Items for Sale - CSA 4, 5¢ Blue Lithograph on Cover

Printer: Hoyer & Ludwig. CSA 4 stamps may be printed from Stone 2 or Stone 3. They can only be conclusively identified by plating, a time consuming undertaking which I do not do.

4869 4869

CSA 4b, 5¢ light milky blue pair tied by almost discernible Virginia town cancel Sep 28 on pristine cover to Fancy Hill P.O., Va.

5466 5466

CSA 4, 5¢ blue, probably Stone 3 but not plated s can not be stated for certain, tied by partial strike of "Corinth Miss" balloon cds on fresh cover to Hernando, Miss., fresh and Fine

6002 6002

CSA 4, 5¢ blue,  clear color and impression, large margins all around, tied by "Richmond Va. / Mar 13 1862" cds on homemade cover to Clarksville, Va., tiny overall age speckles, Very Fine, 1982 PF certificate

6706 6706

CSA 4, 5¢ blue used on cover with Boykins Depot Va April 27 / 62 manuscript cancel on cover to “John W. Cunningham Esq Raleigh N.C.”, Ex Wyche and Tobias.

6709 6709

CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair, Stone 2 positions 37-38 (plated / signed by Daniel C. Warren) tied neatly on cover by RICHMOND / VA. // JAN / 17 /1863 cds on homemade cover with restored piece at upper left, addressed to “Mr. N. J. B. Whitlock, Dunville Enoch (County) Va”, 2008 SCV $450 – oddly enough a pair and a pair on cover catalog the same?

7062 7062

CSA 4, 5¢  blue, Stone 2, plated by prior owner as position 6, large margins to clear, tied by two strikes of "Richmond Va. ? 18, 1862" cds on homemade cover to “Revd Wm N. Ward Care of Revd J. Peterkin, Richmond,Virginia”, Very Fine, overpaid drop letter, Ex Gunter

7746 7746

CSA 4, 5¢ blue, stone 2,  tied by RICHMOND / Va. cds on overpaid drop cover to “Judge R C L Moncure, Richmond, Va.”, flap faults, 2009 SCV $400.  $250.

7747 7747

CSA 4b, 5¢ milky blue, stone 3, positions 35-36 (4 margins) tied by RICHMOND / Va. // JUN 18 / 1862 cds (Powell 3b) on cover to Greenville CH, SC, slight cover reduction at right, 2009 SCV $500. $400.

1203 1203

CSA 4b, 5¢ milky blue tied RICHMOND Va.  JUN  28  1862 on clean homemade cover to Farmville, Va. $280.

8393 8393

CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair, Stone 3 according to prior owner (not plated by me) tied double strike of bold RICHMOND / Va. //  JUL / 11 / 1862 cds on cover to Mr. James H. Hollingsworth, Augusta, Ga. $350.

8981 8981

CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair tied AUGUSTA / GA // JUN / 27 double circle cancel on clean homemade cover to Mr. W. R. Johnson, Petersburg, Va., Very Fine $400.

9930 9930

CSA 4, 5¢ blue, tied bold FORT GAINES / Ga. // MAY / 29 [1862] cds on blue cover to Major O P Anthony, Pantowles C.&.S.R.R., S.C. 51st Reg Ga Vol.; flap tear, Ex Kohn  $250. 


Oliver P. Anthony enlisted at the age of 30 years old on 3/22/1862 as a Major, commissioned into Field & Staff  Ga 51st Infantry (Army of Northern Virginia).  Promoted to Lt. Col. 5-2-63; fought at Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg and Chickamauga; resigned 7/14/1864.

10637 10637

CSA 4b light milky blue, Stone 2, tied by LAURENS C. H. / S.C. // JUN / 30 [1862] cds on folded letter headed Greenville SC to Mrs. Mary A. Stevenson, Carnsville Georgia, sealed tear at bottom and top left, some archival repaired splitting along folds, stamp with horizontal file fold and slight soiling, Very Fine appearance, scarce use on last day of 5¢ rate - a key exhibit date, which changed to the flat rate of 10¢ irrespective of distance the following day. Part of bottom of the last page cut out, although does not get into the writing. Letter from sister to sister concerning “these troublesome times…everywhere you turn you[r] eyes there is distress[ed] Mother weeping for their children and refuse to be comforted” – this in regard to disease and not military service. Writer mentions numerous deaths by name and describes on in particular in great detail of suffering. Then the letter does turn to battle and the wounded and killed by name.“ I have been spinning today it will nearly take all our Cotton money to pay taxes and thread is so high two dollars a bunch.”  Mentions relatives serving on James Island (Charleston Harbor)  $550.

9402 9402

CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blue pair used with manuscript cancel of  Macfarlands Va / June 23rd on clean homemade cover to Miss E. M. Smithson, Chesterfield, Va Care J. A. Coleman  $230.

10810 10810

CSA 4a,  5¢ dark blue Stone 3, Position 6 as plated and signed by Leonard H. Hartmann, tied RICHMOND / Va. // APR / 27 / 1862 (pre-use vertical crease) on cover to Mrs. S. W. Carmichael, Palmyra PO, Fluvannah Co, Virginia endorsed by Lt. J. R. Bryan, Hd Qrs Axxx. Scarce FIRST MONTH USE of STONE 3 with great military endorsement. The Bryan and Carmichael families were related.  $550.

John Randolph Bryan was A.D.C. Staff of General J. B. Magruder, 1862. Dr. Spottswood Wellford Carmichael (1830-1904) served as Asst. Surgeon 2nd Battalion, 1st Brigade, Virginia Volunteers.  Much more information on both men on linked page.

10811 10811

CSA 4a variety, 5¢ dark blue Stone 3, Position 33 with C and E joined, in combination with CSA #6, 5¢ blue (both stamps small faults) tied together by neat blue LYNCHBURG / Va. // AUG / 5 [1862] on folded business letter to Messrs W. D. Tompkins & Bro., Richmond, Va. from Staples & Anderson in the hand of Hon. Waller R[edd] Staples as testified to in writing on the cover and signed with a flourish by a signature with which I am not familiar. Ex August Dietz and Ronald R. Tate. $750.

Waller Redd Staples (1826 –1897) was a Confederate Congressman. More information on linked page.

10834 10834

CSA 4, 5¢ blue variety (with mutilated E of BLUE CENTS) lightly tied MADISON / N.C. on on folded business letter headed Danbury March 29th 1862 to Dr. T[homas] C. Pugh, Greensboro, N.C.; transcript of letter included from B. M. Jones saying “After seeing Mr. Daniel, I did not think it absolutely necessary that I should see you in regard to the bond for the hire of the negroes.”  Madison is in the Northern Piedmont area in Rockingham County of North Carolina. Danbury is in Stokes County, about 20 miles from Madison. This was said by a prior owner to be the only known postmark of the period from Madison, but I have not confirmed that. Scarce, in any case. A very detailed bio is included from unpublished database of Hambrecht, F.T. & Koste, J.L., Biographical register of physicians who served the Confederacy in a medical capacity. $600.


Dr. Thomas Colman Pugh (aka Pugg; Paugh) was an Assistant Surgeon info Field & Staff NC 17th Infantry, transferred to 7th Ga as Asst. Surgeon 7-2-65. More information on both men on linked page.

11428 11428

CSA 4, 5¢ light blue tied by blue grid with matching neat  UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA / VA // MAY 2 / 1862 double circle on cover to Mr. H. P. R. McCoy, Raleigh, North Carolina.  Southern Historical Society papers show McCoy was from Union Theological Seminary at Hampden Sidney who served as a chaplain in the Confederate army; Ex Thacker.  $275.

11805 11805

CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blueStone 2, tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. // MAR / 2X [1862] cds on blue folded letter to Edw[ard] Drumgoole Esq, Summitt, No. Ca. from McIlwaine Sons & Co. regarding sale of meal and wheat. $325.

11985 11985

CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair (pre-use faults) tied by Georgia double circle postmark partly struck off top of small homemade cover to Master W. S. Bean, Clarkesville Ga; $200.

11987 11987

CSA 4b, 5¢ milky blue two singles (faulty) tied neat blue CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA // JUNE / 26 / 1862 double circle on bit soiled cover to Mrs. Martha Campbell, Seguin Texas – double rate for over 500 miles. $250.

11905 11905

CSA 4, 5¢ blue singles placed in either top corner of the envelope, one canceled by a grid and the other by an Athens, Georgia postmark. Included is a long letter from Judge Junius Hillyer to his son, Captain George Hillyer, dated Athens July 29th, 1862. He states that he has spoken to Governor Joseph E. Brown, and that he will do everything in his power to get George a solicitorship as soon as Col. [Samuel Pinckney] Thurmond resigns. Capt. Hillyer had served in the Georgia legislature before the war. His father had been a U.S. Congressman representing Georgia before the war as well as Solicitor of the United States Treasury under Buchanan from December 1, 1857 to February 13, 1861 when he resigned after Georgia joined the Confederacy. Thus it is obvious they were both well acquainted with Georgia Governor Joseph E. Brown. With his letter to his son, the elder Hillyer included a letter in the hand of Governor Brown, signed and dated July 27th, 1862 (ALS) in which Brown says, “It will afford me very great pleasure to appoint George in his [Thurmond’s] place if the Col. resigns his office…I have every confidence in George and have for him the warmest friendship.”

Judge Hillyer’s letter says that George can base his action upon the assurance that Governor Brown would give him that appointment. The stumbling block, of course, is that this would happen only after Thurmond resigned. Judge Hillyer, according to his letter to George, had a personal interview with Thurmond which he recounted, “I told him today that I was authorized by you to claim the office & asked him to make out his resignation. He said that he could not do it until you resigned & came home. He said that if he were to resign now, it might turn out that you might change your mind or the government might refuse to accept your resignation & give you a discharge & that then in that event he would have lost his place without any reason. He said that it had been some time since I heard from you & that you might have perfectly recovered your health. He said the place was ready for you provided you claimed it at once. But until you put yourself in a position to accept it he did not feel willing to give up. He talked very fair & did not seem disposed to dodge but appeared to be candid & acting in perfect good faith. I told him that there was much good reason in his position & that I thought you could not object to it. So the matter stands. If you can resign & be discharged & come home I have no doubt that Thurman will place his resignation in your hands & you can go with it to Gov. Brown & get the appointment. He authorizes me to say so…My own opinion is that you had better get a furlough for sixty days in that time you can look over the ground. If you get a furlough you can resign as soon as you please…”

Capt. George Hillyer (1835 –1927) left his law practice to join the Confederate Army and raised a company known as the Hillyer Rifles in June 1861.  Hon. Junius Hillyer, had been a U.S. Congressman representing Georgia before the war as well as Solicitor of the United States Treasury to February 13, 1861, when he resigned after Georgia joined the Confederacy. Much more information on the linked page.


A scarce insight into the war via communication between father and son with fantastic addition of an ALS from Georgia Civil War Governor Joseph E. Brown, one of the most successful politicians in Georgia history. Subject of one of my columns in The American Stamp Dealer and Collector. $750.

12328 12328

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue Stone 2, position 17. used with UNIONVILLE / S.C. // JUNE 3 [1862] on showy adversity cover made from Unionville Female High advertising flyer . An old photocopy is included which shows the cover open and fully readable before closed back up and sealed. It gives a full proposal of how the school is to be established and run in the old Methodist Church. Unionville became Union in 1873. Addressed to Rev. Whiteford Smith, Spartanburg, S.C. Nifty adversity use. $400.

13057 13057

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue tied SUFFOLK / Va. // MAR / 22 cds on cover to Mrs. A. McIntyre, Marion C.H., S.C. with manuscript “Mail Direct” routing instruction at lower left, bit of scuffing at left cover edge.  $220.

13058 13058

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // APR 21 [1862] cds on fresh homemade cover to G. A. Fike Esq, Damascus S.C., slightly reduced at left, Very Fine. $220.

13063 13063

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue position 9 tied RICHMOND / Va. // MAR / 5 / 1862 cds on cover to Mr. George Calvert, Upperville, Va. – quite early postmark. Earliest recorded is February 26, 1862 so this is first week of use. Ex Walcott and Ashbrook. CSA Catalog places a 200% premium on February or March 1862 dated postmarks on cover thus this catalogs $900. $700.

13485 13485

CSA 4, 5¢ blue with four large margins all around, tied by double strike of HOUSTON / TEX // SEP cds on cover to John Beaty Esqr, Marshall, Harrison Co, Texas; somewhat reduced at left. $525.

1203 1203

CSA 4b, 5¢ milky blue tied RICHMOND / Va. // JUN / 28 / 1862 cds on homemade cover to Miss Sue J. Ely, Farmville, Va.  $240.

13870 13870

CSA 4-3b, 5¢ light milky blue, Stone 3, position 35 plated on verso by Knapp, tied STAUNTON / VA // JUN / 26 / 1862 cds on homemade cover to Miss Sallie C. Thompson, Fancy Hill, Rockbridge [County]  SCV $500. $450.

12364 12364

CSA 4 / CSA 6 mixed franking used with manuscript cancel of “Fords Va / Septr 22/62” on homemade cover. 2005 CSA Certificate #04632. Scarce mixed franking and small town cancel. I assume this is today the unincorporated community of Ford, Va in Dinwidde County, Va. Addressed to Messr A & J M Connan, Petersburg, Va. $450.

14970 14970

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // MAY / 10 [1862] cds on cover to Hon. Wm. H. Gist, Charleston Hotel, Charleston, So. Ca. which address is crossed out and redirected to Columbia, SC with large CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 12 / 186[2] cds and red crayon “for 5” for FORWARDED charges. Opening tear across the top above (but not into) the stamp. William Henry Gist was the 68th Governor of SC from 1858-1860 and a leader of the secession movement / Signor of the ordinance of Secession. $250.

15030 15030

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 10 / 186[2] cds on UNDERPAID cover (rates were raised on July 1, 1862 to universal 10¢ regardless of distance) addressed to Mrs. Martha A. E. Drummond, Williston So Ca. in care of John W. Drummond, Joices Branch Club; slightly reduced at left. No postage charged or collected. Ex Karrer. $200.

15030 15030

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 10 / 186[2] cds on UNDERPAID cover (rates were raised on July 1, 1862 to universal 10¢ regardless of distance) addressed to Mrs. Martha A. E. Drummond, Williston So Ca. in care of John W. Drummond, Joices Branch Club; slightly reduced at left. No postage charged or collected. Ex Karrer. $200.

15768 15768

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (small faults) used with manuscript cancel and LITTLE ROCK / ARK double circle datestamp on cover with manuscript “Due 5” addressed to Miss Carrie M. Muldrow, Washington, Hempstead County, Arkansas. Minor top edge and flap faults, Ex Harrie Mueller, Scott Gallagher and Clippert. $450.

14929 14929

CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blue tied neat large balloon postmark of HIGH POINT / N.C. // APR / 30 [1862] on cover to J. Fulford, Esq, Greensboro, N.C. Joseph Fulford was a teller at the Merchants’ Bank of Greensboro. Information on NC banking system prior to 1865 at $300.

15953 15953

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied light GEORGETOWN / SC // MAY / 1862 on neat adversity cover fashioned from a printed South Carolina political form, addressed to Miss Maria L. Middleton, Summerville, South Carolina. The Middleton correspondence is well known by Confederate students. Maria married Thomas Watts Doar. The Middleton and Doar family papers are in the SC Historical Society. $350.

15980 15980

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied MOUNT OLIVE / N.C. // JUN / 3 [1862] cds on square commercially made envelope to Miss M. M. Cowan, Chapel Hill, N.C., Care of Judge Person. Ex Malpass. $170.

16165 16165

CSA 4, 5¢ light milky blue vertical pair (raggedly separated into design) tied double strike of RICHMOND / Va. // JUN / 23 / 1862 cds on homemade cover to Mrs. Lou D. Coombs, Laurens Hill, Laurens County, Georgia. Beautiful shade of stamps. Ex Cox $190.

16450 16450

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied neat CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 14 cds on homemade cover to Cornwell Turnout, S.C., which was situated on the Charlotte & South Carolina Railroad and, earlier, a stagecoach stop. The Cornwell Inn, built circa 1841 by Elijah Cornwall, is one of South Carolina’s few surviving buildings with a direct link to antebellum transportation. Signed Dietz on top back flap. $150.

16474 16474

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (3 margins) tied grid with SPARTANBURG / S.C. // MAY / 2 / 1862 double circle datestamp on clean commercially made cover to D. Guindelock (likely should be Gundelach), Esq, Union C.H., S.C., with contents docketing at left “J. S. Chambers, May 2/62. $200.

16475 16475

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 margins) tied WALHALLA / S.C. // MAR / 31 [1862] cds on folded MUSTER ROLL (!) addressed to Col. J. W. Norris, Rock Hills PO, Anderson District, So. Ca.; inside is the 18 July 1862 dated Muster Roll of the 1st State Reserves, Capt. Norris’ Company with list of officers and soldiers. Both postmark and inside date perfectly genuine but seemingly at odds; perhaps outer folded lettersheet used as letter paper later in the year (speculation). In CSA military records, J.W. Norris enlisted 8-1-63 as a Sergt. Major in Co. C, SC 1st State Troops Infantry. Some reinforced file folds, RARE! $350.

17609 001 17609

CSA 4-3b, 5¢ milky blue, Stone 3, positions 9-10 top sheet margin pair part margin of which has been folded over the top of the cover, tied neat RICHMOND / Va. // MA[?] / 31 / 1862 cds, to Col. H. H. Cumming, Augusta, Georgia, with “For E.C.H.” at lower left, trivially reduced at left, Very Fine. This cover will be featured in one of my forthcoming columns in the American Stamp Dealer & Collector. SCV $650.  $375.

Col. Henry Harford Cumming, an attorney by profession, was known as the father of the Augusta Canal. During the Civil War, the canal had a large part in planning the Confederate Powderworks situated there. More information on linked page.

17610 001 17610

CSA 4-3b, 5¢ milky blue, Stone 3, positions 34/35, tiniest faults most would not mention, tied neat CHARLESTON / S.C. // MAY / 29 / 186_ CDS on homemade cover to Mrs. Elisa J. Mar, Camden, So. Ca., SCV $650.  $300.

17486 001 17486

CSA 4-2 and CSA 6 used in combination to make 10¢ rate (both faulty but presentable) tied beautifully struck bold blue PATTONSBURGH / Va. // NOV / 4 cds on cover to James M. Lilly, Staunton, Va. with manuscript directive at lower left “post master please hand over …” Ex Tate and Fisher. Excellent Mixed Franking. $450.

James M. Lilly served in Co. B, Va. 23rd Batt’n Infantry, Hounshell’s Batt’n Va. Infantry, Derrick’s Batt’n Infantry. More information on linked page.

17743 001 17743

CSA 4-2a, 5¢ dark blue, Stone 2, oversized copy showing parts of two adjoining stamps at top and left, tied neat blue LYNCHBURG / Va. // MAY cds on small lady’s cover (4 5/8” x 2 5/8”) to Miss Jeanie M. Waller, Care of Mrs. Sally Claiborne, Dillard’s Mill, Nelson County, Va., sealed back flap tear, 1988 Paul J. Alcuri (English) certificate and signed by him in pencil to right of stamp. $300.

18406 001 18406

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied PENSACOLA / Fla. // APR / 29 [1862] on cover to M. Strenna & Co., Montgomery, Ala. (Fruit & Confectionary Company), SCV $475. Scarce use. $280.

12217 001 12217

CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blue (pre-use crease) tied blue NORFOLK / VA on small commercially-made envelope to Miss Henrietta S. Morfit, Petersburg, Va. Likely sent by Charles M. Morfit, surgeon with the Confederate States Navy. $200.

19116 19116

CSA 4a, 5¢ dark blue pen canceled with Hollow Square [Ala] June 9 [1862] manuscript postmark and tied with bold pen docketing Answered June 15th 62 on cover to Samuel Pickens, Care of Captn M. M. May, Mobile, Ala. Ex Roger Ballard. $350.

19238 19238

CSA 4, 5¢ blue vertical pair (small faults) tied ANSONVILLE / N.C. // OCT / 13 [1862] cds on folded LETTER (page 1) (page 2) to Mrs. R. S. Cunningham, San Cosme, Rusk County, Texas, concerning both news of family men and friends serving and dying in the army and in prisoner. She also asks specifically about pants with thread in the filling and how she wove it in. The letter is signed E.R.S.A. Erwin. Typed transcript accompanies. Ex Kathleen Staples. $300.

Detailed info on Cunningham family on the linked page.

19328 19328

CSA 4b, 5¢ light milky blue pair (4 ample to huge margins) tied blue RALEIGH / N.C. // JUN / 3 / 1862, likely Stone 3 but not plated – a lovely shade, addressed on pristine cover to Dr. E. Burke Haywood, Exchange Hotel, Richmond, Va., top back flap missing, Ex Eben D. Finney. SCV $650. $350.

Surgeon Edmund Burke Haywood (1825-1894) was a physician, Confederate surgeon and medical administrator. He established the first North Carolina military hospital during the Civil War. He was the focus of one of my columns January 2012.

10273 10273

CSA 4, 5¢ blue vertical pair (PO crease between stamps) tied COLUMBUS / Miss. // SEP / 1 cds on homemade cover to Mrs. Eliza Fox, Louisville, Mississippi.

19889 19889

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (most likely Stone 2 but not plated) just clear to huge margins, including part of adjoining stamp at right, tied by neat SAVANNAH Ga. / Paid // MAY / 21 / 1862 CDS on fresh cover to Capt. William J. Dickey, Duncansville, Thomas Co(unty) Geo, part of right cover edge almost unnoticeably restored. $375. 

William James Dickey served in the Confederate Army during the Civil War. Biographical info on linked page.

19890 19890

CSA 4, 5¢ blue with 4 nice margins, tied McBEAN DEPOT / Ga. CDS on fresh cover “To Mr. P.D. Winn, Esq., Lawrenceville, Ga., McBEAN DEPOT / Ga.  is shown in the 1862 USPOD register as “McBeen” but McBean or McBean Depot seems to be the more prevalent spelling. It is an unincorporated community in Richmond County. A post office was established at McBean Depot in 1846, and remained in operation with or without the “Depot” until 1962. It is south of Augusta, Ga. $375.


19891 19891

CSA 4b, 5¢ light milky blue pair with 4 nice margins and plated (not verified nor guaranteed by me) as positions 1-2 of Stone 3, tied by indistinct CDS on cover to Miss Caroline Elliott Care of Mrs. R.E. Elliott, Cartersville, Bartow Co(unty) Ga. Receipt docketing up left side shows “Bartow” and a what appears to be a corrected date of “July 29th 1862” to July 31. Someone may be able to decipher the postmark, but it is not me at the moment. $450.

19914 19914

CSA 4, 5¢ blue pair tied neat blue CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA // AUG / 5 / 1862 double-circle datestamp on neat cover, bit reduced at left, to Dr. J.B. Stovall, Richmond, Camp Winder, Va. Ex Engstler and Benson. Camp Winder (AKA Winder Hospital) had more than 98 buildings; it sat on 125 acres of farmland and accommodated nearly 5,000 patients. It was referred to as the largest hospital in the Confederacy. Copious amounts of information may be found online about Winder. $300.    


19920 19920

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 large margins) tied with socked-on-the-nose GREENVILLE C.H. / S.C. cds on fresh cover to C.M. Furman, Esq., Prest. Bank of the State, Charleston, S.C. Extremely Fine gem. Ex Benson. $300.

Charles Manning Furman biographical info on linked page.

19973 19973

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue Stone 2, position 18 tied 36mm MARS BLUFF / S.C. CDS addressed to Stark Simms of Grindal’s Shoals, Pacolet river, So Ca on TURNED COVER; first use franked with CSA 1, 5¢ green tied AUGUSTA / GA DC to Edward Porcher, Mars Bluff, SC.; neatly rebacked cover front, Ex Tate. $350.

Maj. Joseph Stark Sims and Dr. Edward Gough Porcher personal and military bios on linked page.

20136 20136

CSA 4, 5¢ blue, Stone 2, position 11, rich dark color, large margins to in at lower left where separated roughly, slight gum toning along edges, tied by blue GRAHAM / N.C. " balloon-style circular datestamp with dashed rim, on small watermarked lady’s cover to Judge Thomas Ruffin, Raleigh N.C., top flap missing. $600.

Judge Thomas Ruffin bio on linked page

20308 20308

CSA 4a, 10¢ dark blue used to seal back flaps of small commercially-made lady’s envelope, torn in half upon opening, used with scarce manuscript cancel of Cairo SC May 21 1862, to Miss L. M. Baughman, Carrelton (sic) PO, Georgia. Noted as Stone 3 on verso by a prior owner but not plated by me. $100.

20589 20589

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 margins, light crease at bottom) tied neat YORKVILLE SC MAY 29 (1862) CDS on fresh cover to James Hemphill Esqr, Chester, S.C. Contents docketing across left end, Ex David Kohn and Ralph Swap. $225. 

James Hemphill bio on linked page.

20590 20590

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 nice margins) tied socked-on-the-nose RICHMOND Va APR 26 1862 CDS on cover to Mrs. S.W. Carmichael, Care of Rev. R.R. Mason, Columbia, Va. Very Fine+. Ex Ralph Swap. $300.

20591 20591

CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 nice margins, small faults) tied neat ATLANTA Ga. JUN 5, 1862 CDS on cover to Mr. D.A. Pressly, Mill Way Abbeville Dist. S.C. Ex Ralph Swap. $225.

CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue, Stone 2, position 47 (4-margin stamp with top part of adjacent stamp visible below which would be position 7 with the narrow horizontal gutter between the upper and lower transfer panels) used with Tuscaloosa star cancel (AC-15A, CV $800). TUSCALOOSA Al. JUN 5 circular datestamp at left; addressed to Gaius Whitfield, Demopolis Ala. The Whitfield family were prominent plantation and slave owners. Top back flap missing and upper left edge of cover replaced. $400.

CSA 4, 5¢ blue vertical pair (small gum stains and small scrape on top stamp) tied scarce small town manuscript postmark of “Old Church Va. April 16” on small commercially-made envelope with embossed flap tip (back perfectly intact) to Thomas W. Clements, Hickory Grove R, Alabama, Care of G.N. Powell. Pencil docketing as received April 25th 1862. Very slightly reduced at right. Charming soldier’s use. Ex John Vagnetti. $225. 

Thomas W. Clements served in 51st Alabama Cavalry. Bio on Clements and Hickory Grove on linked page.


CSA 4, 5¢ blue (4 margins, light gum stains) tied MAR 14 1862 CDS on cover to Hon. Howell Cobb, Suffolk, Virginia. Ex John Vagnetti. Howell Cobb was a founder of the Confederacy who served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress, as well as a major general of the Confederate army. $190.


CSA 4-3, 5¢ blue, Stone 3, Position 20, tied RICHMOND Va. JUL 3 1862 CDS on cover to Dareus (sic)  P. Jameson, Arnils (sic) Mills PO Picken (sic) District SC. Rate changed to 10¢ on July 1, 1862, and thus this was UNDERPAID and charged “DUE 5,” flap faults, Ex Harrison. $350.


CSA 4-2-v9, 5¢ blue vertical top sheet margin pair with transient printing flaw on bottom stamp (4 margins with gum stains along left side) tied double strike of MOUNT ? GA circular datestamp on small commercially-made cover to Capt. Thos. Nesbitt Berzelia Columbia Co(unty) Geo., file fold at left end, nice embossed monogram on verso but lots of hinges. $300.

Thomas Nesbitt served in Allen’s Company Georgia Cavalry as well as Georgia 1st Militia Infantry 


CSA 4, 5¢ blue (faulty) tied neat WARRENTON N.C. circular datestamp on TURNED COVER to Bishop Early, Lynchburg, Virginia; inside use franked with CS 11, 10¢ blue tied dark blue LYNCHBURG Va CDS addressed to Rev. Y.H. Early, Sweet Springs, Monroe Cty (West) Va. Interesting use of both lithographed and engraved stamps. $300.


CSA 4b, 5¢ milky blue (4 margins) tied MACON GA JUN 12 (1862) double-circle datestamp on homemade TURNED COVER to A.A. Adams, Americus Georgia; inside use CSA 1, 5¢ bright green tied CDS of AMERICUS Ga. JUN 7, to Col. Wm. A. Wilson, Madison, Ga.; open 3 sides to display. Particularly nice use of both lithographed issues. $550.

Adams, A. A. (Asbury Arnold) bio on linked page.


CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue, plate position 1 (4 nice large margins) tied WILMINGTON N.C. 5 PAID APR 1 (1862) pre-war altered PAID 3 CDS (although PAID 3 is not struck up) on cover to James Robeson Prospect Hall Bladen County NC, small sealed tear at left top. Robeson family bio on linked page. $125.



CSA 4-2, 5¢ blue, short transfer at right, clipped LR corner, tied CHARLESTON S.C. APR 17 1862 CDS on cover to Mrs. J.A. Woodruff Care of John Easterline Esq. Graham’s Turn Out Barnwell Dist. S.C. $90.

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CSA 4-3, 5¢ blue, Stone 3 pair (4 margins) tied by light GREENVILLE C.H. S.C. JUL 1 (1862) CDS on fresh narrow lady’s cover to Mrs. R.B. Watson, Society Hill, S.C., Very Fine FIRST DAY OF 10¢ RATE, Ex Tate. $900.  

New 05-16-24

CSA 4, 5¢ blue tied in combination with CSA 7, 5¢ blue by RICHMOND VA JUL 8 1862 CDS on cover to General J.E.B. Stuart’s brother Hon. Alex H.H. Stuart, Staunton, Va. Stamps with minor flaws, Ex Whittle. Very Fine. $500.