Items for Sale - CSA 13, 20¢ Green Intaglio on Cover

Printer: Archer & Daly

1212 1212

CSA 13, 20¢ green, roughly torn from the sheet but large margin showing part of adjacent stamp at left, neat tied by bold WOODSTOCK / VA. cds on cover to "Mr. W. P. White, Atlanta G.A… Company A 29 Rgt NC Troops Eatons Brigade", top back flap missing, Most Attractive use

5492 5492

CSA 13, 20¢ green, tied by RICHMOND / VA / Jul 20 cds on cover to "Mr. Thos C. Brown, Ballsville, Powhatan County, Va." with second neat strike below, with original 1864 business enclosure asking if addressee can furnish 3 sugar cane crushers, some light toning, Fine. Confederate Patent Office records show a patent issued to Brown for this new machine on February 8, 1864. A piece of machine history.

6165 6165

CSA 13, 20¢ green with small faults, tied neat RICHMOND / VA  cds on small cover to “Miss Mary B. Cocke, Care Dr. C. C. Cocke, Bremo Bluff Fluvanna Co., part of back flap missing and cover edge tear at left. Dr. Cary Charles Cocke (1814-1888) was a physician. His father was Confederate General John Hartwell Cocke - Virginia planter, reformer, general, and statesman as well as a director of the James River and Kanawha Company and a member of the board of visitors of the University of Virginia.

7292 7292

CSA 13, 20¢ green tied Army of Northern Virginia field cancel, type ANV-2T, on fresh neat homemade cover missing top back flap, addressed to “Col. Eli Wishart, Lumberton, N.C.”, Wm. Weiss 2009 certificate, SCV $1,250.

10134 10134

CSA 13a, 20¢ yellow green top sheet margin with lightly struck BLUE PETERSBURG / Va. cds on cover addressed to Miss Ella Norman, Care Rev G. G. Norman, Washington, Georgia, light file fold across bottom, signed by Dietz and with 1945 Royal Philatelic Society certificate #26936. $900

10639 10639

CSA 13, 20¢ Green, slight pre-use crease, tied by RICHMOND / Va. cds on linen-lined “money envelope” to Miss Mary F. Branch, Ballsville, Powhatan Co Va., July 11, 1864 docketing, folded over at top, Fine, SCV $1,250. 475

13256 13256

CSA 13, 20¢ green tied red PETERSBURG / Va. // SEP / 24 [1864] on cover to Miss Kate Harrison, Lacys Springs, Va; reduced slightly at left. The most recent research shows that the Petersburg cancel was used in red only September 5 – December 24, 1864,  SCV $1,450. $625

14420 14420

CSA 13d, 20¢ green, diagonal bisect used as 10¢ tied across cut by AUGUSTA / GA. cds on red brown cover to "Lieut. A.W. Walton, care of Capt. Rye, Thunderbolt, Savannah Ga.", readdressed to Mrs. A. W. Walton in Augusta with CSA 11, 10¢ blue "battlefield" copy with bottom sheet margin and faults, affixed over bisect and tied by SAVANNAH GA. // PAID / OCT / 4 cds, flap removed, very worn around edges but intact and restorable, VERY RARE AND UNUSUAL USE! Ex Everett. $1,950.

15101 15101

CSA 13, 20 ¢ green with large margins all around, tied by RED PETERSBURG / Va. // SEP / 18 cds on cover to S. M. Carter, Milledgeville, Ga; back flap missing, ex DuPuy. SCV $1,450. $700

17081 17081

CSA 13a, 20¢ yellow green (3 margins), tied by beautifully struck WINDSOR / N.C. // MAR / 26 cds on homemade cover to William H. Badgett, Jackson Hill, N.C., 1996 CSA certificate, SCV $1,250 for regular shade on cover. $750.

17083 17083

CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 margins, pres-use crease) tied by light strike WILMINGTON / N.C. cds on cover to Miss Mary Willis, Dr. F. T. Willis, Savannah, Ga, Ex Dietz collection. SCV $1,250. $600.

17219 17219

CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 big margins) tied bold neat LYNCHBURG / Va. // JUL / 30 cds on fresh cover to Mrs. H. S. Wilkmon, Buckingham C.H., Va. with manuscript directive “via Farmville.” Top back flap missing, and small cover tear at top edge, Pretty use. SCV $1,250. $800.

17627 17627

CSA 13, 20¢ green tied by RICHMOND / VA. // OCT / 10 CDS on thick bordered MOURNING cover to Edward S. Brown, Ballsville, Powhatan County, Va. Ex Henry G. Gibson (Ward sale 12). $1,000.

Listed in both Mourning Cover and CSA 13 sections

18321 001 18321

CSA 13, 20¢ green (3 nice margins, slightly irregularly separated at right) tied neatly tied MILLEDGEVILLE / Ga. // JUN / 16 [1864] cds on cover to Miss Emily Ferguson, Selma, Alabama. Tiny distinctive Dietz signature on top back flap, SCV $1,250.  $600.

18322 001 18322

CSA 13, 20¢ green (3 nice margins, lower right corner crease) tied light RICHMOND / VA cds on cover to Mrs. Julia M. Reese, Care of Doct. H. W. Reese, Demopolis, Alabama. Slightly reduced at left and small stains. Wonderful, if sad, tale of his son, Ex Matz. $500.

19937 19937

CSA 13 (light pre-use crease and tiniest tear) used on cover with scarce “Millers (Tavern, Essex County) Va. Nov the 15, 1864” postmark on fresh cover to Miss Jennie P Barron, Care of Dr. Flournay, Charlotte C House, Virginia, top back flap missing. This postmark is listed in the VPHS catalog from Sep 1862-Nov 15, 1864. Doubtless this cover is the basis for the listing, making it the LATEST RECORDED USE. The handwriting matches the June 28, 1864, listing in the catalog, 1987 PF Certificate 0175403. $950.

Miller’s Tavern information and brief bios of Capt. Samuel Barron, Confederate States Navy, and his daughter, Virginia P. Barron (Jennie) on linked page.


20000 20000

CSA 13, 20¢ green (small faults) tied by RICHMOND / VA. // NOV / 18 (1864) CDS (Powell type 6p), addressed to Miss Sarah Randolph Care of Thomas Jefferson Randolph, Keswick Depot, Albemarle County, Virginia. Addressee was a grandson of Thomas Jefferson. Very Fine. SCV $1,250.  $750. 

20034 20034

20¢ green (13) and CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied by light MILLEDGEVILLE, GA. cds on State of Georgia, Adjutant General's Office (AGO) Semi-Official, manuscript A.G.O. at upper right on a TRIPLE RATE legal size cover to Col. H.K. McCay, a.d.c. (aide-de-camp), Americus, Ga.; edge wear and vertical file folds. $750. 

Henry Kent McCay, was a transplanted Pennsylvanian who fought for the Confederacy. After the war, he joined the Republican party, participating in the reconstruction state constitutional convention, and accepted an appointment to the Georgia Supreme Court. 

20180 20180

CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 margins) tied KINSTON / N.C. on printed ELECTIONS RETURN envelope of the gubernatorial vote taken in the County of Beaufort August 1864 with a printed address to “The Speaker of the Senate of the State of North Carolina, Care of the Secretary of Sta(te) Raleigh” and signed by M. B. Campbell; a bit reduced at right into the address but still a fresh and Very Fine SCARCE item with an excellent provenance of Ex Rosenburg, Littlejohn, and Haub. $1,100.

20636 20636

MEMBER OF CONGRESS: CSA 13, 20¢ green top sheet margin single (4 great margins) tied bold MACON GA cds on cover to Gen. L.M. Ayers, M.C. from So Ca Richmond Va. 1995 CSA certificate. SCV $1,250. Ex Ralph Swap. $1,000. 

Lewis Malone Ayer Sr. served as a Confederate Congressman. Bio on linked page.

20637 20637

CSA 13d, 20¢ green diagonal bisect with large margins, tied AUGUSTA Ga. circular datestamp on cover to Messrs Sutherlin & Ferrill, Danville, Va. with original business letter headed Augusta Oct 7th 1861 from Mr. Whitlock of the newly formed Neal & Whitlock saying that Neal Sands & Co. having been dissolved, they have formed a co-partnership for the purpose of continuing the Commission business and respectfully solicit any consignments or orders. Extremely Fine, 1986 CSA Certificate 01568, Ex Ralph Swap. $1,500.


CSA 13d, 20¢ green diagonal bisect tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 24 cds and grid on cover front only to John L. Faber, Winnsboro, South Carolina; other side bearing  CSA 11-AD, 10¢ blue tied blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // OCT / 15 cds and addressed to Henry Horlbeck, Charleston, S.C. 1980 PF Certificate #82728, Ex Cantey. SAID TO BE THE ONLY RECORDED BISECT ON A TURNED COVER, to which I cannot attest, but in any case is very rare and desirable. $2,900.

13492 13492

CSA 13b, 20¢ dark green, exceptionally large margined horizontal pair by LIBERTY  VA  MAY 6 cds., stamps a deep color; small tone spot at left and sealed tear at right, tied to smaller legal-size cover addressed to John W. Jones, Esqr and Capt. N. P. Thaxton, Thaxton's, Va., Bedford County, Va., small pieces missing from back, very fine appearance; pairs are not often found on covers that do not pay the Trans-Mississippi rate; a rare cover. 2014 SCV $4,500.  $2,500.

Nathaniel P. Thaxton served in Company B, 10th Virginia Battalion Heavy Artillery, Army Northern VirginiaBio on linked page.


CSA 13d, 20¢ green diagonal bisect (light creasing) tied CHARLESTON S.C. OCT 24 (1864) CDS on small square folded letter to J.B. Grimball Esq Spartanburg So Ca. to father from son Arthur Grimball who speaks of recently leaving Fort Sumter and of yellow fever within the troops. $800.

John Berkley Grimball (1800-1892): The Grimballs were prominent planters and owners of Pinebury and Grove plantations near Charleston, S.C. Their correspondence is in the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and particularly known to postal historians for blockade-run covers. Arthur served in the Marion Artillery, Captain Parker's Company of Light Artillery.


CSA 13, 20¢ green with 4 nice margins all around, used with pencil manuscript cancel of Beaver dam Dept Va Oct 3rd 64(Hanover County) on cover to Brig Genl Taliferro James Island, Charleston South Carolina.Copy of VPHS catalog entry for Beaver Dam included for handwriting comparison. Ex John Vagnetti. $750.

William Booth Taliaferro extensive bio on linked page.


CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 large to close margins) tied by indistinct SC balloon postmark on cover to W.H. McElvein (sic s/b McElveen), Kingston, So.Ca., slightly reduced at top, 1995 CSA certificate 02700. $500. 

New 03-28-24

CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 margins, faint corner crease), tied by RICHMOND VA. AUG 10 circular datestamp on cover boldly addressed to Oliver H. Middleton, Esqr., Columbia So.Ca. with signed endorsement of Wm. Porcher Miles M.C. (Member of Congress), tiniest tear at top edge and sealed opening flap tears not mentioned on 1983 CSA certificate. Very Fine, SCV $1,250. $800.

Confederate congressmen were permitted to send letters without the prepayment of postage. The postage was to be paid on delivery by the recipient. All letters were to be endorsed with the signature of the congressmen. This privilege was not widely used because congressmen were doubtless reluctant to have their constituents pay to receive their letters. Nonetheless, these endorsements are seen on Confederate mail, usually as a holdover from having been in the U.S. Congress in years prior.

William Porcher Miles and Oliver Herring Middleton bios on linked page.

New 05-16-24

CSA 13, 20¢ green (4 huge margins all around, including parts of two adjacent stamps) tied by RICHMOND VA. APR 16CDS on adversity cover made from recycled newsprint (type print scattered throughout the paper); cover slightly reduced at left, addressed in beautiful script to Edward McDermed Esq Editor Burkville Knickerbocker, Gish’s Mill Roanoke County Va., Very Fine. SCV $1,250. $1,200.

New 05-16-24

CSA 13d, 20¢ dark green diagonal bisect tied by neat CHARLESTON S.C. OCT 12 double-circle datestamp on fresh cover to James M. Bee, Care of D. D. Hocot, Camden S.C., slightly reduced at right, signed Dietz on back flap, SCV $1,400.  

New 06-01-24

CSA 13, 20¢ green tied bold RICHMOND Va. APR 25 1862 (type 5g) cds on cover to Samuel Adair, Lexington Va, 1980 CSA Certificate, Ex John Buckner and Harry Muldrow. SCV $1,250. $650.