Items for Sale - CSA 7, 5¢ Local Typograph on Cover - Section Two

Printer: Archer & Daly. CSA 7-L was printed on London paper; CSA 7-R was printed on scarcer Richmond paper.

10673 10673

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair on local paper, tied neat bold blue FRANKLIN DEPOT / VA cds on homemade cover to Miss Annie Gaffney, Limestone Springs, Spartanburg Dist., So. Carolina, Very Fine. $190.

10718 10718

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair tied faintly struck KNOXVILLE / Ten cds on cover to Maj W. L. McEwen, Kingston, Tennessee with docketing indicating sender was W. J. Hornsby 23 January 1863; top back flap mostly missing and small restoration at top left.  $170.

10815 10815

CSA 7, 5¢ blue single tied RICHMOND / Va. // DEC / 24 / 1862 cds on most attractive blue adversity cover fashioned from school attendance sheet, addressed to Miss Alice Baldy, Griffin, Georgia.  $325.

10819 10819

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 20 cds on adversity cover to W. D. Clancy, Esq., Cashier, Columbia, S.C.; fashioned from most interesting printed page discussing the dire straights of the Confederacy vs. foreign interests. $260.

11237 11237

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair (small faults) with part sheet margin at right and filled in frame variety at right (seen on margin copies) tied RICHMOND / VA. // APR cds used on blue folded business letter to Messrs Thos. Branch & Sons, Petersburg, Va.. Lovely legal letterhead of P. H. Winston, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Windsor, N.C.  $200.

11435 11435

CSA 7, 5¢ blue vertical pair tied UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA blue double circle on green cover to Miss Sarah G. Fergus (?) Reedy Branch, More (sic) County NC; bit reduced at right, Ex Thacker. $160.

11539 11539

CSA 7, two 5¢ blue singles used with manuscript cancel of “Moremans (Moormans) River / Va // Mch 15th “ on completely charming small cover with embossed flowers at upper left corner, addressed to Mr. Bernard S. Brown, Bridgewater, Va.; a Delightful Cover, Ex Thayer and Thacker. $400.

11562 11562

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair tied bold neat SCOTTSVILLE / VA // MAR / 10 cds on lemon cover to renowned nurseryman Franklin Davis, Staunton, Va. with docket at left that is from Samuel Allen, Very Fine Ex Thayer and Thacker.  $160.

11692 11692

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair on local paper tied neat blue PETERSBURG / Va. // DEC / 23 cds on fresh homemade cover to Mr. P. J. Fowlkes, Jeffress Store, Va.; Very Fine, Ex John Hill. $150.

11995 11995

CSA 7-R-v2, 5¢ blue vertical pair with filled in frames at right, listed CSA Catalog variety, tied by manuscript Harrisonburg [VA] June 25 on lemon cover to Dr. Henry C. Sommerville Care Rev. William V. Wilson, Lynchburg, Va.; bit reduced at right. $140.

Dr. Henry Clay Sommerville (1834-1918) was an Assistant Surgeon in the Confederate Army during the war. Much more information on linked page.

12007 12007

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue, 2 singles, tied together by neat GAINESVILLE / Ga. // FEB / 25 cds on cover to Hon. W. W. Clark, Richmond, Va. with docketing on reverse that sender was Lieut. Cobb. Slightly reduced at left. Ex Hunter Thomas. $170.


William White Clark (1819-1883) was a representative to the Confederate Congress from Georgia, as well as a member of the Georgia State House of Representatives in1841.

12330 12330

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (light pre-use creases) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // JAN / 25 double circle postmark on adversity cover fashioned from unused printed ship bill of lading from James Bancroft & Co., Charleston; to “Mrs. Mary A. Hitch, Fountain Inn P.O., Greenville So. Ca.” with note “Jan. the 27”, red sealing wafer on back flap still intact, color photocopy of inside accompanies. $250.

12603 12603

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue vertical pair tied with MOBILE / ALA // MAY / 5 double circle cancel on adversity cover fashioned from printed shipping form, addressed to J. W. Harris, Livingston, Ala; not opened yet but bottom flap could be opened for display, if desired. $125.

12369 12369

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue left sheet margin pair tied beautifully struck ADAMS RUN / S.C. // FEB / 21 cds on pristine homemade cover to Mrs. James C. Seabrook, Cheraw, SC. Extremely Fine. $250.

12373 12373

CSA 7-R-v2, 5¢ blue vertical left sheet margin pair showing awesome filled-in frame variety, tied bold NEW MARKET / VA // DEC / 4 cds on cover to Mary A. Linville, Walnut Grove, Stokes Co, N.C.; small cover tear at left. Marvelous sheet margin. $300.

12379 12379

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue vertical pair used with bold red WOODVILLE / Geo. // APR / 3 cds on cover to Maria L. Watson, Greenville C.H., S.C.; Stellar postmark! $350.

14839 14839

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair with tiny crease at bottom between stamps tied by TULLAHOMA / Ten. // APR / 12 / 1863 cds on adversity cover made from commission merchant's form, to Mrs. W. C. D. Vaugh, Care of B. L. Prichard, Canton Miss., sender's note "My last envelope I wish I could go myself and get another supply where I got this", opened for display, Very Fine. $650.

14179 14179

CSA 7, 5¢ blue single tied together with CSA 8, 2 ¢ brown red (3 singles) on back flaps of cover which overpaid the 10¢ rate, addressed to William Crawford Esq., Mount Sidney, Augusta, Ga.; 5¢ blue damaged prior to use, two of the 2¢ stamps torn upon opening; open on 3 sides and slightly reduced with light vertical creases. 2001 CSA Certificate #04005. Very unusual and scarce use. Very unusual combination franking. $950. Listed in both CSA 8 Covers and CSA 7, Section 2 

15188 15188

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue on scarcer local paper, tied ANDERSON / Tex. // MAY / 19 cds on green lined commercially made cover to Wm. H. Neblett, Capt. Stepherson’s Co (I), Col. Elmore’s Regt, Galveston, Texas. Ex Gallagher. $400.

William H. Neblett served in Co. I, 20th Texas Infantry. Much more information on linked page.

14701 14701

CSA 7-R-v2, 5¢ blue top sheet margin pair on local paper, variety, frame lines filled in at top (4 margins) showing part adjoining stamp at left, tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 23 / 1863 dcds on cover to Miss Bettie Farmer, Wilson, N.C. Ex Kohn with Van Dyk MacBride notes on verso. $150.

15310 15310

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair tied by manuscript postmark of “Dennis Ga, Oct 7th 1862” on folded letter to Wm. L. Mitchell Esq, Athens Geo from his brother, M. H. Mitchell. Letter is headed “Dixie Land” – sealed with red wafer. Scarce manuscript town. $110.

15773 15773

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (faults) tied manuscript cancel with strike of PINE BLUFF / ARK // JUL / 28 double circle datestamp at left on cover to Mrs. Mattie Yell, Monticello, Drew Co, Ark. with manuscript directive, “At Mr. Gasten’s 2 miles of Monticello.” Ex Clippert. $180.

15777 15777

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (4 margins) used with rare manuscript cancel of “Post Oak Ark / Novr 8, 1862” on pristine folded letter to Thos J. S. Farr, Albany, Georgia from Isaac T. Robinson, who was the postmaster of Post Oak, Calhoun County, Arkansas, from July 16, 1860, to May 31. He is requesting payment of taxes owed. Rare Arkansas cancel, the ONLY LISTING FOR THIS TOWN in Dr. Bruce Roberts’ Arkansas census. Ex Clippert. $750.

15778 15778

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (tiny crease at UL corner left stamp) tied bold WASHINGTON / Ark. // NOV / 14 cds on homemade cover fashioned from blue and red lined ledger paper, addressed to Mrs. Rowland B. Smith, Camden, Arks, staining along right and bottom edges, Ex Matz and Clippert. $250.

Rowland B. Smith served in Captain Sutherland's Company (Company I – the Ouachita Rifles) of the 18th Arkansas Infantry (aka Carroll's Regiment), 3rd Brigade, 2nd Division, Army of the West

15780 15780

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied bold neat PINE BLUFF / ARK // JUN / 4 double circle date stamps on clean cover to Mrs. Emiline Elliott, Orchard Grove, La. Lovely example. Ex Clippert. $400.

16971 16971

CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue pair on local paper, tied NEWBERRY C.H. / S.C. // JUN / 12 /1862 double circle datestamp on small commercially made TURNED LADIES COVER to Miss Agnes C. Edwards, Anderson C.H., inside use with CSA 6 (mostly torn off) to Mrs. Nancy Edwards, Newberry C.H., S.C., care of Mr. Werber. Ex R. Hall and G. Wayman. $140.

17067 001 17067

CSA 7, 5¢ blue pair (small faults) tied indistinct --- C.H. / Va. postmark on homemade cover to Mrs. Ann Luignot, Richmond, Virginia with notched ADVERTISED 2 (CC type U, CCV $500) and RICHMOND cds on verso with bottom flap partially turned to display. $350.

17616 001 17616

CSA 7, 5¢ blue single tied grid on homemade NEWSPAPER WRAPPER with manuscript October 3rd ’64 to Mr. Mitchael (sic) Walters, Wytheville Va. SCARCE USE of 5¢ which OVERPAYS the 2¢ RATE for newspapers; wrappers are very scarce. Ex Sam Zimmerman. $600.

Mitchell Walters served in Company I, Virginia 29th Infantry. Much more information on linked page.

18416 001 18416

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (3 margins) tied TALLAHASSEE / Flor. // MAR / 4 cds with second strike at center of pre-printed cover addressed to Bank of Middle Georgia, Macon, Geo.; TURNED COVER (exploded on 3 sides for display) with inside franked CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (3 margins) tied MACON / GA cds to Wm H. Flinn Esq., Jackson, Miss., slightly reduced edges, Scarce Florida use. $300.

18417 001 18417

CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue pair tied LAKE CITY / FLA. cds on TURNED COVER to J. M. C. Robertson, Granville, Meriwether County, Georgia (a respected merchant); INSIDE manuscript “Oak Hill, Ga. Paid 10” (CSA CV $150 for this alone) to Mrs. M. J. Sacks, Lake City, Fla. Scarce use. $250.

18419 001 18419

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied QUINCY / Flor. // FEB / 16 cds on cover to Lamar Cobb, Athens, Ga.; slightly reduced at left. Lamar was one of the sons of Howell Cobb, a founder of the Confederacy and major general of the Confederate army. Scarce Florida use. $220.

19843 19843

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair (tiny nick out of top margin, right stamp), tied bold clear CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 18 / 1862 CDS on neat blue commercially-made cover addressed in the hand of Gen. Alfred H. Colquitt to his brother, Col. Peyton H. Colquitt, Columbus, Ga., with ms. “O.B.” at top (Official Business). From the award-winning Brian M. Green “Confederate Generals” exhibit and signed by him. Brian states this is the only war-dated cover he has ever seen addressed by Gen. Colquitt. Examples of 4 Colquitt-signed documents from the National Archives accompany, easily corroborating the handwriting. RARE GEN. ALFRED H. COLQUITT WAR-TIME AUTOGRAPH USE made even more interesting by the use to his brother. Listed in both Miscellaneous-2 and CSA 7, Section 2. Brief biogaphy on linked page. PHOTO OF GEN. ALFRED H. COLQUITT  $950.   


19925 19925

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied SAVANNAH / Ga. // Paid CDS on fresh commercially-made cover to Col Charles Spalding, Nankin Brooks Co, Ga.Nankin in a small unincorporated community in Books County which established a post office in 1856, which remained in operation until 1907. It was named for the large Chinese city on the Yangtze River. Ex Benson $125.

19986 19986

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied neat AUGUSTA / Ga. // -- / 11 CDS on fresh cover to Lieut. J.A. Ausby, “Augusta Volunteers” Charleston S.C. Care Cpt. George T. Jackson, Charleston Hotel. This unit was based at the Augusta Arsenal so speculation can only be made that they were there for supplies coming in on blockade runners, but that is only a guess. Very Fine. $160.

19988 19988

CSA 7, 5¢ blue, two 4-margin singles used with grids and matching postmark of FARMVILLE / VA on neat cover to Miss Agnes M. Haxall, Haxall, Crenshaw & Co., Richmond, Va$125.

Haxall & Crenshaw Flour Mill bio on linked page.

20093 20093

CSA 7-R 5¢ blue vertical pair tied RICHMOND / Va. cds on OVERPAID DROP letter to Theo. S. Garrett Jr., Navy Department, Richmond, Virginia. Garrett was a clerk with the Confederate Navy Department; part of top back flap missing, signed by Brian Green. $250. Listed in both Miscellaneous-2 and CSA 7-2

20312 20312

CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue pair (3 margins) with right stamp intact but hanging off edge of cover, tied neat MILLEDGEVILLE GA circular datestamp on cover to J. M. Brooks, Clk Inf. Court  (Clerk of Inferior Court), Cuthbert, Georgia, slightly reduced at left, manuscript “E.D.” at top – probably sender ID. $100.

20313 20313

CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue pair (4 margins) tied RICHMOND VA. JAN 21 on cover to Dr. W.H. Harrell, Wilson N.C.,  Very Fine. $125.

William Bernard Harrell (1823-1906) was a physician, post-war Baptist preacher, Confederate surgeon, and songwriter. Detailed bio on linked page.

20344 20344

CSA 7-L, 5¢ blue pair tied BENNETTSVILLE S.C. NOV 25 on cover to Capt. J.E. Spears, Charleston, So Ca Col. C.H. Stearns Regt S.C.V.; slight edge wear. J.E. Spears enlisted as a captain and was commissioned into Co. B, SC 24th SC Infantry. $85.

20349 20349

CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair tied WELDON N.C. circular datestamp on homemade cover to Capt. James Simmons, Jarrett’s Depot, Va. Not enough info to easily determine which Capt. Simmons this might be – good research project. $75.

20357 20357

CSA 7-R, 5¢ dark blue vertical pair tied neat blue COLMUBIA S.C. circular datestamp on narrow commercially-made envelope with SMM embossed on flap which displays nicely, to Miss Harriott Middleton, Flat Rock, Henderson Co. N. Carolina. Harriott Middleton: The Middleton correspondence is well known by Confederate students and the family papers are in the SC Historical Society. Harriott (1828-1905) was the daughter of Henry A. Middleton, a wealthy planting family. $125.