Items for Sale - CSA 10, 10¢ Blue Intaglio "Frame Line" on Cover

Printer: Archer & Daly. 

4628 4628

CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line with 3 complete frame lines at top, right and bottom - tied RICHMOND / VA. cds on neat cover to Mebanesville, N.C., cover slightly reduced at left, Scarce $3,000.

15496 15496

CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue Frame Line with full frame at left and a trace at top right, tied neat MOBILE / ALA // MAY / 29 double circle cancel on pristine homemade cover to R. L. Steele, Esq, McKinley, Ala, Very Fine. $3,000.

19408 19408

CSA 10, 10¢ Frameline with mostly complete frameline at right and partial at bottom, separated roughly with small pieces out of edges, tied neat MILLEDGEVILLE / Ga. CDS on TURNED COVER addressed to D.A. Jewell, Rock Mills, Hancock County; inside use franked with pair of CSA 7, 5¢ blue tied by ATLANTA / Ga. // APR / 21 CDS, pair folded out for display of the lovely looking use, 1997 CSA certificate 03007, SCV $3,250 without premium for turned use. $2,750.

Daniel A. Jewell served in the Ogeechee Minute Men. Much more info on linked page.

20139 20139

CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue, Frameline with huge margin at right displaying complete frameline, partial framelines at top and bottom, tied by clear strike of MOBILE / ALA // JUL / 12 double-circle datestamp on fresh cover to Mrs. A. G. Duggar, Macon, Marengo County, Ala.,1983 CSA. certificate, SCV $3,250. $2,900.

Macon, Alabama, also known as Macon Quarters, is an unincorporated community in Calhoun County, not Marengo County. It was named after Macon, Georgia. There was a post office there from 1891-1903. This cover is clearly addressed to Macon, Marengo County, Alabama. The Duggar Family Letters (1861-1865) may be found in the Auburn University Digital Library. These are letters to and from the Duggar family, clearly stated as from Marengo County, Alabama, during the Civil War. There apparently were two small communities of this name in Alabama. Helbock lists Macon in Marengo County from 1833-1861 with Rarity 5 (from there, not to). Likely, the Marengo County town died and the Calhoun County one took hold afterward. To a scarce Alabama town.

20262 20262

CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frameline with complete framelines on three sides, right margin full, tied by MOBILE / ALA. // AUG / 2? double-circle datestamp on Headquarters, 22d Mississippi Regiment. imprint cover to Mrs. Col. F. Schaller, Columbia, South Carolina, stamp with some slight gum toning, cover with expertly repaired tiny tear at right top, Extremely Fine. A choice and rare use of the 10-cent frameline issue on an EXTREMELY RARE MILITARY IMPRINT COVER, UNLISTED IN CSA CATALOG. Ex Brown, 1988 CSA certificate. SCV $3,250. $3,500.  Listed on both Semi-official Imprints, section 2, and CSA 10 Covers.

Frank Schaller served as an officer in Field & Staff of Mississippi 22nd Infantry. Very detailed information on thumbnail-linked page.

20614 20614
New 03-02-23

CSA 10, 10¢ blue FRAMELINE tied neat scarcer blue RICHMOND VA. MAY 21 1863 CDS on used for a couple weeks. Addressed to Mrs. S. Jam Colston, Care of Prof. J.B. Minor, University of Va., Albemarle Co. Early 1967 CSA certificate number RWW-6 and signed by Frameline specialist Robert. W. Wiseman. Full frameline at top, most at right and a portion at left. SCV $3,250. Ex Ralph Swap. $2,800.

New 04-29-23

CSA 10, 10¢ blue frameline (oxidized) with neat MOBILE ALA MAY double-circle datestamp on small cover to Miss Judy Megginson, Buckingham C.H., Virginia; small sealed edge tears at top and back flap. Ex Finney, Dietz, Gimelson. 1992 CSA certificate 02433 signed Morris Everett. SCV $3,250. $2,000.

New 04-29-23

CSA 10, 10¢ blue frameline with 3 full frames, tied Virginia C.H. postmark partially struck off cover to Mrs. H.E. White, White Sulphur Springs, Catawba County, N.C.; bottom back flap missing and small repair at bottom with diagonal crease at lower left. SCV $3,250. $2,000.

New 05-24-23

CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frameline with full framelines at the side and about half at top and bottom, tied by a perfectly struck dateless blue RICHMOND, VA. CDS that was only used a very short time (a couple weeks) on cover to Mrs. Thomas C. Elder, Lunenburg Court House, Va.; cover lightly and expertly cleaned with top flap and a few small edge tears repaired. An exceptional stamp on a lovely looking cover, with a 1965 CSA certificate (with no photograph) signed Earl A. Weatherly and not noting any flaws, which was common in that early authentication period. $3,750.

Thomas Claybrook Elder bio on linked page.

New 05-24-23

CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frameline, an incredible stamp – essentially 4 frames - with full framelines on 3 sides and 90% on the fourth, just a trace missing at lower right;  tied by a clear MOBILE, ALA., AUG 14 double-circle date stamp on an adversity cover made from a used ledger page, to Miss M.A. McRae, Pollard, Ala.; includes original soldier's letter (letter page 1, letter page 2) his girlfriend datelined "Camp 29th Regt Ala. Vols, Mobile, Ala., Augt 14th 1863" in which James R. Stewart writes that he is "on detached Service ever since I was released;" cover flaps reinforced. TRULY EXCEPTIONAL STAMP, RARELY FOUND SO COMPLETE, with a photocopy of a 1984 PF certificate 0131497. $6,500.