Items for Sale - CSA 1 on Cover, Section Two

Printer: Hoyer & Ludwig. CSA 1 stamps may be printed from Stones AB, Stone 1, or Stone 2. They can only be conclusively identified by plating, a time consuming undertaking which I do not do.

8982 8982

CSA 1, 5¢ green pair tied LAFAYETTE / Ga. // JUL cds on homemade cover to Miss H. J. Harris, Suwannee, Gwinnett Co, Geo, Very Fin.e $400.

9918 9918

CSA 1, 5¢ green pair tied DARIEN / Ga. // FEB / 14 [1862] Valentine’s Day cds on narrow cover to “Hon. T[homas]. Butler King, Spotswood Hotel, Richmond, Va.”. See my column “Lordy and Neptune” re King’s son, Lordy, and slave companion / servant, Neptune, who went to war with him at ASDSEP09.pdf


Thomas Butler KING (1800-1864) was a commissioner of the Confederacy in Europe 1861-1863. Much more information on linked page.  

10360 10360

CSA 1, 5¢ green right sheet margin copy tied TUDOR HALL / Va. cds on cover to Glade Springs, slightly reduced at each end. $180.

10692 10692

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied on cover by neat TUDOR HALL / VA // FEB / 15 / 1862 cds as well as pen strokes on light pink cover to Miss Martha J. Maddox, Hanover (crossed out) Morris P. Office, Hanover Co., Va.  Tudor Hall was the post office for Manassas.  $190.

10822 10822

CSA 1 variety, 5¢ green, Baton Rouge Roulette, unused on original envelope with "New Orleans, La." printed address, toned from back flap as usual; from the "desk find" acquired in 1938 by Raymond H. Weill. When Baton Rouge was occupied by Federal forces early in the war, a small quantity of envelopes were prepared in advance by a local merchant and left unused, 2012 SCV $500 as unused and $1,750 used on cover, Scarce and desirable.  $400.

10826 10826

CSA 1, 5¢ green (ms canceled) used on folded letter with WINDSOR / N.C. // MAR / 26 [1862] cds, addressed to H. C. Hardison, Esq., Williamston, N.C. from the Bank of N.C. headed the same date saying “Your $200 has been due a long time…I enclose a note which please sign & send back…” Also enclosed in the printed note signed H. C. Hardison, principal, and A. C. Williams & Henry P. Gibson, securities. $200.

11284 11284

CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green (small faults) used with pen cancel on cover with blue HICKSFORD / Va.cds to Miss Annie I. Whitehead, Lovinston, Nelson Co., Virginia with Miss Elle Cook also noted and with contemporary  “Ans 25th March / Hart Cook”. $150.

11464 11464

CSA 1, 5¢ bright green (4 large margins) pen canceled with neat clear COBHAM / Va. neat cds (ms Mch 19 date) on lemon cover to Capt. Peyton S[kipwith]. Coles, Estouteville, Charlottesville P.O., Va with W.C.R. at lower left; Ex Thacker. $300.


Capt. Peyton Skipwith Coles enlisted as a Surgeon 8-9-61 in Field & Staff of 59th Virginia Infantry according to certain military records which likely had him mixed up with Surgeon Walter Coles. He was educated at UVA.

11501 11501

CSA 1, 5¢ green and CSA 4, 5¢ blue (small faults) used in combination  with manuscript Howardsville [Va] Aug 23 cds on partial folded letter blue on lined paper dated August 21st  1862 to Bank of Howardsville;  addressed to Natl Garland Esq., Garlands Store, Albemarle Co., Va.; letter concerning a check he has in hand and funds of John E. O. Wingfield in their bank; top and bottom “flaps” missing but substantial part of letter there; Ex Thayer and Thacker.  $500.

11970 11970

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 large uneven margins showing portions two other stamps) tied neat WILMINGTON N.C. / PAID // FEB / 25 [1862] cds on cover to Mrs Catherine Routhee, Hillsborough, No Ca; a bit rumpled.  $150.

11972 11972

CSA 1c, 5¢ deep olive green Stone AB with ragged margins tied ORANGE SMITHFIELD / VA // DEC / 14 [1861] cds on cover to Miss Lou V. Myrick, Macon Depot, NC; incredibly deep olive color and early date, Van Dyk MacBride pencil notes on verso, slightly reduced at left with tiny sealed tear at left edge. $500.

11974 11974

CSA 1c + 1, 5¢ greentwo copies tied together by bold GORDONSVILLE / VA. // AUG / 2 /1862 cds on small cover to Mr. A. M. Pilcher, Box 899, Richmond, Va.; two very different stamp impressions, the left being a deep olive green and the right a very rough dull green impression. $325.

11975 11975

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied neat LEXINGTON / Va. // APR / 8 [1862] cds on cover to Mr. Skeen, Esq, Covington, Va. with pencil contents docketing along left side that contents were from J H Myers, slightly reduced and bottom back flap missing. $160.

12399 12399

CSA 1b, 5¢ dark green right sheet margin single (couple small faults) tied KNOXVILLE / TEN double circle and pen cancel on homemade cover to “Harmon G. Lea, Esq., Care Dr. S. Shields, near Blains X Roads, Grainger Co, Te” (today the Knoxville suburb of Blaine) Ex Scott Gallagher. Interesting docketing on top back flap “Mr. Story may oblige Maj. Lea by sending this by private hand if any offer before the mail. If not, he will please to mail this at Bean’s Station to go by Rutledge.” The Battle of Bean’s Station was December 14, 1863. Harmon G. Lea was a delegate to the convention in East Tennessee. Major (not a rank, rather a given name) Lea apparently wrote the letter enclosed in the cover.  $250.

14092 14092

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied manuscript Jackson [Georgia] May 29 [1862] on cover to “Col. D. J. Bailey Box 500 Savannah Geo”. Georgia Congressman David J. Bailey established Camp Bailey with the permission of Governor Joseph E. Brown - Company K, "Chattahoochee Volunteers." $200.


David J. Bailey served in Company K, the "Chattahoochee Volunteers". Much more information on linked page. 

14104 14104

CSA 1-1, 5¢ green, Stone 1, position 29 with transient natural printing flaw at lower right corner, tied neat strike of blue PORTSMOUTH / VA. // NOV / 25 dc on cover to Miss Lizzie Walker, Care of Mitchell & Tyler, Richmond, Va.; reduced slightly at right and small part of flap missing, slight edge wear, Very Fine. Signed Peter Powell. $200.

13761 13761

CSA 1, 5¢ green, 2 singles (slight scuff top of right stamp) used with pen cancels on opposite corners of small narrow envelope with matching “Ap 8” [1862], most likely from Frederica, Ga. to “Hon. T. Butler King, Spotswood Hotel, Richmond, Virginia. Top back flap missing. Handwriting matches other correspondence from his Frederica Ga. home during that time period. Thomas Butler King is remembered primarily as a planter and politician from coastal Georgia. The story of King’s son “Lordy” and his faithful servant “Neptune” are related in my column in the Sept 2009 American Stamp Dealer & Collector at ASDSEP09.pdf  $300.

12375 12375

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied MADISON / Ga. // MAR / 15 [1862] on cover to J. M. Allen, Care Capt Peacock, Savannah, Georgia; slightly reduced at left. Allen was undoubtedly a soldier but would take more research to determine which one of many by that name. $200.

14658 14658

CSA 1, 5¢ olive green, 4 margins with 3 enormous picture frame margins plus ample at bottom (small corner crease at UR) on cover to Drury Lacy, Private of Co G, 23rd Regt. Va, Vols Care Col. Harmon, Staunton, Va. The Drury Lacy family correspondence includes across the lines prisoner letters. Lacy was wounded at Chancellorsville May 2, 1863 - wounded and captured multiple times. Ultimately, he was one of the Immortal 600 held captive under friendly fire as retaliation for the same treatment of Union prisoners. See my article on this unpleasant experience at ASDAPR09.pdf $250.

15479 15479

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied AUGUSTA / GA // FEB / 23 [1862] double circle cancel on cover to Miss Kate E. Enecks, Egypt PO, Effingham, Co, Georgia. $200.

15593 15593

CSA 1, 5¢ green pair tied TUDOR HALL / Va. // FEB / 15 / 1862 light cds on cover to Mrs. W. T. Walthall, Care of J. W. Dorr, Esq, Mobile, Alabama, with red contents docketing at left “No. 42, 14 Feb. 1862.” Ex Brandon. $300.

William T. Walthall (1820-1899) enlisted as a captain in Co. I, 12th Alabama Infantry (Southern Foresters [Mobile])  Much more information on linked page.  

15766 15766

CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green pair with ample margins mostly separated by scissors cut (noted by prior owner as Stone AB, not verified by me) tied by lightly struck HELENA / ARK // FEB ? 1862 cds on cover to Peyton S. Coles, Esq, North Garden, Albemarle Co, Virginia. Small stain and opening flap damage otherwise Fine, Ex Harold Brooks. Ex Clippert. $550.

Peyton Skipwith Coles was sums up his life work in five words: "A farmer all my life." Much more information on linked page.  

15711 15711

CSA 1, 5¢ green (nice margins, tiny facial scrapes) tied blue NASHVILLE / Ten. cds on cover to Wm. E. Austin, Esq, Elkton, Tenn. PRE-WAR TURNED COVER with 3¢ dull red mostly removed from inside. Ex R. Hall. $170.

16700 16700

CSA 1, 5¢ green (faint vertical crease and tiniest scuff) tied neat GOLDSBOROUGH / N.C. // APR / 3 [1862] cds on lightly cleaned cover, slightly reduced, to R. H. Reaves, Marion C.H., S.C. $200.

16982 16982

CSA 1, 5¢ green bottom sheet margin pair (faults) used with grids and matching MT SIDNEY / Va. // APR / 5 [1862] cds on cover to Revd. James M. Shreckhise, Newberry C.H., South Carolina. Second pre-war 3¢ Nesbitt entire from Shreckhise correspondence Nov 28 [1860] accompanies with same markings used both before and during the war. Ex Wayman. $300.

Professor James M. Schreckhise served as the Professor of Ancient Languages at Newberry College from 1862-1865. Much more detailed info on the linked page.

17148 001 1 17148

CSA 1, 5¢ green pair (4 margins) tied TUDOR HALL / Va. // FEB / 7 / 1862 cds on homemade cover to Miss Sallie E. Alverson, Cannons Store, S.C.  “Sallie” was likely Sarah Alverson McClure (1836-1924). She had several brothers who fought in the war and this likely from one of them stationed at Manassas. Very Fine. $200.

7728 7728

CSA 1, 5¢ green, horizontal pair with clear to large margins tied by unusually well struck FRANKLIN / GEO. //  1862 // AUG / 9 cds on brown paper cover to Irby H. Scott, Eatonton, Ga. $350.

Irby Hudson Scott (1814-1874) served in Company H, 5th Georgia Militia.

17813 001 17813

CSA 1-2, 5¢ green, Stone 2, (4 large margins all around) tied neat bold AUGUSTA / GA // FEB / 12 [1862] double-circle datestamp on cover to Wm. B. Kimball, Esq., Care Messs Carroll Hoy & Co., New Orleans, La., with manuscript “Due 5,” for underpayment of postage (distance over 500 miles), light file folds far from stamp, ex Gimelson (signed on verso). $280.

18232 001 18232

CSA 1, 5¢ green (two) both tied by bold strikes of NEW ORLEANS / La. // 10 FEB [1862] cds on pristine commercially-made cover to Albert G[allatin] Nalle, Esq., Orange Court House, Virginia. Ex Tate. $350.

Albert Gallatin Nalle biographical information on linked page.

18403 001 18403

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied bold clear WARRINGTON / Fla. // JAN / 13 [1862] cds on cover to Mrs. Lenora B. Clanton Como, Mississippi Care Mrs. Sarah Clanton with ms. directive, “Via Mobile & Jackson.” Partially reduced at top, SCV $410. Scarce. $190.

12227 001 12227

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied neat FRANKLINTON / N.C. // MAR / 31 (day in ms.) [1862] cds on cover to Franklin Harris & Brothers Fair Post Gronvill (sic) N.C. docketed as from W. H. Williams 1862, top back flap missing. $160.

19922 19922

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied WINCHESTER / Va. // FEB / 17 (1862) CDS on cover to Mrs. W.H. Harman, Staunton, Va. A lovely use, ex Richard Hall and Paul Benson. $250.

William Henry Harman was a brigadier general in the Virginia militia and colonel in the Confederate States Army during the war. Much more biographical info on linked page.

19924 19924

CSA 1, 5¢ green pair (scissor cut left stamp) tied by two light strikes of light ABBEVILLE / S.C. // JUL 6 cds on cover to Samuel W. Cochran, Co. G Orrs RR South Carolina Hospital Petersburg Va with neat strike of MANCHESTER / VA. cds and manuscript “Due 5” and “Miscarried.”  Interesting use. Ex RH Morris and Paul Benson. $225. 

Samuel W. Cochran served in Orr’s Rifle Regiment (1st South Carolina Rifles). Company G AKA Abbeville Riflemen. Much more info on linked page.

19927 19927

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins, rich color) tied neat light SAVANNAH / Ga. // Paid / MAR / 20 / 1862 CDS on neat commercially-made cover to Mrs. Lamar Cobb, Macon, Geo. Care of Col. J. B. Lamar; embossed initials “LC” on tip of top back flap and clearly embossed Phlp & Solomons, Agts, Washington, D.C. along envelope edge under unsealed flap. Ex Benson. $250.

Lamar Cobb (1840-1907) served on his father's staff as aide to comp and Assistant Adjutant-General. (Howell Cobb) Biographical info on linked page.

19963 19963

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins, light gum stains) tied weak TUDOR HALL / Va. CDS on cover to Edwd A. Pollard, “Examiner” Office, Richmond, Va. Ex Frank Hart. SCV $300. $150.

Edward Alfred Pollard (1832 –1872) was an author, journalist, and strong critic of the Jefferson Davis government. He was a principal editor of the Richmond Examiner and a enthusiastic supporter secession and slavery. 

19965 19965

CSA 1, 5¢ green (gum stains) tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. // APR / 3 (1862) CDS on cover addressed to Joseph Jackson Esq., Linden Row, Franklin Street above Second, Richmond (Va). SCV $310. $170.

Linden Row Inn was (and still is!) an elegant full-service inn and registered national landmark famous as the childhood home of Edgar Allan Poe and mentioned by him in poem as the “enchanted garden.” See here  for more info. Some magazine articles on the topic accompany the lot.

19966 19966

CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied neat LYNCHBURG / Va. // JAN / 16 (1862) CDS on small commercially-made envelope to Judge Moncure, Powhatan House, Richmond, Va. Photo of Powhatan House (by then renamed Ford’s Hotel) accompanies. The building was demolished in 1911 for a new courthouse that was never built; small flap faults. SCV $3100. $180.

Richard Cassius Lee Moncure (1805 – 1882) was a Virginia politician and jurist, serving for more than 25 years on what became the Virginia Supreme Court.

20080 20080

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied CALHOUN / Ga. // APR / 15 cds on interesting folded LETTER to His Excellency Joseph E. Brown, Milledgeville (Ga), from Berry H. Gideon, silked file fold splits; letter expressing serious concerns about the Lincolnites stealing state railroad engines and cars and how to prevent a disaster by giving any old cannons belonging to the state to have them at each depot, etc.  (letter - page 1) (letter - page 2) $200.

20254 20254

CSA 1, 5¢ green, likely Stone 2 but not plated, tied by RICHMOND / Va. // FEB / 23 / 1862 CDS on cover to Andrew P. Calhoun, Esq., Columbia S.C., clear strike of blue ADVERTISED" straightline handstamp and blue crayon "2" rate, missing part of back flap, Very Fine. This was advertised to locate the addressee, who did not initially call for the letter, the 2¢ fee was to cover the cost of the advertising. Such uses from Columbia are quite rare. $950. 

Andrew Pickens Calhoun
 was the son of John Calhoun. Much more info on linked page.

20309 20309

CSA 1, 5¢ green used with Lylesford SC June 13 manuscript postmark on cover to Col. Thos. A. Dawkins, Unionville, S.C. The military title was honorary as he was a judge. Judge Thomas Dawkins was a unionist, a position that put him in the minority during the nullification controversary. Nonetheless, he was well regarded by his Confederate peers. His home was briefly used as the headquarters of Governor Andrew McGrath, who evacuated Columbia just before General Sherman burned the city. The two had attended college together and McGrath chose Union as his provisional capital, one of four state capitals to serve South Carolina. Small tear at top of cover and a few small flap faults. $125.

20328 20328

CSA 1, 5¢ green tied neat RICHMOND Va. NOV 22 (1861) neat circular datestamp, an EARLY USE on fresh commercially-made envelope to Capt. C.C. Cocke, Manassas Junction (Va.), slightly reduced at both ends, Ex Werner. $250.

Dr. Cary Charles Cocke served in 2nd Company, Virginia Fluvanna Second Light Artillery. More info on linked page.

CSA 1, 5¢ green (likely Stone 2 but not plated) used with Tuscaloosa star (AC-15A) and matching TUSCALOOSA Ala FEB 1 (1862) CDS on cover to Miss H.P. Stewart, Cushing, Grein (sic – Greene)  Cty. Ala. Edge wear across top. $500.

CSA 1, 5¢ green (small faults) canceled with Tuscaloosa star (AC-15A) and matching TUSCALOOSA Ala JAN 28 (1862) CDS on cover to “Mrs. Sarah Devenport Rogersville, Al” with ORIGINAL LETTER, 2-pages (letter, page 1) (letter, page 2) written on high quality blue-lined paper with an embossed British watermark by Kent Mill of St. George and the dragon, headed “Tuscaloosa Al Jany 26 1862” regarding mutual friends or family “is at Camp Low near Dumfrease. I have a Brother Living 4 miles from Dumfrease…expecting a Big Battl som ware near that place…I am a man of pease…bles an by favored Rebel on the face of the earth But hey hav let political dimagoges bring ruen on the…an they have boock up and if the best government that God ever give to a Reb well J Davis, Lee every thing but r…. before…a battle in Kentucky and our army is badly beatton and rutted and four of our …. Is killed …there is a father battle expect in tenessee near Paris …well God have mercy on us…John Purcell Wells 12 Mils Ky Tom Maleat.” Hard to read due to both handwriting and awful spelling, but worth careful transcription. Ex-Skinner. $600.

Sarah Davenport is listed as a seamstress with the Alabama 18th Infantry. Listed in the same unit as her husband, Private F. Davenport. More info on linked page.


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green tied RICHMOND Va. NOV 1 1861 CDS with docketing of Oct 31, 1861 – FIRST MONTH USE – on pristine cover to Mr. John M. Pilcher, Ayletts, King William Co, Virginia. $300.

John M Pilcher
(1841-1924) entered the military service of the Confederate States, serving in Company D, Second Regiment, Local Defense Troops, from May, 1863 to April, 1865.


CSA 1, 5¢ green (sealed tear at right) tied LIBERTY Va. circular datestamp over US 27 3¢ star-die entire (USPOD watermark) to Col. Hiram A. Greever, Seven Mile Ford, Smythe County, Virginia with newly (and only) recorded LIBERTY WAY MARKING, manuscript Way Due 1¢” at upper left. On verso is written “Capt. James S. Greever, Glade Spring, Virginia” – doubtless the related sender. $750.

Hiram Abbus Greever and James Scott Greever bios on linked page.


CSA 1, 5¢ green, close to a WHITE SHIRT VARIETY, (CC type 1-1-v8) with just a trace of green shadow in the tie, 3-margin single tied WARRENTON Va. FEB 4 (1862) CDS on commercially-made cover with intact embossed tip and flaps, to Miss Fannie H. Marr, Care of George Hamilton Esq, Brandy Station, Culpeper Co. Va. $250.

Frances Harrison Marr was an American author and poet. Her brother, John Q. Marr taught at Virginia Military Institute (VMI), and served as a captain of the Warrenton Rifles, 17th Virginia Regiment. Bios on linked page.


CSA 1, 5¢ green, Stone 1, position 37, tied WARRENTON Va. MAR 8 (1862) CDS on commercially-made envelope to Lycurgus W. Caldwell Richmond Va. Cover trimmed a bit at bottom and vertical file fold at left center not affecting anything. Ex John Vagnetti. $160.

Lycurgus Washington Caldwell
  served  in Company F 3rd Virginia Cavalry. Bio on linked page.


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 close to huge margins) tied FREDERICKSBURG VA DEC 19 (1861) on square commercially-made envelope to Miss Nannie C. Oliver Richmond Virginia. Ex John Vagnetti. SCV $300. $300.


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 close to large margins, small stain at top) tied FREDERICKSBURG VA MAR 12 (1862) on small lady’s envelope to Mrs. John W. Howell, Wilmington N.C. Top back flap missing. Ex John Vagnetti. SCV $300. $200


CSA 1-1c, 5¢ olive green, Stone 1, used on cover with RARE small-town manuscript postmark of Royal Oaks Va Nov 30 1861 to Doct Wm E Reynolds College Hospital Richmond Va. SAID TO BE THE ONLY RECORDED CONFEDERATE USE FROM THIS TOWN, PO discontinued in 1866. Royal Oaks was in Cumberland County in central Virginia. Ex Harrison. $450.


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied bold RICHMOND Va. MAR 25 1862 on cover to Alexander Bruce Esq for Miss Josephine Anderson Milton N Carolina; lightly water stained, Ex Ken Whittle. $130.


CSA 1, 5¢ green with 4 large even margins tied by neat SAVANNAH GA PAID FEB 20 (1862) circular datestamp on cover to Mrs. T. Jones, China Grove, Thomasville, Geo. This was likely Mrs. Thomas Jones. Very Fine. $300.


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied MARION C.H. S.C. MAR circular datestamp on cover to Capt. Jno C. McClenaghan, 8th Regmt S.C. Volunteers Col. E.B. B. Cash, Manassas, Virginia with Bonham’s Brigade manuscript directive at lower left. Light cover soiling, 2003 photo certificate signed P. Bach and M. Eichele from BriefmarkenPrüfstelle Basel. $150.

Capt. John Charles McClenaghan bio on linked page.