Items for Sale - CSA 10, 10¢ Blue Intaglio "Frame Line" on Cover

Printer: Archer & Daly. 

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CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line with 3 complete frame lines at top, right and bottom - tied RICHMOND VA. cds on neat cover to Miss Priscilla Jones, Mebanesville, Alamance County, N.C., cover slightly reduced at left, Scarce $2,300.

15496 15496

CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue Frame Line with full frame at left and a trace at top right, tied neat MOBILE / ALA // MAY / 29 double circle cancel on pristine homemade cover to R. L. Steele, Esq, McKinley, Ala, Very Fine. $3,000.

20139 20139

CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue, Frameline with huge margin at right displaying complete frameline, partial framelines at top and bottom, tied by clear strike of MOBILE / ALA // JUL / 12 double-circle datestamp on fresh cover to Mrs. A. G. Duggar, Macon, Marengo County, Ala.,1983 CSA. certificate, SCV $3,250. $2,900.

Macon, Alabama, also known as Macon Quarters, is an unincorporated community in Calhoun County, not Marengo County. It was named after Macon, Georgia. There was a post office there from 1891-1903. This cover is clearly addressed to Macon, Marengo County, Alabama. The Duggar Family Letters (1861-1865) may be found in the Auburn University Digital Library. These are letters to and from the Duggar family, clearly stated as from Marengo County, Alabama, during the Civil War. There apparently were two small communities of this name in Alabama. Helbock lists Macon in Marengo County from 1833-1861 with Rarity 5 (from there, not to). Likely, the Marengo County town died and the Calhoun County one took hold afterward. To a scarce Alabama town.

20614 20614

CSA 10, 10¢ blue FRAMELINE tied neat scarcer blue RICHMOND VA. MAY 21 1863 CDS on used for a couple weeks. Addressed to Mrs. S. Jam Colston, Care of Prof. J.B. Minor, University of Va., Albemarle Co. Early 1967 CSA certificate number RWW-6 and signed by Frameline specialist Robert. W. Wiseman. Full frameline at top, most at right and a portion at left. SCV $3,250. Ex Ralph Swap. $2,800.


CSA 10, 10¢ blue FRAMELINE with full frames at right and bottom as well as most at left, tied two partial strikes of RICHMOND Va.JUN 13 1863 CDS on fresh cover to Mrs. M.C. Bailieff (sic), Mobile, Ala., slightly reduced at left, 1993 CSA certificate 02492. Ex Robert W. Wiseman, who specialized in and plated the framelines. SCV $3,250. $4,000.


CSA 10, 10¢ blue FRAMELINE (3 full frames plus part of a fourth) tied MOBILE ALA JUN 28 double-circle datestamp on TURNED COVER to Mr. Stephen Lee Lockwood, Care Messrs Boyken & McRae, Mobile, Ala. with manuscript notation at lower left “By Boat.” Inside FORWARDED use (stamp is missing) addressed to Mrs. Stephen Lockwood in Mobile which has been crossed out and directed to Mary L. Lyon, Carlowville, Ala. Bit reduced down at left and bottom. $3,250.


CSA 10, 10¢ Frame Line, position 33, showing full or partial FRAME LINES ON ALL FOUR SIDES, tied by grid with matching FARMVILLE Va. JUL  6 cds on fresh homemade cover to "Dr. Richard V. Leach, Small Pox Hospital, Richmond Va.," few light toned spots on stamp, trivial corner bend at top right, ex Bogg, DuPuy, Hall, and Kilbourne, signed Ashbrook, SCV $3,250.  $2,500.

Surgeon Richard V. Leach brief bio on linked page.


New 02-15-24

CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue Frameline (full frames at top and left, letter file fold stamp crease) tied by MOBILE ALA JUN 2 1863 double-circle datestamp on folded letter to Hon. Jeremiah Morton, Mitchell’s Station, Culpepper County, Virginia. The 2-page letter salutation is to “Col. Jerry Morton” which begins by relaying the health status of various men by name, detailing a case of the pox and such. (Click for page 1 of letter / Click for page 2 of letter) He mentions being dissatisfied with the management of the negroes employed by the Quartermaster’s Department at Mobile. “Since the Troops left Mobile they have not work enough to keep them fully employed and I find them in all parts of the city … Idleness is the Mother of Vice and it is impossible to keep negroes out of mischief unless you give them employment.” Signed D.M. Prichard. Docketing notes that there is another letter enclosed (not present) in which Major Thomas B. Reed wants to buy Jeff, presumably an enslaved African-American, and will take $2,600. Upside down on front “Major Thomas B. Reed Care of Major Gen. M.L. Smith, Vicksburg, Miss.” Paper loss at three corners of the folded letter but not readily visible because of underlying letter pages. Click to see front and back docketing on outside of folded letter. $2,500.

Biographical info on linked page for Hon. Jeremiah Morton and Maj. Gen. Martin Luther Smith 

New 03-28-24

CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frameline with full frames at right and bottom as well as trace at left (bit of toning at right), canceled by two pen strokes with matching small-town manuscript postmark of Locust Dale (Va.) May 10th on small darling lady’s cover homemade from earlier letter, addressed to Miss Lucy T. Gordon, Care Dr. Quarles, Gordonsville, Virginia. A charming and scarce use. SCV $3,500. $2,800.

More information on linked page.