioning “stamps with minor faults” (truly trivial). There is a David Deaderick listed as serving in 63rd Tennessee Infantry but more research would have to be done to ascertain if he is the addressee. Lovely mixed franking. $900.


DANVILLE PRISON, VA: pristine unsealed inner cover to W. Willoughby Esq, Alexandria Va., censored "Examined R. C. Smith, Lt. Col. Commdg.", ENTERED U.S. MAILS WITH A PAIR OF 2¢ BLACKJACKS (US #73) tied by cork cancels and "Old Point Comfort Va. Jun. 17" double-circle datestamp, (likely in error for "Jan."), couple tiny perf pulls, Very Fine;  censored by the prison commander, R. C. Smith, who is known at Danville from Oct. 1864 to Jan. 1865, illustrated in Harrison on p. 73. Tarbell correspondence. Doctor (actually his first name) Tarbell was captured by Confederate cavalry on September 21, 1864 near Winchester Va., he was taken to Libby Prison in Richmond, then transferred to Salisbury, NC, then to Danville Prison and then back to Libby again on Feb. 18, 1865 before being paroled a few days later, the major portion of the Tarbell correspondence is at the University of Michigan Library. Detailed bio accompanies. Doctor Tarbell enlisted 5-1-61 as a Sergeant in Co. A NY 32nd Infantry. He rose through the ranks to Brevet Major and was a Commissary of Subsistence. $2,000.


ELMIRA, NEW YORK: 3¢ rose #65 tied ELMIRA / N.Y. // SEP 29 / 1864 double-circle datestamp as well as RICHMOND / VA. cds with DUE 10 to pay Confederate postage, Elmira censor oval at center (type A) on POW cover (type PWM-10, CV $900), addressed to Mrs. John Y. Moss, Subletts Tavern, Powhatan Co., Virginia with ms. “By Flag of Truce” at lower left and soldier’s endorsement across left end, “W.S. Moss, Co. B, 4th Reg. Va. Cavalry, prisoner of war.” Ex Robert W. Wiseman. $600.

William S. Moss served in Co. B, 4th Reg. Va. Cavalry, Army of Northern VirginiaMuch more info on linked page.


FORT MCHENRY, BALTIMORE, MD: US 65, 3¢ rose tied neat blue Baltimore target duplex, Nov 28, 1863, on small cover from Capt. B.F. Little [52nd N.C. Infantry], a prisoner at Fort McHenry, to Dr. R.J. Powell, Washington, D.C. with manuscript "Examined Wiard P.A.," slightly reduced at right, Very Fine.  Harrison records 29 covers to or from Fort McHenry. $950.

Benjamin Franklin Little biographical info accessible by clicking on item thumbnail image.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MD: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by Point Lookout target duplex, Apr 21, 1865; from 17-year-old Sgt. William M. Hill [Co. G, 3rd Va. Local Defense Troops] "The Boy Company of Richmond," to his mother, Mrs. Lewis Hill care R.H. Maury & Co. in occupied Richmond; undated octagonal examined handstamp (PWH-17). The second latest recorded use of this marking according to Harrison. Newspaper obituary included. $325.

William Maury Hill biographical info accessible by clicking on item thumbnail image.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MD: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by cork with OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // APR / 30 (1865) dcds on cover with “G” examined marking only used January-April 1865, to “Prisoner of War Wm. M. Hill, Co I 5th Division, Point Lookout, Maryland,” 17-year-old Sgt. William M. Hill [3rd Va. Local Defense Troops] "The Boy Company of Richmond," from his mother, Mrs. Lewis Hill in occupied Richmond through Old Point Comfort. Newspaper obituary included. $325.

William Maury Hill biographical info accessible by clicking on item thumbnail image.


SMUGGLED LETTER from CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MD: from Sgt. Hugh Davis Smith, a prisoner of war at Point Lookout, datelined "Prisoners Camp, Point Lookout, Maryland, Dec 21st 1863", to "My Loving Mother, Kind Brother & Fond Sisters."Three clues lead to the conclusion that the letter was smuggled: 1.) the letter is written on both sides of the sheet - against regulations; 2.) Smith signed only his initials: "H" on the main letter and "HDS" on a postscript - another violation; and 3.) in the letter he wrote, "An opportunity has offered itself by some of my fellow prisoners…who leave on tomorrow for the South"…"This will have to go in the black." He is more literate and well-written than the average soldier; typed transcription accompanies and letter mounted on exhibit page. (see letter page 2VERY RARE.  $550. LL Listed in both Miscellaneous-2 and POW-1

Hugh Davis Smith biographical info accessible by clicking on item thumbnail image.


GRATIOT STREET PRISON, ST. LOUIS, MO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by a target and an Oct 8 (1864) St. Louis on cover from a Confederate POW at St. Louis, Mo. to James Miner, Esq, Greensboro, Guilford County, N. Carolina "Via Old Point Comfort," entering the Confederate mails with a very weak partial Richmond CDS. on Nov 1; manuscript "Due 10" for CSA postage. ONE OF ONLY 12 COVERS TO OR FROM GRATIOT STREET PRISON, AND ONE OF JUST THREE TO CROSS THE LINES. $1,100.


CARROLL PRISON, WASHINGTON DC: cover to Jesse T. Hughes, Carroll Prison Room 32, Washington DC; cork-canceled 3¢ rose and Old Point Comfort, Va. DCDS Dec. 31 (1864); manuscript "Released Address not known" in partially erased pencil as well as "Released" in ink; red wax seal on back flaps, manuscript "$1.00" probably indicating contents, apparently a money letter that went through the postal system instead of courier. Hughes, a mail contractor, was a civilian prisoner from Prince George Co., Virginia. Harrison notes only 13 covers to or from Carroll Prison. $900.


LINCOLN GENERAL HOSPITAL, WASHINGTON DC: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by a Washington DC target duplex, Oct. 19 (1864), on a cover to J. P. Chandler, United States Treasury, Boston, Mass. Enclosure from "Edwin H. McCaleb, Jr., 1st Lt. Adjutant 12 Miss Regt, Army of Northern Virginia, 'Prisoner of War'" requesting his letters be addressed care of "Asst. Surgeon J.C. McGee, U.S.A. in Charge Lincoln Hospital Washington, D.C." Docketing on reverse acknowledges "articles sent Edwin H. McCaleb, Oct 19, 1864", Very Fine. ONLY FOUR RECORDED. $1,100.

Edwin Howard McCaleb, Jrdetailed biography and details of his capture on linked page.


HART'S ISLAND, NEW YORK HARBOR: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by a weak New York duplex, May 1865 on MOURNING COVER to James M. Morey, Prisons Camp, Hart's Island, New York Harbor Comp 2.; cover reduced at the right trimming off black edge otherwise Very Fine with intact back and flaps edged in black. Included is the ORIGINAL LETTER datelined Jersey City, May 11, 1865,from Morey's mother who was visiting the East from Franklin, Tenn., beginning the process of getting him released by taking the oath of allegiance. At the end of the letter, she writes of conditions in Tennessee, "A blight seems to over spread the land; a hopelessness for the future, which they have not the energy to throw off." ONE OF ONLY 22 RECORDED USES – Hart’s Island was only in operation for four months. $1,100. Listed in both Miscellaneous-2 and POW-2

James M. Morey detailed bio on linked page.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT MD: incoming cover to William J. Morris, Point Lookout Prison Camp, Company G, 7 Division Care of Major Brady, Meriland (sic); ms. up left side “Pri. Wm. J. Morris 56 Va Regt; mixed franking with CSA 11, 10¢ blue (gum staining), uncancelled as usual for money letters (carried by courier for security, did not enter mail system), on U10, 3¢ red Nesbitt entire, pencil endorsement at top "$2 -- Gold", no other postmarks, magenta notation indicating the prisoner was exchanged Feb. 18, 1865. SCARCE POW MONEY-LETTER illustrated in Antrim book. $450.

William J. Morris detailed bio on linked page.


ELMIRA, NEW YORK: POW envelope addressed to James M. M. Davis, Esq., Charlottesville, Va, franked with US 65, 3¢ Rose, tied by ELMIRA NY OCT  6 1864 dcds, oval Prisoner's Letter Examined Elmira N.Y.  handstamp (CSA Catalog PWH-19, type A, CCV $900), endorsed "From Eugene Davis Serg. Maj. 6th Va. Cav[alry].” and "By Flag of Truce." Two indistinct partially struck RICHMOND, Va., postmarks with matching neat DUE 10 straightline handstamp and light red crayon "10" for Confederate soldier’s postage due. Back flap with endorsement from the "Ward 43, US Military Prison Examiner," typical light wear, 2009 CSA certificate. $750.


FORT DELAWARE: US 65, 3¢ rose (upper right corner crease) tied grid, DELAWARE CITY DEL JUL 27 circular datestamp, as well as CSA 7, 5¢ blue separated vertical pair tied RICHMOND Va. AUG 17 on prisoner cover to Mr. A. Hutcheson Richmond Va., with manuscript directive “By Flag Truce Via Fortress Monroe.” Type 1 censor oval from Fort Delaware, 1986 PF certificate 0157768. This was likely from Andrew J. Hutcheson who is the only soldier of that name listed in the military records as a POW. Ex Raysor. $1,300.

Andrew J. Hutcheson, served in Company D (Estes Guards), Georgia 44th Infantry. Bio on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: POW COVER bears frankings of both North and South: CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied RICHMOND VA. Jan 16 and U.S. 65, 3¢ rose tied target on cover to Miss A.E. Barnett, Big Spring Depot, Montgomery Co. Va,. “Per Flag of Truce Via Old Point &C” at upper left and TOC oval examined marking on back flaps. Harrison identifies TOC as Pvt. Theodore O. Castle, 128th O.V.I. (page 189), whose examined markings are recorded as August 23-November 3, 1864. This one, however, is dated January 16 (undoubtedly 1865) and thus THE LATEST KNOWN USE. Light staining on stamps which does not detract from this otherwise clean cover. $900.

Ann E. Barnett bio on linked page.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: bears frankings of both North and South: (CSA Catalog type PWM-10, CV $750 + $250 more for PWH-16 type A scarce censor handstamp) large and popular oval examined of J.H. Patterson, Capt.  & Provost Marshal Point Lookout, Md. Bears frankings of both North and South; US 65, 3¢ rose tied WASHINGTON D.C. double-circle cancel DEC 2 ’63 with straightline DUE 10 of RICHMOND VA DEC 12 (1863); addressed to Messr. McMillan Dundarrah P.O. Robeson County No Ca with prisoner endorsement of “D. McMillan Co. K. 38th Regt. N.C. Troops Prisoner’s Letter Pt Lookout Md.” Light horizontal cover crease across the top through the stamp but still looks wonderful. $550.

Daniel McMillan choices on linked bio.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: bears frankings of both North and South: (CSA Catalog type PWM-10, CV $750 + $50 more for PWH-17 type B octagonal censor handstamp). US 65, 3¢ rose tied target and POINT LOOKOUT cds with (Richmond) straightline DUE 10 on cover to Miss Mary Lou Jones, Martinsville Henry Co(unty) Va, with endorsement “From C.W. Jones, Prisoner of War” and “for Flag of Truce.” Stamp oxidation and gum staining. $500.

C.W. Jones, 24th Virginia Cavalry, Army of Northern Virginia bio on linked page.


SALISBURY, NORTH CAROLINA, CONFEDERATE MILITARY PRISON: PETERSBURG Va. JUL 13 (1862) blue CDS with matching PAID 10 and light penciled “Ex” under postmark (Examined) on folded letter headed New York July 8, 1862, to Capt. Amos H. White, Confederate Military Prison, Salisbury, North Carolina. This is one of the scarce early Norfolk-Old Point Comfort routed letters. From September 1861 until May 1862, most southbound mail was directed to Fortress Monroe where it was exchanged under flag of truce with Confederate officials at Norfolk. Later in the war, the Richmond route became the norm. Read the wonderful letter saying how glad the writer was to hear he was alive, as White was feared dead but someone had seen him alive after he was shot. There are 65 Salisbury POW covers recorded by Harrison. $1,200.

Amos H. White was a 1st Lieutenant in Company D, New York 5th Cavalry. Detailed bio on linked page.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: CSA 11, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied neat RICHMOND VA circular datestamp on inner cover from Union prison across the lines to Mrs. Mary E. Timberlake, Ayletts P.O., King William Co(unty) Virginia Care Henry Timberlake. With mandated endorsement from Lt. Timberlake, Prisoner of War at upper left. On back flaps is a contemporaneous manuscript March 29 1864 Point Lookout MD Lt. Geo. A. Timberlake Prisoner of War Care Capt. Patterson.  $500.

George A. Timberlake bio on linked page.


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILLINOIS: US 65, 3¢ rose (4 even large margins) tied duplex of ROCK ISLAND ILL FEB 10 ’65 with blue examined oval of R.I. BARRACKS (CSA Catalog PWH-13, used in blue only from August 1864-February 1865) on cover to Mrs. C. Lacroze, Natchez, Miss. from son James M. McAllister. $250.

James M. McAllister served  in Co. C, Virginia 60th Infantry. Bio on linked page.


OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON DC: Inside envelope endorsed by Pvt. N(oah) Deaton, Co. H, 26th N.C.T. (North Carolina Troops, Army of Northern Virginia) to his father William Deaton, Curriesville, Moore County, N.C.; CSA 12, 10¢ bluetied by bold RICHMOND CDS Nov 16, 1863; scarce red "Approved By (signed) 'WG Sheen, Lieut. Adj[utant]', Provost Marshal, Washington D.C." (CSA catalog type PWH-06), a bit of overall soiling. Ex Galen Harrison. $750. 

Noah Deaton bio on linked page.


DECAMP GENERAL HOSPITAL, DAVID'S ISLAND, PELHAM, NY: Cover with mandated soldier’s endorsement of Sgt. J.L. Warlick, Co. B, 11th Regt. N.C., wounded at Gettysburg and confined at DeCamp General Hospital; to Miss L. Corrie McGimsey, Linville River, Burke County, N.C.; franked with a target-canceled US 65, 3¢ rose (nicked corner) alongside a Pelham, N.Y. CDS Aug 6 (1863); entered the Confederate mails at Richmond with an Aug 25 CDS and handstamped DUE 10; Very Fine use with postage of both sides. ONE OF JUST 12 RECORDED COVERS FROM DECAMP. Ex Galen Harrison. $750.

Laura Cornelia McGimsey and John Lewis Warlick sad bios on linked page.


IMMORTAL 600 - MORRIS ISLAND STOCKADE, CHARLESTON, SC: Adversity cover endorsed and sent "Care of Lieut. Col. J.F. Lay, A.A. General, Charleston S.C.;" no postage required, exchanged by local Flag of Truce to Lt. W.E. Johnson, 7th S.C. Cavalry, one of the "Immortal 600" held in an open stockade under fire of their own guns on Morris Island; prison censor's red manuscript "Ex J0C;" envelope fashioned from an unused partly-printed court form; cosmetically refolded at the top. See my article about this disgraceful episode (on both sides) on my website at  Ex Kohn and Harrison. One of 23 recorded to or from here. Ex Galen Harrison. $1,500.


18TH ARMY CORPS HOSPITAL - POINT OF ROCKS (NEAR PETERSBURG, VA.): Money letter to “Lieut. William T. Norris, Fifth Regmt S.C. Vols, Hospital of 18th Army Corps, Point of Rocks, Near Petersburg, Va., Care of Chas. Blake, Ward Master, 3d Ward, 1st Division"; franked with an uncanceled US 65, 3¢ rose (the norm for such letters as they did not pass through the mails due to security if included money); manuscript "$ U. S. Currency" indicating handling by military courier; examiner's penciled "ex", no postal markings; stamp damaged, otherwise Very Fine. Ex Galen Harrison. ONE OF ONLY THREE RECORDED EXAMPLES FROM THIS LOCATION. Norris was captured Oct. 7, 1864, at the Siege of Petersburg. $1,400.


Columbia, S.C. 5¢ blue handstamped provisional entire 18XU1, envelope is a bit war-weary with addressee crossed out, addressed to Charleston So. Ca., SCV $1,500. $250.