Items for Sale - Postmasters' Provisionals on Cover, Section Two
15382 15382

Mobile, Ala. 2¢ black #58X1, irregularly separated at top corners, tied MOBILE / ALA // OCT / 1 / 1861 double circle datestamp on legal cover addressed locally to Major Thos. A. Hamilton, Asst. Adjt. Genl. 9th Brigade A.M. (Alabama Militia), Mobile with directive “Militia Service” at lower left. Contents docketing along left end “Report of 9th Regt Recd. Oct 1, 1861.” Typical file folds well away from adhesive. Crown census only records 23 covers with the 2¢ Mobile provisional, Ex Matz. SCV $6,000. $1,500. Much more information on linked page.

15386 15386

Nashville, Tenn. 5¢ carmine #61X2, plated by previous owner as position 1 with sheet margin at top, scissor cuts in left margin, tied by bold strike of blue PAID and matching NASHVILLE / Ten. // AUG / 25 / 1861 cds on cover to T. S. Sutterloh, Esq, Fayetteville, North Carolina; missing lower back flap, signed Dietz, Ex Agre and Powell. 1992 CSA certificate, SCV $3,500. $2,500.

15390 15390

Nashville, Tenn. 5¢ violet brown (61X5) horizontal pair tied by usual blue town postmark with matching PAID straightline on cover to Honl Bedford Brown, Locust Hill, Caswell County, NC; cover with expert repairs, Ex Seybold and Powell. SCV $6,000. $2,300.

Honorable Bedford Brown (1795-1870) was a US Congressman.When President Lincoln request troops from NC to serve in the Union Army, Brown, along with most of his colleagues, supported secession. Much more information on linked page.

15392 15392

New Orleans, La. 2¢ blue #62X1 with very large margins including part of adjoining stamps at top and left, tied by 31 Aug town postmark on cover to M. D. Cooper Esq, Columbia, Tenn, light vertical file fold well away from stamp. Very Fine. A choice four-margin example on a circular-rate cover, signed Dietz, Ex Powell. SCV $5,000. $4,500.

Matthew Delamere Cooper of Columbia, Maury County, Tennessee was a wealthy planter and highly successful businessman with a large commission house in New Orleans. Much more information on linked page.

15397 15397

Petersburg, Va. 5¢ red #65X1, position 10, tied by blue PETERSBURG / VA. // 5CTS. / NOV / 30 [1861] integral-rate cds on Peebles, Plummer & Co. grocer and commission merchant's blue cameo corner card cover to Wm. Wyatt, Poplar Mount P.O. Va., stamp with pre-use crease at bottom, SCV $2,500 without premium for the corner card. Ex Powell. A beauty! $2,500.

Listed in both Postmasters’ Provisionals and Advertising Cover sections

15664 15664

Charleston, S.C. 5¢ blue #16X1 tied neat Sept 25, 1861, cds on cover to Henry Summer. Esq, Newberry, S.C. Cover tear across bottom left corner ending in erosion at bottom. SCV $2,500. $950.

Henry Summer was an attorney in Newberry, born into a family of slave-holding planters. Five generations of the Summer family papers (1753-1937) are available in the University of South Carolina.

17389 17389

TULLAHOMA / Ten. 10¢ black #111XU1 handstamped provisional, the EARLIEST OF ONLY TWO RECORDED in the Crown Surveys. Addressed to Duncan A. McDonald, Esq. Eucheeanna, Mushy Bend, Walton County, Florida. Eucheeanna was the first Scottish settlement in territorial Florida,  named in honor of the Euchee Indians. Light vertical file folds. Rare provisional. Ex Bogg and Haub. SCV $6,000. $4,500.

17449 17449

Atlanta, Ga., 1861, 5¢ black (6XU2, CV $1,000), well struck provisional handstamp addressed to Messr. John Shelby & Co., Memphis, Tenn. ATLANTA / Ga. // DEC / 16 / 1861 cds at upper right, Very Fine. $600.

16244 16244

MARIETTA / GA 5¢ black provisional entire #53XU1 used with Marietta Oct 22 [1861] cds on cover to Thomas Nesbitt, Berzelia P.O. with contents docketing from Mrs. M.D. Nesbitt Oct 21, 1861. Interesting scheduling notes / names on back flaps in same hand. Plantation Collection, 2017 CSA certificate, SCV $500. CCV $750. $500.

16578 16578

Dalton, Ga., 10¢ black #20XU2, clear strike of provisional handstamp, Jan. 10 [1862 cds on entire to Mrs. Mary Ann E. Harden, Athens, Georgia., Very Fine, ex Judd, 1987 and 2017 CSA certificates. SCV $1,250. $850.

Mary Ann Elizabeth (Randolph) Harden (1794-1874) was the second wife of Edward Harden (1784-1849), planter and politician; a prominent slave-owning rice plantation owner.

16600A 16600a

MARIETTA / Geo. 5¢ black (Scott 54X71 /CSA catalog MARGA-E02) used with Oct / 7 double circle postmark on handstamped provisional entire, addressed to Miss S. Claudia Heard, Sand Fort, Russell County, Alabama. Professionally sealed flap tears extending over top edge into rate marking. Very Fine appearance. 2017 CSA Certificate. CCV $750. $350.

17594 17594

Jonesboro, Tenn., 5¢ dark blue provisional entire (Scott 45XU2) EARLIEST RECORDED USE / NEW DISCOVERY. Bears no postmark but is considered postally used, as noted in the CSA catalog. Addressed to Mrs. Ellen R. Middleton, Lexington, Virginia, with pencil docketing “Aug 17th, 1861.” Lot includes photocopy of original letter, which no longer accompanies, from John W. Middleton who was in Company H, 27th Virginia Infantry, On the organization of the Stonewall Brigade, it was assigned with nine other Companies to the 5th Virginia Infantry Regiment. Slightly reduced at left, impression somewhat muddy but unmistakable. Military records list Middleton’s residence as Jonesboro, E. Tenn.; others in the Middleton family lived in Lexington, Va. Much more information on linked page.

Incredibly interesting backstory on this cover which appears in the March 2018 edition of the American Stamp Dealer and Collector. ONLY TEN JONESBORO 5¢ BLUE PROVISIONALS RECORDED IN CROWN, the prior earliest recorded was October 1861. SCV $5,000.  $3,500.

18708 18708

Nashville, Tenn., 5¢ violet brown #61X5 (in at right and bottom), tied by blue NASHVILLE / Ten. // SEP / 22 / 1861 cds on "Morgan & Co., Importers and Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods" illustrated building corner card cover to Thomas H. Caldwell, Shelbyville Tenn.; large and detailed depiction of the building at 49 Public Square with horses and wagons on street. Stamp has tiny sealed pre-use tear at lower right and cover with small stain at bottom that could easily be cleaned by a professional. Only four advertising covers are recorded bearing singles of Nashville provisionals, as well as two with pairs. Ex Boshwit, DK Collections, and Schopp; 2012 CSA certificate. SCV for stamp on ordinary cover is $4,250. SPECTACULAR RARITY. $4,750.

Hon. Thomas H. Caldwell was a lawyer by profession. He was attorney general and reporter for the State of Tennessee. More info on linked page. Listed in both Provisionals-2, and Advertising

19206 19206

New Orleans La., 5¢ red brown on bluish #62X4 pair, huge margins to clear at top of left stamp, tied by NEW ORLEANS / LA. // 13 / NOV [1861] cds on illustrated overall lithographed advertising cover to Capt. Victor Maurin, Donaldson Artillery, Richmond Va. "Via Augusta", with A. J. Powell "Plantation Broker" design in gray; reduced at left otherwise Very Fine. Advertising covers with reference to plantations or cotton are quite desirable, Ex D.K. Collection and Ex Staples. $3,500.

Bios of A.J. Powell and Victor Maurin are on the linked page.
Listed in both Provisionals-2, and Advertising

19293 19293

Petersburg Va., 5¢ red #65X1, position 1 with "PETERSBURC" spelling error, early state with "e" of "Office" still present, top sheet margin, rich color, tied by blue Dec 8 town CDS on fresh cover to Thomas Webb Esq., Cashr (cashier), Hillsboro N.C., accompanying certificate irrelevantly notes a small paper fold in the stamp at right, still Extremely Fine, although unlisted in Scott, this "C" for "G" spelling variety is very scarce and desirable, ex Judd and Dr. Green, 2000 PF certificate. SCV $2,250 as regular issue. $2,000.

Thomas Webb biography on linked page.

19294 19294

Spartanburg S.C., 5c Black #78X1 tied by PAID straightline with SPARTANBURG / S.C. double-circle datestamp and manuscript "June 22" [1861] date on cover to Rev. A. Nettles, Summerville S.C. Extremely fine. One of the finest of the approximately twenty recorded covers. Ex Ferrary, Hind, Hall and Gross. SCV $20,000. $13,000. Spartanburg S.C. takes its name from the "Spartan Rifles," a group of militia soldiers during the Revolutionary War. The name was adopted by Confederate soldiers from Spartanburg during the Civil War. John A. Lee was a prominent merchant who served as postmaster of Spartanburg from 1850 through the end of the war. Residents of Spartanburg remembered him as the "Wartime Postmaster." (John B. O. Landrum, History of Spartanburg County). Postmaster Lee created his provisional stamps by applying the "5" numeral rate marking inside the "Spartanburg S.C." double-circle datestamp on a sheet of paper, which were then either cut to shape or cut square.

Reverend Abraham Nettles (1808-1889) was a Methodist preacher born in Summerville and lived there all his life. He was married with four children. He died of typhoid fever.

19322 19322

Charleston, S.C., 5¢ blue #16X1 (sealed tear at LL) tied by Sep 28 / 1861 double-circle town datestamp on cover with embossed corner card of Hayden & Whilden, 250 King Street, Charleston, SC., to Thomas H. Connors, Friendship P.O., S.C., restored section at top and back flap replaced, Dietz signature on back, Ex Northcutt. SCV $2,250. $600. Listed in both Provisional-2 and CSA 3 Sections

Hayden & Whilden was a mercantile firm. Company history on linked page.

19383 19383

Montgomery, Ala., 10c¢ blue entire #59XU4 cover to Col. Howell Cobb, Yorktown Va., while a colonel of the 16th Georgia Infantry, used with MONTGOMERY / ALA. // OCT / 24 /1861 CDS, reduced slightly reduced at top, Very Fine, ONLY 5 RECORDED IN CROWN SURVEY, SCV $1,250. $975.

Howell Cobb (1815-1868) was a founder of the Confederacy who served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress (1861-62), as well as a major general of the Confederate army. His personal history is well-known and illustrious. 

19385 19385

New Orleans La., 5¢ Ocher #62X3b horizontal pair, light shade, large to huge margins except just clipped top right corner, internal vertical tear in margin between stamps, tied NEW ORLEANS La. 11 AUG (1861) CDS on buff cover to Mrs. F. A. Kennedy, Vaiden Miss.; slightly refolded and corners at top and bottom right with small repairs, missing back flap, Very Fine appearance. Fewer than ten of the New Orleans Ocher shade are recorded on cover,  2000 CSA certificate 03625 mentioning the cover repairs but not the tear in the pair, SCV $3,500. $1,750

16933 16933

Uniontown, Ala., 5¢ green on gray blue #86X3, position 3, even margins mostly clear of ornaments all around, excellent impression on deeply blued paper, tied by Uniontown, Ala. circular datestamp on blue laid-paper cover to Mrs. R. A. Cobbs, care of Rev. J. M. Mitchell, Montgomery, Ala. ONLY 13 ON-COVER EXAMPLES OF THE UNIONTOWN POSTMASTER’S 5-CENT PROVISIONAL ON GRAY BLUE PAPER ARE RECORDED in CROWN CENSUS. Ex Caspary, Hart, Telep, Dr. Maffeo and Sharrer. 1990 P.F. certificate. SCV $15,000. $12,000.

The Cobbs correspondence was found by R. S. Nelson of Birmingham, Alabama. Per reports at the time of the discovery, Mrs. Cobbs had been ill in a Montgomery hospital, and her husband wrote to her from Uniontown “daily, and sometimes twice a day, for some three weeks.” (Crown, p. 344).

20084 20084

Columbus, Ga. 5¢ blue 19XU1 handstamped postmaster’s provisional which were only intended for local use. As this letter was traveling outside of Columbus, a Confederate stamp was affixed and canceled with a town postmark. The letter was addressed to Amos Sawyer, Esq., Berlin, Mass via Norfolk & Flag of Truce. At the exchange point, the Confederate stamp was removed, as required (but often ignored) and it made its way through the U.S. mail with a US 65, 3¢ rose, postmarked OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // JAN / 28. Verso has an offset of the Columbus provisional handstamp, sealed tear at bottom. This cover is a perfect demonstration of how the postal system was supposed to work. $800.

Amos Sawyer, Jr. was the proprietor of the Berlin stage line - much more info on linked page.

20113 20113

Baton Rouge La., 5¢ green & carmine, 11X2 tied by light strike of BATON ROUGE / LA // DEC / 16 / 1861 circular datestamp on cover to New Orleans with part of address cut out and piece put in its place, fresh, scarce, Scott value $5,000. $1,800.

20247 20247

Mobile, Ala., 5¢ blue (58X2) with full margins to just in at top left, rich color, creased by light file fold, tied by MOBILE / ALA. // SEP / 2? /1861 double-circle datestamp on cover to Miss Virginia Carleton, Bashi, Clarke Co(unty) Ala.; slightly reduced at right, edge wear and replaced bottom right corner, ex Przybyl, SCV $1,750. $525.

20248 20248

Nashville, Tenn., 5¢ carmine (61X2) deep rich color affixed over U.S. 3c Pink entire (U35) and tied by blue NASHVILLE / Ten. // SEP / 16 / 1861 circular datestamp with matching PAID handstamp; addressed to K.M. Murchison, Care G.W. Williams & Co., Fayetteville, N.C., Unusual use of the provisional over a U.S. entire, ex Boshwit and Felton, SCV $3,500 on a normal cover. $1,750.

Kenneth McKenzie Murchison served in Co. E, NC 8th Infantry, Co. C, NC 54th Infantry, and Co. F, NC 15th Infantry. More detailed information on thumbnail-linked page.


Charleston S.C., 5¢ Blue 16X1 with huge margins showing outer frame lines all around, rich color, tied by CHARLESTON S.C. DEC 19 1861 dcds on cover to Mrs. Susan Dukes, Rowe's Pump S.C. with EMBOSSED ADVERTISING CORNER CARD FOR REEDER & DESAUSSURE, FACTORS AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS at upper left, Very Fine. Only 14 corner card covers with the Charleston provisional are recorded in the Calhoun census. This cover is postmarked one week after the Great Fire of 1861 decimated 15% of the city; with 1986 CSA certificate. Illustrated in the Calhoun Charleston book on p. 79. Listed in both Provisonal Covers, Section 2 and Advertising Covers. $2,800.

Charleston, S.C., 5¢ blue (16X1) tied with CHARLESTON SC OCT 1 1861 double-circle CDS to narrow commercially-made envelope addressed to Mrs. Edwin Dubose, Pineville (SC), stamp with four huge outer framelines and parts of adjoining stamps - a truly exceptional cover . As noted in the Scott Specialized: “The vast majority of this stamp (have) small faults and are valued thus. Completely sound examples are scarce and sell for more.”  SCV $2,000. Ex Kilbourne and Raysor. $3,500.
Charleston S.C., 5¢ blue (16X1) with large even margins and framelines almost complete on four sides, tied by bold CHARLESTON S.C. OCT 3, 1861 CDS on advertising cover to J.A. Broady, Greenville S.C.., Hamilton & Smith’s Grocery corner card , pencil docketing, light wrinkles and slight wear, Very Fine, with 1956 P.F. certificate. Ex Ferrary, Kilbourne and Raysor. $2,000.
Petersburg, Va., 5¢ red 65X1, top sheet margin position 3 tied Jan 30 blue town postmark on folded business letter receipt for coils of rope to be sent by express, signed McIlwaine Sons & Co. to Rev. R.O. Burton, Weldon, No Ca., 2006 APS certificate. SCV $2,000. $1,400.

Charleston S.C., 5¢ blue (16X1) with large even margins and framelines almost complete on four sides, tied by bold CHARLESTON S.C. OCT 3, 1861 CDS on advertising cover to J.A. Broady, Greenville S.C.., Hamilton & Smith’s Grocery corner card, pencil docketing, light wrinkles and slight wear, Very Fine, with 1956 P.F. certificate. Ex Ferrary, Kilbourne and Raysor. $2,000. Listed in both Postmasters' Provisionals Covers, Section 2, and Advertising.


New Orleans, La., 5¢ yellow brown Scott 62X5 Scott 62X4 tied bold NEW ORLEANS LA 14 NOV (1861) cds on cover to N. Jefferies Esq Port Gibson Missi with ms. note “Mail” small piece out at front left. $200.



Nashville, Ten., 5¢ carmine 61X2, tied by blue town postmark AUG 13 1861 on cover to E. Cooper Esq, Shelbyville Ten., large professionally sealed tear at left as well as tiny one at upper right; fresh, great looking cover and scarce use. SCV $3,500. $1,500.

Edmund Cooper (1821-1911) was a US Representative from Tennessee. A thorough bio on linked page.


Columbia, S.C. 5¢ blue handstamped provisional entire 18XU1, envelope is a bit war-weary with addressee crossed out, addressed to Charleston So. Ca., SCV $1,500. $250.

New 02-01-24

Petersburg, Va., 5¢ red (65X1), fresh and bright, tied by blue PETERSBURG, VA. CDS to folded lettersheet datelined Jan. 6, 1862 – a business letter from McIlwaine Sons & Co. addressed to Colle & Co., Hartshorn, N.Ca., light horizontal file crease at top; "Position 4" and dealer "E.N. Sampson" penciled on back, small wax-seal loss, Fine - Very Fine, SCV $2,000.  $1,000.