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Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History

Edited by Patricia A. Kaufmann, Francis J. Crown, Jr., and Jerry S. Palazolo.

Read an illustrated in-depth look at the history of prior catalogs and the significant changes in this 2012 edition, the lineal descendant to the Dietz Catalog series. A 21st Century Confederate Catalog

Both the standard and deluxe editions are sold out from the publisher. They are available periodically on the second hand market and will be listed here when i have them for sale. The limited run of the deluxe edition features a slipcase, gilt-edged pages, a more heavily textured cover, a silk bookmark ribbon, special end papers and is autographed by the three primary editors. It was never for sale by the publisher; it was only produced for those who donated $500 or more to the Diamond Anniversary Campaign. None of either edition available at the moment but they come and go fast. Check back frequently or I will take a waiting list.

Read a few of the many compliments from readers about the award winning CSA Catalog. Winner of the Grand Award for Literature at APS StampShow 2013 in Milwaukee.

March 2018: I am a very new student to the Confederate States and enjoy the diversity of collecting. I have finally found a copy of your 'Confederate States of America Catalog' and must say I am very impressed with not only the quality of the publication but the quality of the content as well. For 50 years I have seen Scott's as the standard, I now see your catalog as the New Standard for the Confederate States. Great Job. WL

fakebook fakebook

Confederate States of America Philatelic Fakes, Forgeries, and Fantasies of the 19th and 20th Centuries by Peter W. W. Powell and John L. Kimbrough MD, 2015. 8 ½” x 11”, 432 pages plus introductory pages; includes over 150 fake cancellations photographically illustrated in full color and compared to the genuine marking. The descriptions are all original and never before published, including most known John A. Fox Confederate creations. In addition to the fake postmarks, the book also contains profuse illustrations of the fake general issue stamps, fake provisional stamps, and fantasies. $95 + $7 shipping 

16058 16058

The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America by August Dietz 1929, 439 pages, DELUXE gray leather edition with gold lettering, laid paper, special end papers and special insert of impression from the original Archer & Daly steel plate (which alone sells for $150). The 1929 Dietz is still the standard work in Confederate philately almost a century after publication (not a catalog). Light rubbing and couple of spots, but generally Fine condition. Autographed by Dietz. Ex libris Thomas A. Cox. $650 + $8 shipping by media mail or $18 by priority mail.

crown crown

Surveys of the Confederate Postmaster's Provisionals edited by Francis J. Crown, Jr. A reprint / compendium of Charles Phillips' census from the 1930s and the Frank Hart census from the 1950s; illustrations added, as well as the Crown Georgia Survey. A major source for the Confederate student still widely referenced by dealers and collectors; Quarterman Publications, 1984, 742 pages, cloth, dust jacket and book shrink wrapped and never opened since printed - truly like new. A must for provisional collectors, dealers and serious students. $40 + $7 shipping.

briggs-florida briggs-florida

Florida Postal History During the Civil War by Deane R. Briggs, MD; 299 pages, full color. A detailed study of each town with full census to and from all recorded Florida towns during the Civil War. Published by the Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2018. This will serve as a sought-after reference for years to come. PRICE JUST REDUCED $60 + $7 shipping

Winner of Large Gold and Reserve Grand at Chicagopex 2018.


The Springfield Facsimiles of Confederate Postage Stamps, 2nd Edition, by Steven M. Roth, Francis J. Crown, Jr., Patricia A. Kaufmann

Hardcover. 120 pages. Most illustrations in full color. First edition was out of print from publisher almost immediately, warranting this second edition, November 2018. STOCK IS RUNNING LOW. $50 + $6 shipping

This research study addresses the Springfield facsimiles, which were prepared by Howard E. MacIntosh of Tatham Stamp & Coin Co. (TASCO) in 1934. The facsimiles replicate the genuine Confederate stamps and can be dangerous. They are routinely offered as genuine on eBay. See linked page for much more information.


Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War: A Guide to Across-the-Lines Postal History by Steven C. Walske and Scott R. Trepel, Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2008, 282 pages, full color.

This companion piece to the then-forthcoming CSA Catalog won the Grand Award for literature at Napex 2009. It contains new and comprehensive information about the most interesting aspects of Confederate postal history.

This work covers private express routes, suspension of U.S. postal routes, across-the-lines mail, flag-of-truce mail, blockade-run mail, the Trans-Rio Grande and Trans-Mississippi routes, as well as covert mail. It is a useful guide to the experienced and beginning collector alike. A necessary companion to the CSA catalog, it was originally written to be part of the catalog. Greatly reduced from the original publication price of $65.  $35 + $6 shipping. TLC


The United States 1847 Issue: A Cover Census by Thomas J. Alexander, U.S. Philatelic Classics Society, 2001, 950 pages, cloth binding with clean intact dust jacket. Detailed listing of nearly 13,000 covers arranged by place of mailing and data, plus a separate section on fake covers, more than 200 covers illustrated, 16 pages in color, the characteristics of mail from each state. $65 + $7 shipping


Collector’s Guide to Confederate Philately, Second Edition, by John L. Kimbrough, MD, and Conrad L. Bush, 2011, 500 pages, full color. This is an excellent and very readable introduction for the newer Confederate collector yet still will be appreciated by the more experienced student of Confederate postal history. It is not a catalog with identifying number types and values, rather, it gives an excellent overview of what is available to the collector and helps the reader understand the nuances in order to properly develop a good collection. $90 + $6 shipping DS-J-NM

kantor kantor

Sanitary Fairs by Alvin and Marjorie Kantor. A philatelic and historical study of Civil War benevolence. A beautifully produced book of great interest to any collector of American Civil War or Charity material. Each fair is individually covered with respect to both philatelic and historic aspects. There are many illustrations of the known stamps, covers and proofs, also the fantasies. 1992, 304 pages, 16 pages in full color, cloth, $70 + $6 shipping. DS-L

wishnietsky wishnietsky

Confederate Patriotic Covers and Their Usages by Benjamin Wishnietsky, 1991, David G. Phillips Publishing Co., Inc., North Miami, Florida, 144 pages, HB, cloth. Over 230 large illustrations of covers, of which over 90 are in full color. Mostly a picture book but the fine illustrations and accurate captions make it useful to the Confederate collector as another than catalog source. $42 + $6 shipping. DS-L


Confederate States of America, Markings and Postal History of Richmond, Virginia by Peter W. W. Powell. All known CSA Richmond markings plus a few antebellum ones that have not yet been found used during the Confederate period. The 8 basic types of CDS are actually 49 discrete markings, extensively illustrated, 142 halftones, 117 linecuts. Richmond markings can be accurately dated with the help of this book, the definitive work. 1987, 188 pages, cloth, edition of 750, $50 + $6 shipping. DS-L


Confederate States of America, Philatelic Subject Index and Bibliography, 1862-1999 by Richard H. Byne. An index and bibliography with no comparison in American philately. Over 8,200 books, articles, auction catalogs, show programs, etc. are cited, giving the basic description. These items are referred to in over 25,000 references by subject. Appendices cover abbreviations, authors, publications and illustrations. Confederate philately, with over 10,000 references, is one of the most extensively documented in the hobby. Without the index, you can't find what is in your own library – an important reference work. Volume I, the literature for the 1862-1984 period, Volume II covers 1985-1999 plus a few year-2000 listings and any listings from the earlier period. Plus shipping - $6 for single volumes alone or $8 for the set. DS-L

Byne-1 1986, Volume I, 1862-1984, 352 pages, cloth, $45.
Byne-2 2001, Volume II, 1862-1999, 208 pages, cloth, $45.
Byne-set Volumes I and II as a set $80.


Abraham Lincoln Illustrated Envelopes and Letter Paper 1860-1865, James M. Milgram, MD. Material covering slavery, the Confederacy, and Lincoln before and after the 1860 - 1865 period, 1984, 272 pp, cloth bound. $20 + $6 shipping


2020 Brookman Price Guide, by Michael Jaffe (author) and David S. Macdonald (editor). Unused, United States, United Nations & Canada Stamps & Postal Collectibles including federal duck stamps, Indian Reservation stamps, plate no. coils & unexploded booklets, U.S. postal stationery, U.S. uncut press sheets, U.S. souvenir cards and pages, U.S. imperforate and color errors, Confederate States, U.S. possessions, Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Palau, U.N. related areas with Kosovo, U.N. postal stationery & souvenir cards, Canadian provinces and duck stamp plus U.S. commemorative and regular issue identifiers. Note: the 2020 catalog does NOT list first day covers and autographs. The 2018 catalog was the last to list these items. Spiral bound, 334 pages, January 1, 2020. Original retail price $49.95. Only $10 + $6 shipping.

19537 19537

The George J. Kramer Collection of Western Trails and Routes, Schuyler J. Rumsey auction catalog 79, April 27, 2018, softbound, 212 pages, like new. George J. Kramer is a well-known name in philately, celebrated as a researcher, expert and exhibiting champion. He has won the American Philatelic Society’s prestigious Champion of Champions award three different times in three different decades, and his exhibit “Vignettes of Western Trails and Routes 1849-1870” was first runner-up in the Indonesia 2012 World Stamp Championship and has earned other important awards. The covers in this auction document the westward migration that took place in 19th-century America, including the gold rush that led to the development of express companies transporting food, supplies and mailed messages. An exciting sale and great reference. $15 + $6 shipping. 

20297 20297

The Postal Service of the Confederate States of America by August Dietz 1929, 439 pages, 1989 Reprint of the 1929 Dietz by Kenneth R. Laurence, which is still the standard work on Confederate philately almost a century after publication (not a catalog). All the same great info for a fraction of the price. Like new. $100 plus $6 shipping.


Confederate Postal History: An Anthology from The Stamp Specialist, Francis J. Crown Jr. Editor, hardcover, 313 pp., Quarterman Publications, 1976, black & white images, bibliography and index, original dust jacket. An anthology from the Stamp Specialist detailing the postal history of the Confederacy written by some of the premier philatelists of the early 20th century and gathered in one convenient volume. Overview of postal history; study of issues; etc. including across the lines, blockade, flag of truce, express mails; patriotic envelopes; Lee field letters; Camp Shenandoah, and more. $45 + $7 shipping.


Confederate States of America Stampless Cover Catalog, Benjamin Wishnietsky, editor, softbound, 94 pages, published by David G. Phillips, N. Miami, Fla., 1980. Mostly tracings as well as black and white photos and listings with values. $10 + $5 shipping.


The New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook, edited by Hubert C. Skinner, Erin R. Gunter, and Warren H. Sanders; deluxe padded edition in slipcase with special endpapers, No. 49 of 300, signed by the 3 editors and 2 publishers. Published 1986 by Bogg & Laurence Publishing Company, Inc. Miami, Fla., hardbound with mostly black and white illustrations, some color, 270 p. $95 + 7 shipping.


From New Post to Princess Anne Street: The Postal History of Fredericksburg, Virginia 1657-1990, by Keith E. Littlefield, PhD. Hardbound, 8 ¼” by 11 ¼”, 138 pages, excellent color illustrations throughout, tables and maps, print run 250. An engaging yet highly informative book. There is noteworthy information to both local and regional historians, as well as philatelists. Dr. Littlefield traces the postal history of Fredericksburg from earliest colonial days up through 1990. Reuben Triplett Thom served as postmaster from 1840 through the difficult years of the Civil War. Chapter 5 is devoted to Thom and his provisional stamp issues, which are explained in detail. But the chapter far exceeds just the provisionals. One of the most impressive examples of research on a single town I’ve seen; highly recommended. $130 postpaid within the United States.


Alan B. Whitman Collection of Outstanding United States Stamps. A thick and beautiful hard-cover catalog comprising 889 lots on more than 400 pages by Robert A. Siegel Auction Galleries; it weighs more than 6 lbs. Siegel sale 968 held January 27, 2009. This is a historic philatelic sale that showcases the best of the best in terms of both rarity and condition. It is a catalog to be savored. $50 + $11 shipping.


Alfred H. Caspary Collection. The classic reference of 16 H.R. Harmer auction catalogs, 1955-1958, complete with prospectus and prices realized. The quality black and white illustrations are huge, especially by the standards of the time – rarities are enlarged well beyond 100%. There are luminary forewords such as that of George B. Sloane for Sale 1 of U.S. Provisional issues (Note near the end of Sloanes foreword that both the Madison Florida and Tuscumbia Alabama provisionals were then considered U.S. but Kaufmann research has since proven them to be 3¢ 1861 provisionals), as well as Sale 8 of Carriers and Locals. Dr. Carroll Chase wrote the foreword for the U.S. general issues - Part 1, Vincent Graves Greene for the BNA offerings, Lawrence L. Shenfield for the Confederates general issues, and far more worldwide philatelic celebrities. Sale 10 with Hawaii and Confederate general issues sports the signature of the legendary John R. Boker, his personal copy with penciled annotations of some prices paid and who acquired them (Raymond Weill, Ezra Cole, etc.). There is one clipped-out photo of a sheet margin 10¢ rose lithograph tied on piece by an Ashland, Va., postmark described as probably the best in existence. Earl A. Weatherly signed the Confederate provisionals catalog and gave it to his friend, William Boyst. There are marks and small faults here and there, but this is a worthy complete set from one of the all-time greats of stamp collecting. $250.

Alfred H. Caspary brief bio of the legendary collector on the linked page.


Josiah K. Lilly Collection, Sales I-X plus prospectus, soft covers without prices realized but those are available on the Siegel website. Clean condition throughout with a few very minor crayon or pencil markings on fronts. The 10 sale catalogs are illustrated in large quality black and white plates, size 6.75" X 9.75". Part I - US Postmasters' Provisionals, 19th Century Postage and Officials. 465 lots. Part II - British Commonwealth; Great Britain, Aden through Mauritius. 1069 lots. Part III - Canal Zone, Cuba, DWI, Gaum, Hawaii, Philippines, Puerto Rico & Confederate States of America. 407 lots. Part IV - Benelux; France & Colonies; Germany, States & Colonies; Scandinavia and Switzerland. 1124 lots. Part V - US Proofs, Encased Postage, Fractional Currency, Carriers, Locals and Sheets. 995 lots. Part VI - European Countries and their Colonies. 626 lots. Part VII - US 19th & 20th Century. 775 lots. Part VIII - British Commonwealth; Malaya to Zululand. 859 lots. Part IX - US Envelopes, Revenues, Match & Medicine and Telegraph stamps. 780 lots. Part X - Latin America, Asia and Africa. 620 lots. Click for title page. Click for inside sample of Lilly catalog. This is an outstanding set that is rarely available. $150. Shipping cost TBD, but Media Mail is reasonable.

Josiah K Lilly Jr. (1893 to 1966) brief bio on linked page.



Josiah K. Lilly Collection, Part IX, US Envelopes, Revenues, Match & Medicine and Telegraph stamps, 780 lots. Illustrated in large quality black and white plates, size 6.75" X 9.75". Soft covers without prices realized but those are available on the Siegel website. Clean condition throughout with a bit of expected edge toning on cover. Click here for sample of inside page. $20 + $5 shipping.

Josiah K Lilly Jr. bio on linked page.