Stampless Covers - Mississippi
11925 11925

CARROLLTON / Miss // NOV / 13 light cds with manuscript Paid 5 on cover to Messrs Carroll Hoy & Co., N.O., La. with characteristic pin holes of this correspondence, CCV $150. $130.

14790 14790

CANTON / Mi. // JUL / 17 [1861] with matching PAID 5 (CSA Catalog type C) on stampless cover to Carrol Hoy & Co, New Orleans with characteristic pin holes of this correspondence, back flap opening tears, Nice strikes. CCV $500. $450.

16014 16014

CORINTH / MISS. // FEB / 24 [1862] DOUBLE-LINE CIRCLE cancel (much scarcer than the single-line cancel), beautifully struck with matching clear bold PAID 5 in oval (CC Type C) on 3-page folded soldier’s letter in pencil, few small holes in the letter itself but not on the cover face; addressed to Julia A. Sanderson, Vaiden, Miss; the letter is simply signed “A,” who was undoubtedly A. J. Sanderson. It mentions pitching a tent outside of town and an artillery corps from New Orleans that is camped 50 paces away. Ex Boshwit. $450. Detailed correspondent information on the linked page.

13676 13676

TUPELO / MISS // JUL / 1 / 1862 cds with matching DUE 10 (CSA Catalog type C with CV $300 for normal use) on soldier’s cover endorsed “J. C. Curtright, Capt Co. E 40th Ga Regt”, addressed home to his wife in La Grange, Ga. FIRST DAY COVER - THE FIRST DAY OF THE UNIVERSAL 10¢ POSTAL RATE and thus a requisite for any comprehensive exhibit. Slight bit of professional cleaning.The subject of a forthcoming article in La Posta. $900.

Captain John Cornelius Curtright commanded Company E of the 41st Georgia Regiment. Much more information on the linked page.

16554 16554

CORINTH / MISS. // JUL / 13 [1861] beautifully struck double rim circle datestamp with matching PAID 5 in oval (CSA Catalog Type C, CV $300) on cover to “Tax Collector of Marion County, Alabama, Pikeville, Alabama,” top back flap missing, Extremely Fine. $450.

15053 15053

VICKSBURG / MISS double circle cancel with “[due] 10” on soldier’s cover endorsed J[ames] N. Thompson, Co (E), 1st La regment (sic) Heavy Artillery to A.W. Thompson Esq, Jefferson, So Ca. There was also an Alexander Thompson in Co. F of 1st LA Heavy Artillery but no way to assure it was the addressee (seems unlikely with the Esq after his name which could be father at home – yours to research further). $160.


CANTON / Miss // APR / 11 / 1861 cds with matching bold PAID 5 (CSA catalog type C, CV $500) on small blue-lined commercially made envelope to Mr. W. Watt Divine, New Orleans, La. Care of J. A. Watkins. Slightly reduced at top. $400.

19430 19430

CARROLLTON / Miss. // AUG / 26 / 1861 cds with matching PAID 5 (CC type A, CV $200) handstamp on cover from well-known Carroll, Hoy & Co correspondence with usual filing pin holes, Very Fine. $100.


VICKSBURG / MISS // JUL / 5 (1861) CDS with matching PAID 5 (type B, CCV $250) on clean cover to Mrs. Susan McGill, Rodney, Miss.  $225.

11623 11623

NATCHEZ / Miss. // DEC / 2 /  1861 cds with boldly struck matching handstamped Paid 5 on small commercially made cover to Mrs. N.P. Duncan, Box 621, New Orleans, La.; small flap faults, Scarce. $200