Items for Sale - Jefferson Davis "T-E-N", 10¢ Blue Intaglio
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CSA 9, SPERATI FORGERY, type B, gummed, unclear pencil marking on back that is likely Sperati signature, heavy hinge remnant, Extremely Fine. $400.

Jean de Sperati (1884-1957) is considered the Rubens of philatelic forgery. More than 100 countries are represented by the 566 forged stamps known to have been reproduced by Sperati. The legendary Italian stamp forger put together a “Livre d’Or,” his personal collection of 234 rare stamps, all certified as genuine by 17 leading experts of the day. It represented stamps from around the world, two of which were Confederate (CSA 5 and CSA 9). They are a collecting genre in their own right, often selling for more than the originals they represent. He was tried and convicted by a Parisian jury in 1948 (a long and interesting story that I encourage you to seek out).

CSA 9, 10¢ blue T-E-N (slightly oxidized), used with unidentified CDS, scarce DOUBLE TRANSFER in TEN CENTS. SCV $950. $900.
New 01-16-24

CSA 9a, 10¢ milky blue T-E-N, unused, fresh, Very Fine. 2023 Wm. T. Crowe certificate. SCV $1,050. $1,100.