Items for Sale - Railroad Covers

This section only offers actual railroad markings. There are many other covers in other sections that have manuscript railroad route markings, adversity covers fashioned from railroad bank notes or receipts, station depot towns and more. There are also railroad markings on off-cover stamps.


CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied light BRISTOL V.&T.R.R. dateless railroad cancel (CCV $750) on cover to Miss Alice Caperton Care Mrs Gaston Caperton, Union Monroe Cty, Va.; slightly reduced at left. CSA catalog value $750. $375.      


CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue, (4 large even margins) pen canceled with beautifully struck VA.C.R.R. COBHAM JUN  6 railroad CDS (CCV $750) on cover to Lt. Colonel Alfred L. Rives, Engineer Bureau, War Department, Richmond. Ex Frank Hart. A beautiful example of this RR marking. $800.

Alfred Landon Rives
mini-bio on linked page.


CSA 11a, 10¢ milky blue tied perfectly struck BRISTOL V.&T.R.R. dateless railroad postmark on adversity cover fashioned from printed postal form addressed to Mrs. C.A. Calhoun, Alleghany Springs, Montgomery County, Virginia. Exceptionally pretty cover. $900.