Stampless Covers - Virginia and West Virginia - Section Three

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1217 1217

RICHMOND / VA // JUN / 10 (no year date) DUE 10 neat markings on homemade cover addressed to Honl. William C. Rives, in Richmond, thus overpaid drop rate, Van Dyk MacBride penciled and signed explanation on the back than it was rare as sent from Member of Congress "M. Johnson". There were several Johnsons (none "M", but could be "M" stood for "Mr.") in the Confederate Congress, but I cannot verify that this is so other than the lack of soldier's docketing. But neither is there an "M.C." indication from the sender. The addressee is William Cabell Rives, who was a member of the Confederate Congress at that time. Previously, Rives had served in the United States Senate and the House of Representatives, as well as having served as Ambassador to France.

6189 6189

RICHMOND / Va // JUL / 16 / 1862 cds with straightline soldier’s DUE 10 on homemade cover to “Dr. G. N. Flowers, Cross Keys, DeKalb Co., Georgia” with soldier docketing of “A.P. Flowers in Wrights Legion”. Asbury P. Flowers enlisted on 2-6-62 as a musician into the band of the 38th Georgia Infantry. He died on 1-20-63 at Staunton, Virginia. Military bio included.

6667 6667

STAUNTON / VA. blurry cds with [due] 10 said by previous owner to be struck over “5”, but not sure I buy that – leave it to you to decide, addressed to “Pt H. W. V. Z F. Weaver (sheer guess, hard to make out) Charleston PO S.C.” Maj Whits Battalion of Arti Co H in ceare of Capt Holts Cav (?)” with soldier docketing of “J. W. Waters 2 S.C. Cav. Co. E”. , side flap missing, ex-Tobias. John W. Waters was a private in the 2nd SC Cavalry in Hampton’s Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia;the 2nd SC later came under the Dept. of SC, GA, and FL and later still the Dept of NC and then the Army of Tenn. Military records enclosed. Ex Tobias

7211 7211

PETERSBURG / Va. // MAR 7 blue cds with matching [due] 10 on adversity cover fashioned from a Danville Bank check form, addressed to “Miss Carolina Cleveland, Lawrenceville, Georgia” and soldier endorsed by “V Cleveland, Hampton Legion”. Vannoy Cleveland is shown as serving in Company F of SC Hampton Legion Infantry. Large bio included on the prominent families of Vannoy and Cleveland. Family tradition says the Vannoy family was related to the family of Oliver Cromwell. As for the Clevelands, President Grover Cleveland presented a bible to Caroline Yates, grandchild of Nathaniel Vannoy, as a memento of family relation. They were prominent families in the Greenville, SC area. Wonderful adversity cover with a great family history.

7712 7712

(Army of Northern Virginia) (due) "10" in field rate postmark, in red (Dietz type A) used during the siege of Petersburg in 1864 on cover to Columbia Mine, Ga., "W Shank, Train Artillery" soldier’s endorsement at top, Very Fine and scarce. William B. Shank was a private in Co. C of the Georgia Sumter Flying Light Artillery. $170

7713 7713

(Army of Northern Virginia) (due) "10" in double circle field rate postmark (Dietz type B) on homemade cover to Clinton, S.C.; with "H. Tucker, Hampton Legion, Co K." soldier’s endorsement at left, Very Fine. Henry Tucker was a private in Co K of SC Hampton Legion Infantry. $190.

10456 10456

FRANKLIN DEPOT / Va. // APR / 1 blue cds with matching curved DUE 10 handstamp on cover to Miss Rebecca C. Easterling, Manning South Carolina with endorsement of E. C. Easterling, Co. (A) Hamptons Legion, Ex Oswald. $250.

Easterling, Edward C. PVT 1861 65. Much more information on linked page.

10464 10464

RICHMOND / Va. // May / 4 [1864] cds with matching handstamped DUE 10 on cover to “Maj. Bolling Hall, Montgomery, Ala” with soldier’s endorsement of “J. E. Hall, Capt., Co B, 59th Ala Regt” and docketing “Copied May 3rd 1864”; John Elmore Hall enlisted as a Captain in stated regiment (shown wounded at Petersburg) in which Col. Bolling Hall, Jr. is also shown on the roster. Bolling Hall, Jr. of Autauga was wounded at Drewry’s Bluff and was in the Battle of Chicamauga as battalion commander. Much information may be found online on the Hall family which was illustrious back to the Revolutionary War. $160.

10785 10785

PETERSBURG / Va. // JUN / 17 blue cds with matching [due] 10 on adversity cover to Mrs. J. Adger Smyth, Wright’s Bluff, Clarendon Dist, So Ca from her soldier husband, on adversity cover fashioned from printed form. First time in philatelic hands. $220.

JAMES ADGER SMYTHE (1837-1920) was a Quarter Master Sergeant in Company A, 25th South Carolina Infantry Regiment Much more information on linked page.

10786 10786

PETERSBURG Va. // MAY / 26 blue cds with matching [due]10 on adversity cover fashioned from Charleston Rail Road freight receipt, addressed to E. H. Barkley, Esq., Williamston PO, Anderson Dist, SC with endorsement of W. V. Barkley, Co D 18th S.C.V. Most attractive use. $325.

11066 11066

WINCHESTER / Va. // OCT 1, cds on soldier's cover to Mrs. Laura C. Norwood, Lenoir N.C. with handstamped Due and twice-struck "10" in circle indicating 20¢ due, mandated endorsement of W.W. Lenoir, Capt Co A, 37 Regt. N.C.T. Very Fine. $500.

Walter Waightstill Lenoir (1823-1890) served as a 1st Lieut into Co. H, 58th NC Partisan Rangers Infantry and Co. A., 37th NC Infantry as a Captain. Much more information on linked page.

11079 11079

GORDONSVILLE / VA // AUG / 13 / 1862 cds with matching DUE 10 to W. R. Edwin (?), Ranaleburgh Mec[klenburgh] Co NC; used again with vertical pair of CSA 6, 5¢ blue (torn on opening) on verso tied with smaller GORDONSVILLE / VA double circle cancel known used 1861-63, small pmk also struck on the face showing two types of cancels on one side. $200.

11216 11216

Paid” in manuscript, no postal markings, addressed on small ladies cover (small part of back flap missing) to “Dr. Richard M. Hewitt O.S. Capt J.B. Leftwiches Company, 42nd Regiment Va. Vols. Care of Col. J. D. Banks, Huntersville Pocahontas Co (West Virginia) Army of the North West. The troops assigned to operate in northwestern Virginia were placed under the command of Brigadier-General R. S. Garnett on June 8, 1861, and were subsequently known as the Army of the Northwest. This was the force that opposed McClellan and Rosecrans in West Virginia. Military bios for Asst. Surgeon Richard Newton Hewitt and Capt. Joel B. Leftwich included. A scarce West Virginia use. $250.

11413 11413

UNIVERSITY OF Va. large blue 31 mm cds, scarce cancel lightly struck with matching large encircled handstamped [due] 10 in circle – a very scarce marking, not listed, pencil docketing which may or may not be contemporary “Mahones or Weisiger’s Brig” which is correct; on soldier’s cover to Mrs. R. C. Mabry Care W. H. Read Esqr., Palmers Springs, Mecklenburg County, Va.; endorsed “From Private R. C. Mabry / Co. K. 6th Va. Regt.(Army of Northern Virginia) Ex Thacker. $400.

Robert Cole Mabry enlisted as a private, was wounded at 2nd Manassas 8-30-62, later taken prisoner 3-28-65 at Burgess’ Mill, Va and ultimately exchanged well after the war 10-27-65. Military records included. Conflicting records indicate he “was captured 27 Oct 1864 at the Battle of Burgess Mill and was held until 28 March 1865 when he was exchanged.” Typical of CW record groups.

11817 11817

PETERSBURG / Va. // JUNE 12 dark blue cds with matching DUE and 10 on fresh cover to Mrs. Wm. Bush, Chenuba, Terrell Co., Ga. with endorsement of Wm. Bush, Company K, 31st Regt Ga. Vol., although I am not at all certain, this appears to most likely be William Henry Harrison Bush who was in Co. B, 45th Regiment of “Rutland Volunteers”. Wounded at Gettysburg in 1863 and captured at Macon 1865. $280.

13583 13583

RICHMOND / VA // FEB / 27 cds with matching DUE 10 and second [due] 10 on soldier’s cover endorsed mandated “Henry Higinbotham, Louisiana Guard Artillery, Richmond Defenses” on TURNED COVER to Thomas H. Higinbotham, Esqr. Care Quarter Masters Department, Mobile, Alabama. Inside use is franked with CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied MOBILE / ALA double circle postmark and addressed to Henry Higinbotham, Louisiana Guard Artillery, Richmond, Va. This correspondence is known to have passed through the LOUISIANA RELIEF COMMITTEE – a highly prized use selling for thousands of dollars (CCV $4,500) – and although this cover may have been delivered by that committee, there is no way to prove it without the requisite docketing. Lightly water stained and top flap reattached with hinges, completely exploded to nicely show both sides. $500.

T.H. Higinbotham is shown in military records as 1st Sgt Co. “C” 2nd Regt. Engineer Troops Much more information on linked page.

Henry Higinbotham was a Private with Captain Green’s Company Louisiana Guard Artillery. Much more information on linked page.

Also listed in CSA 11 section

15121 15121

RICHMOND / VA // APR / 5 / 1863 cds with straightline DUE 10 as well as second marking struck mostly off the top of pristine homemade cover; also red crayon “Due”, addressed to Mrs. David Crawford, Columbia, So Ca. and endorsed by “D. H. Crawford, Signal Corps, McLaw’s Division” across left end. Very Fine. $200.

Captain Daniel H. Crawford, A.Q.M. (Assistant Quarter Master) served in McLaw's Division in 1863, and later Longstreet's Division. Much more information on linked page.

15361 15361

SALTVILLE / VA dateless 34 MM BALLOON POSTMARK partially struck off top of cover with matching MIRROR-IMAGE curved DUE 10 on cover “To Mrs. Lucinda McMurtrey, Browns post office, Cobb County, Georgia” and endorsed “from J. A. McMurtrey 9th Ga. Art. Bat. Company B” – UNLISTED IN CSA CATALOG. This would likely have been dated May 1864 when he was serving in Saltville, site of the Confederacy’s main saltworks – vital to the Confederate war effort because the salt was used in preserving meat for Confederate soldiers and civilians. Written up in The Confederate Philatelist, 1Q 2014

15561 15561

TUDOR HALL / VA. // NOV ?2 / 1861 cds with matching DUE 10 (CSA Catalog type E) on stampless cover to Wm Bouknight, Newberry C.H., S. Carolina with soldier endorsement “From Sergt. J. R. Bouknight, Co. ‘E’ 7th Regmt S.C.V. (South Carolina Volunteers), flap tears. Ex Brandon. $150.

15576 15576

YORKTOWN / Va. cds with matching [due] 5 (CSA Catalog Type H, shown with an asterisk so not seen before by the editors) on cover to Col. (later General) Jas. L. Kemper, 7th Va Regiment, Manassas, Va. Flap opening tear. Ex Brandon. Scarce. $225.

James Lawson Kemper was a Confederate Major General and Virginia Governor. Much more information on linked page.

15639 15639

ARMY OF NORTHERN VIRGINIA [DUE] 10 in red circle (CSA Catalog type ANV-20, CV $200), a particularly nice strike of this often hastily struck marking, on cover to Mr. Alford Black, White Pine PO, Gaston County, NC, with soldier’s endorsement “Co. H, 31 Regt. NC.” More research would doubtless identify the soldier. Bit of edge wear. $150.

16050 16050

NORFOLK / VA // JUL blue double circle cancel used with matching PAID 5 (CC Type F, CV $300) on cover to W. D. Reddick, Esq., Newbys Bridge, NC, with age speckles, slightly reduced at top and most of top back flap missing, accompanied by original letter from J. T. Ally which is clearly the same correspondence but written March 8, 1862, mostly talking about putting up shad (fish) but mentions “the enemy have kept off so long that we think our city will not be taken.” $180.

16320 16320

LEXINGTON / Va. // FEB / 14 [1861] VALENTINE’S DAY postmark. Scott 136XU1 as postmaster provisional but with caveat that it is indistinguishable from a stampless cover when used. Thus must be considered a stampless use. Addressed to the second cousin of Gen. Robert E. Lee: “Major E. G. Lee (later brigadier general) Care Co. A. C. Cumming, 33rd Regt. Va. Vol. Manassas Junction, Virginia.” E. G. Lee was aide-de-camp to Stonewall Jackson and later served in the Confederate Secret Service. Sealed opening flap tears extending over the top into small tear into the cds, otherwise Very Fine. Plantation Collection. $250.

Edwin Gray Lee (1836-1879) was a Civil War Confederate Brigadier General. Much more detailed information on linked page.

16323 16323

Army of Northern Virginia [DUE] 10 in red (CSA Catalog ANV-20, CV $200), a particularly nice strike of this as it is usually quite weak, undoubtedly due to the heavy number of letters processed by the Army post office. This was the Petersburg canceling device that was taken with the troops. Addressed homemade cover to Mrs. Ann K. Connelly, Albany, Georgia, and endorsed by “Wm. O. Connelly, Lowry’s Inf. Brigade.” Plantation Collection.  $220.

16330 16330

Army of Northern Virginia field cancel (CSA Catalog Type AN-19), beautifully struck encircled “10” on clean homemade cover to Mr. Martie K. Wilcox, Douglass PO, Coffee County, Ga. with other writing on face of cover as well, endorsed by John Denton, Co. C, 50th Ga. Regt. who is listed as a private and surrendered at Appomattox. This cancel was used in 1864 when in Kershaw’s Division, 1st Corps, ANV. Plantation Collection. $150.

16336 16336

FARMVILLE / VA // NOV / 2 [1861] cds with matching PAID / 5 (ms) (CC Type B, CV $175) on cover to Miss Mollie E. Bell, Liberty Bedford Virginia Care of A. A. Bell, Liberty with original letter to Mollie from Lucie N. Rives, mainly endeavoring to comfort her in her bereavement, in a wonderfully feminine and flowery hand. At the close, Lucie implores Mollie to write to N. Womack who has just left for Manassas Junction and to write to him Care of Capt. Booker 18th Regiment Virginia Volunteers. Plantation Collection. $200.

16469 16469

STAUNTON / Va. // SEP / 3 neatly struck cds with matching [Due] 10 (CC Type E, CV $200) on homemade cover to Mrs. Susan J. Robertson, Mossingford PO, Charlotte County, Va. with ms. directive at lower left “to the care of B. G. Dickenson, Esq.” with endorsement “Soldier’s letter Co. C. 23rd Va. Regt.” There were six by the name of Robertson in this regiment, your guess as good as mine; more research needed but can be likely ascertained. $220.

16699 16699

NORFOLK / Va. // JUN / 24 / 1861 blue cds with matching PAID 10 (CSA Catalog Type F, CV $300) on cover to Mrs. Howell Cobb, Athens, Geo., with docketing [from] “John A & Lamar Cobb, memorandum of summer clothes to be sent to Sewell’s Point,” slightly reduced at right with bit of rounded corner at upper right. Superb markings. $200.

Thomas Howell Cobb was a Southern Democrat and prominent politician in both the US and CSA. Cobb as well as a Major General in the Army of Northern Virginia. Much more information on linked page and online.

16973 16973

FARMVILLE / Va. cds with matching DUE 10 (CSA Catalog Type C, CCV $175), on clean homemade cover endorsed by Sergt. Chapman, Co. H, 3rd S.C. Reg., to Mrs. Francis Kibler, Newberry C.H., SC, Ex Wayman. There are 138 Chapman’s listed from SC. Up to you to determine which one this is. Ex Wayman. $160.

16986 16986

FARMVILLE / Va. cds with matching bold DUE 10 (CSA Catalog Type C, CCV $175), on clean homemade cover endorsed by Sergt. Chapman, Co. (E), 3rd S.C. Reg., to Samuel Chapman, Newberry C.H., SC, Ex Wayman. There are 138 soldiers named Chapman listed from SC; it’s up to you to determine which one this is. Ex Wayman. $190.

17363 17363

RICHMOND / VA. // APR / 1863 cds with matching DUE 10 with soldier’s endorsement “J.R. Black, Co. K, 38th Regt., N.C. Troops to his brother, Duncan Black, Montrose, N.C.  $125.

John R. Black served in the “Carolina Boys” company, Army of Northern Virginia. More information on linked page and online.


FAIRFIELD / Va. // NOV / ? [1862] cds with matching PAID 10 (CC type A, CV $200) on stampless commercial-made cover to Franklin Davis, Esq., Staunton, Augusta Co[unty] Va. Listed but with no color image in catalog, thus not seen by 2012 editors. Davis was a well-known nurseryman. $150.


YORKTOWN / Va. // DEC / 11 cds with manuscript “Due 10” (CSA catalog listing with asterisk, thus not confirmed by editors; this cover confirms it, CV $150) on soldier’s cover endorsed “Private H. F. Jones, ‘Cobb’s Legion’” [Army of Northern Virginia] on cover to Mrs. Thomas Jones, Thomasville, Georgia. Missing top back flap otherwise Very Fine. $150.

Henry F. Jones enlisted August 1, 1861, as a private in Capt. Delony’s Cavalry Company, Georgia Legion which became Company C, Cavalry Battalion, Cobb’s Legion, Georgia Volunteers. He became Lieutenant and Adjutant.

19709 19709

Traylorsville Va / /Feby 5/62 / Paid 5cts” on in manuscript on cover to Hon. C.Y. Thomas, Senate Chamber, Richmond, Va. with docketing of John Rangely 4th Feb 1862 at top, flap faults, Very Fine. This small town was in Henry County. Ex Doug Baker.  $120.

Christopher Yancey Thomas was a lawyer. During the Civil War, he was the food administrator of Henry County, and held the office of commonwealth attorney. John Rangeley operated a combination tannery and general store. Much more info on linked page.

New 05-12-23

Bentivoglio Va June 15 Paid 5” manuscript cancel on fresh cover to “Capt. E. Davis, A. L. Horse (Albemarle Light Horse) Manassas Junction, O & A R[ail] Road” with docketing up left side “Dr. Eastham Co Inf (?) Bragg”, part of top flap missing, Ex Engstler and Thacker (military records included.) $250.

Capt. Eugene Davis led the Albemarle Light Horse Artillery
. Bio on linked page.


New 05-12-23

Army of Northern Virginia field marking: [due] 10, (CC type ANV-19 used April – December 1864), on cover to Mrs. Henry Tucker, Clinton, S.C. Care of Thos. Duckett with mandated endorsement “Souldiers (sic) Letter Hamton (sic) Legion Co. K,” bit reduced at right, Very Fine. $120.

New 05-12-23

RICHMOND VA JAN 26 cds with neat matching DUE 10 (CC type P) on clean soldier’s cover neatly endorsed J.L. Wilson Cavalry Co G, Cobb Legion , addressed to Miss Mattie J. Wilson, Decatur, Ga, Very Fine. $150.

New 05-21-23

CSA 11c (AD), 10¢ greenish blue (4 huge margins all around) used with “Max Meadows Va. Aug 15 63” manuscript postmark on outer folded lettersheet to Maj. A. B. Dunn, Abingdon, Virga, which has been crossed out and FORWARDED to Goodson, Va. with red ABINGDON  Va. AUG  19 cds and DUE / 10 with ms. “Ford” at lower left. The ONLY RECORDED EXAMPLE OF TYPE G ABINGDON DUE 10 IN RED. Ex William A. Fox. $375.