Items for Sale - CSA 5, 10¢ Rose Lithograph on Cover

Printer: Hoyer & Ludwig

5931 5931

CSA 5, 10¢ rose, pale pink shade with close margins, tied beautifully struck bold RICHMOND / VA. // APR / 30 / 1863 cds on partial folded letter to “John C(oles). Rutherford, Esq., Lock Lomand, Goochland (Co., Va)” from “John G. Williams 20 April 1863”. [$600.

6619 6619

CSA 5, 10¢ rose with four even margins all around used with manuscript cancel of “Dixie (Virginia)” to “Surgeon S(pottswood). W(ellford). Carmichael, Richmond, Virginia”; 2000 CSA certificate as genuine with “top back flap missing and with small ink erosion spots in postmark”; Carmichael was a surgeon in the Confederate States Infantry – detailed bio enclosed. He was born and died in Fredericksburg (1830-1904) and during the war served in various hospitals in Culpeper C.H., Danville, Chaffin’s Bluff, Richmond and Lynchburg.  Wonderful town and address.  $900.

6620 6620

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied neat bold RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 3 / 1862 cds on small commercial ladies cover to “Mrs. G. W. Taylor, Montgomery, Alabama” with note on inside back flap (tiny part missing, but not into the note): “It is almost useless for you to write to me here for I would scarcely have time to get the letter but if any of you be sick ---- me dispatch to --- and they will forward it from there”; Ex Boshwit, a Charmer!  2008 SCV $800.  $750.

7222 7222

CSA 5, 10¢ rose, four nice margins, light gum staining, tied on cover to “W. W. Caldwell, Esq, Wytheville, Va”  by STAUNTON, VA. cds, flap missing, Fine

7477 7477

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (diagonal pre-use crease) tied neat RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 16 / 1862 cds on cover to “Mr. William R. Johnson, Petersburg, Va”, flap tears otherwise Very Fine, 2009 SCV $800. 

7814 7814

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (soiled and small crease) tied GRIFFIN / GA. // Aug / 14 cds (4 margins) on cover to “John W. Park, Atty At Law, Greenville, Georgia”, cover raggedly opened at lower right, long original letter on legal paper from J. D. Stewart regarding a legal case, Ex Crouch. $400.

Letter folded up at bottom for scan - too long for scanner bed.

12126 12126

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied bold neat MONTGOMERY / Ala. // JUL / 22 [1862] cds on cover to Mr. Jno H. Newton, Athens, Ga. with contents docketing that letter was from Gilmer & Co., Com[mission] Merchants. Stamp with some small faults otherwise fresh and Very Fine. J. H. Newton is shown in Co. H, 53rd GA Regiment. $600.

12297 12297

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied manuscript Longmires Store SC 12 July on mottled cover address to Cadet O. Sheppard Charleston, So. C., top back flap missing, bit reduced at right, Gorgeous 4-margin stamp. Cadet 2nd Lt. Orlando Sheppard (1844-1929) was an attorney in Edgefield at the Citadel, Company B. He served in the Battalion of State Cadets, South Carolina Local Defense Troops at Charleston. Ex Kohn. $500.

13257 13257

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied neat GUINEYS / Va. cds with second strike at left on cover to Prudence King, Liberty Hill, N. C.; slightly reduced at right, 2007 CSA Certificate 04959. $600.

14191 14191

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 margins, small faults) tied scarce lightly struck red SOCIAL CIRCLE / Geo. postmark on homemade cover to Mrs. Dolie Jett, Madison, Ga., SCV $925. $500.

14413 14413

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (3 huge margins with tiny tear at lower left and top corner folded over top edge of cover) tied by neat SELMA / ALA // AUG / 1 cds on clean homemade cover to Thos Cobb Esq, Livingston, Alabama; slightly reduced at left. Nice use. SCV $800. $550.

13762 13762

CSA 5, 10¢ rose variety with G & E of POSTAGE joined, position 10, CSA Catalog 5-v2, used with manuscript Fairburn, Ga July 22 postmark on homemade cover to S. D. Kirk, Charleston, So. Ca.; Scarce small town and nice variety. $650.

14825 14825

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied SELMA / Ala. // JUL / 14 cds on cover to Miss Libbie Tuthill Care Geo. A. Tuthill, Mobile, Alabama, 4 huge margins all around on stamp with tiniest stamp faults. $650.

14826 14826

CSA 5, 10¢ rose horizontal pair,  positions 33 & 34, tied double strike of MOBILE / ALA // AUG / 27 / 1862 dcds on cover to G. Whitfield, Artesia, Mississippi, small stain in address extending to underneath pair, left stamp small tear at lower left masked by cancel, missing part of back flap, SCARCE DOUBLE-RATE. Scott does not catalog pair on cover. Off cover pair catalogs $2,250, CSA CV $2,750. $1,500.

15097 15097

CSA 5, 10¢ pale rose bottom imprint single, position 46, with huge margins tied by clear strike of RICHMOND / Va. // JUN/ 30 / 1862 - LAST DAY OF 5¢ RATE - on cover to Mrs. Edwin M. Anthony, Care Mr. G. Toombs, Washington, Ga, docketing at top, light overall wear, stamp with small facial scrape, scarce combination of the imprint on cover and the last day original rate period before changing to the universal 10¢ rate regardless of distance, 1973 PF certificate, ex Wishnietsky. $1,300

17614 17614

CSA 5, 10¢ rose, tied by light KINGSTON / GA. // JUN / 26 CDS on small neat MOURNING cover to Mrs. Henry Morris, Greenville, So. Carolina. $800.

Listed in both Mourning Cover and CSA 5 sections

11168 11168

CSA 5, 10¢ rose pair with imprint on right stamp LITHO OF HOYER & LU(DWIG) canceled neat RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 3 / 1862 on cover to “Mrs. Susie Allen, Antioch, Ga.; reduced at left with sealed tears at UL and LR corners; a RARE IMPRINT, signed WGB (Wm. G. Bogg)  2018 SCV for off-cover pair with no imprint is $1,500. Quite scarce on cover! $1,250.

18007 18007

CSA 5a (CSA Catalog #), 10¢ dull rose (4 clear to large margins), tied bold clear ATLANTA / Ga. // JUL / 20 (inverted) / 1862 on cover to Nancie J. Bohannon, McKinley PO, Marengo Co[unty] Ala. Soldier’s endorsement at top, “JCB of 43rd Reg Ala Vol.” Slightly reduced at left. Ex Risdon, Judd and Kilbourne. SCV $750. $700.

James C. Bohannon served in Company B, 43rd Alabama Infantry. Much more information on the linked page.

18011 18011

CSA 5-v1 (CSA Catalog), 10¢ rose, Malformed "T" of "TEN" - "ZEN" variety, positions 4-5 from the transfer stone, horizontal pair, left stamp the "ZEN" variety listed in both Scott and CSA Catalog, large margins to just touched at top left, bright shade, tied by STAUNTON / Va. // AUG / 12 cds on cover to Mrs. Mary E. Mauzy, Lewisburg, Greenbrier Co[unty, WEST] Va., endorsed "Via Lynchburg;" recipient's note "Pass[ing] of Gen. Winder" refers to the death of Brig. Gen. Charles Sydney Winder, commander in 1862 of the "Stonewall Brigade," who was killed three days prior to the sending of this letter at Cedar Mountain. Pair with tiny tear at left, cover slightly reduced at top and small edge tears, otherwise Fine. Scarce multiple use of the 10¢ rose, SCV for regular off-cover pair $1,500, CSA CV $2,000, CSA CV for cover $2,750. $1,600.

19332 19332

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 ample to large margins) tied bold neat SAVANNAH Ga. / Paid // SEP / 1 [1862] cds on cover to Mrs. Fannie Boynton, Jackson, Butts Co[unty] Georgia. Inconsequential corner fault at lower right on otherwise Very Fine cover. $500.

19396 19396

CSA 5, 10¢ rose with large bottom sheet margin showing “CSA 5, 10¢ rose with." partial imprint (from "LITH. OF HOYER & LUDWIG RICHMOND VA"), other sides large to just in at right, tied by bold and clear strike of MOBILE / ALA. // AUG / 9 / 1862 double-circle datestamp on cover to Mrs. Ann Cox, Care of Mrs. K. Worley, Oxford Miss.; manuscript "Complements of B.J. Cox, Brunswick, Ga, April 3rd 1925," apparently gifted to someone from a descendent of the addressee. IMPRINT COPIES OF ANY HOYER & LUDWIG STAMP ARE RARE AND SELDOM FOUND ON COVER; cancel struck in such a way that it completely misses the imprint. SCV and CSA Catalog as imprint on one stamp (not on cover) $1,750 (CSA Catalog #5il). $1,800.

19397 19397

CSA 5, 10¢ rose with 4 huge even margins all around (tiniest edge faults), tied RICHMOND / Va. // JUN / 22 / 1862 CDS on small narrow cover to Miss Isabel E. Barnwell, Care of W. P. Carmichael Esq., Augusta, Geo. Tiny bit of erosion spot repair at bottom, SCV $750. $500.

19398 19398

CSA 5a, 10¢ carmine with 3 margins to touching frameline at left, wonderful shade and impression, tied bold neat RICHMOND / Va. // JUN / 15 / 1862 CDS on cover to Miss Mary A. Powell, Care of Thos. Powell, Greenville, South Carolina with small cover repair at top center. J.M. Molesworth signed penciled note on verso, “The True Carmine Shade.” 1984 CSA certificate 01439 as genuine carmine shade. A difficult shade to find. SCV $5,000. $2,500.

Thomas Powell  helped fashion brasswork for carbines at the South Carolina State Military Works. More info on linked page.

19525 19525

CSA 5 variety, 10¢ rose with enormous margins all around, position 10 with “G” and “E” joined at bottom (see closeup of stamp), affixed upside down (sometimes said to be a message of love from sender to recipient) and tied neat ROME / Ga. // JUL / 25 cds on cover to Mrs. Ira. R. Foster, Atlanta, Ga. Ex Judd. $800.

Col. Ira Roe Foster served as Georgia Quartermaster General. Detailed bio on linked page.

19858 19858

CSA 5, 10¢ rose variety with Malformed "S" in "CENTS,” tied by manuscript cancel with matching "Proctors Creek Va Augt. 7th" postmark over clearly visible U10 US 3¢ Nesbitt entire  to Mrs. B. F. Little, Mt. Mourne, Iredell County, N.C., 2007 PF certificate stating “stamp a malformed ‘S’ variety.” This ADVERSITY USE SERVED ONLY AS AN ENVELOPE, NOT POSTAGE. $1,100.

Benjamin Franklin Little served in Company E, North Carolina 52nd Infantry Regiment. Biographical info on linked page.

19893 19893

CSA 5, 10¢ light rose (4 large margins all around) tied neat strike of SAVANNAH Ga. / Paid // SEP / 6 cds on adversity cover fashioned of blue paper, open 3 sides, addressed to Miss Jennie 

19894 1 19894

CSA 5, 10¢ light rose (4 margins, pre-use crease) tied neat blue MILLEDGEVILLE / Ga. // DEC / 14 on small cover, slightly reduced at left, to Miss Nellie Cowper, Suffolk, Virginia. $650.

19895 19895

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 nice margins all around, creasing) tied neat strike of MOBILE / ALA / JUL / 24 / 1862 double circle on fresh cover to Mrs. Elizabeth Stabler, Braggs Store, Lowndes Co(unty) Ala., slightly reduced at right. $650.

20257 20257

CSA 5, 10¢ rose, nice 4-margin copy tied by beautiful strike of RICHMOND / Va. // JUL / 1 / 1862 circular datestamp of the FIRST DAY OF UNIVERSAL 10¢ RATE on cover to Miss Mary S. Todd, Laurens C.H., State of So.Ca., endorsed at top Private J.F. Denton, Chat. Georgia, on verso in Denton’s hand is written Rev Jas Young, Pontotoc, Miss, Saml. R. Young, Laurens C.H., S. Carolina; slightly reduced at left and light water stain at right, stamp with minor light toning in margins, tiny edge tear at left bottom, ex Fisher, with 2021 PF certificate. $1,250.

J.F. Denton served in Company H, 17th Regiment Louisiana Infantry and Company B, 39th Regiment Georgia Infantry. More information on linked page.

20592 20592

CSA 5, 10¢ rose with 4 large to huge margins, tied AUGUSTA GA circular datestamp on pale blue cover to Mr. J.A. Ausley, Kingston, Boston Co., Georgia. Stamp has been cleaned, Superb appearance. Ex Ralph Swap. $650.

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied by neat STAUNTON Va. AUG  26 CDS on fresh cover to Jno. Brannon, Esq., Richmond, Va .; 1983 CSA certificate 01375, Very Fine, Ex Newton and Benson. SCV $750. $550.

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 margins) used with pen strokes and manuscript “Junction Va, April 30th/63 on homemade cover to Col. Henry Cady, Hanover Junction, Va. which has been crossed out and cover redirected to Hanover Ct. H.[ouse] with manuscript Fowarded Due 10”. Nice forwarded use. Henry Cady was a prosperous contractor. Ex John Vagnetti. $850.


CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 large margins, light gum stains) tied neat RICHMOND Va. JUL 24 1863 on a commercially-made envelope to Mrs. Elizabeth Littlejohn Moultrie SC. Side and top flap missing, light file folds. Ex Harrison. $400.


CSA 2-H, 10¢ Hoyer bottom sheet margin single (bit of staining) tied CALHOUN Ga. JUL circular datestamp on cover to Rev. Z.M. McGhee, Zion Hill, Tenn. Spectacular stamp. Ex Judd according to album page but without his usual pencil notes on verso. $1,500.

Zerah Marian McGhee bio on linked page.


CSA 5, 10¢ rose, 4 large to huge margins, tied by bold neat RICHMOND Va. JUL 2 1862 circular datestamp on cover to J.W. Carson, Sangerville PO Spartanburg District, S.C., bit reduced at left.   $1,100.


CSA 5, 10¢ rose, tied neat blue PETERSBURG Va. AUG  21 on cover to Isaac Arledge, Sheriff, Hendersonville, Henderson Co., North Carolina / Via Raleigh N.C. and Columbia S.C. with docketing at upper left “Election Returns.”  Isaac Arledge bio on linked page. $450.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose with irregular margins tied RICHMOND VA. JUL 11 1862 cds (type 3d) on cover to John C. Rutherfoord Esq Loch Lomond Goodland (County) Va with docketing up left side indicating contents from Mrs. P.H. Aylett 11 July 1862, Ex Harry Muldrow. $400.

John Rutherfoord bio on linked page.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied RICHMOND Va. JUL 7 1862 cds (type 3a) on cover to Miss Sallie E. Alverson Cannon’s Store Spartanburg Dist(rict) So. Ca.; slight reduction at right and a bit of flap damage. Ex Harry Muldrow. $400.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 margins) tied neat RICHMOND Va. JUN 28 1862 cds (type 3b with broken N in JUN, only used in June 1862) on cover to Mrs. Saml A. Burney, Madison Georgia, central file fold and bit of staining, Ex Harry Muldrow. $350.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied neat RICHMOND Va. JUN 10 1862 cds (type 3b with broken N in JUN, only used in June 1862) on cover to Mrs. E. Jennie Roach, Montevallo Alabama, slightly reduced and bit of staining at left. Ex Harry Muldrow. $350.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose tied neat RICHMOND Va. MAY 22 1862 cds (type 3a) on cover to Mrs. Octavia P. Milligan Care of Dr. I Milligan, Augusta Georgia, top back flap missing and sealed tear at top. Ex Harry Muldrow. $350.

New 06-03-24

CSA 5, 10¢ rose (4 margins) tied neat RICHMOND Va. FEB 27 1863 cds (type 4a) on cover to Maj O P Anthony Richmond Virginia Care of Capt. Tennille 51st Reg Va. Vol. (Army of Northern Virginia). OVERPAID DROP USE. Overpaid uses generally occurred because they were envelopes to which postage was applied in the field and carried to Richmond to be dropped in the mail stream by a soldier traveling that direction. Anthony was promoted to Lt. Col. May 2, 1863. Ex Harry Muldrow. $400.