Items for Sale - CSA 12, 10¢ Blue Intaglio - Type II on Cover - Section One

Printers: Archer & Daly (AD) and Keatinge & Ball (KB)

4185 4185

CSA 12, 10¢ blue, unusual shade, tied BLACK PETERSBURG / Va. / FEB / 9 (1865) on fresh folded blue business letter from Cameron & Crawford to J.A. Ansley & Co. Augusta, Geo. acknowledging large monetary receipt by express. The black Petersburg cancel was only used from December 1864 until the end of the war. There were only a couple of months left in the war at the time of this use.

4086 4086

CSA 12, two copies 10¢ blue used on nice turned cover. First use is Augusta, Ga to W. Griffin in Greensborough and second use is Greensborough to Thomas Barter, Petersburg, Va. Both nice stamps and cancels.

5110 5110

CSA 1 & 12c: 5¢ green tied AMERICUS / Ga. cds on cover front to "Mr. Wm. MacMath, Quincy flordely (sic)"; other side franked with 10¢ greenish blue tied QUINCY / Fla. cds to "Mr. Wm. P. Finch, Americus, Ga.". Nice double use. 

5129 5129

CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied violet LYNCHBURG / Va. / JUL / 21 cds on homemade cover to Staunton, slightly reduced at top with part of top back flap missing; unusually clean strike as most of these have a very "greasy" bleeding look. It is very hard to determine the color from the scan/computer, but is clearly violet shade.

5159 5159

CSA #12-ADa, large 4-margin 10¢ opaline on cover with manuscript cancel of Trenton, Ga. to "Miss. M. L. Elmore, Montgomery, Ala.", signed by Brian Green who states this is from the correspondence of Major Vincent M. Elmore of the 1st Alabama Cavalry, which saw action at Shiloh, Chickamauga, Chattanooga, etc. Rare town.

5160 5160

CSA 12-ADc, large 4-margin 10¢ greenish blue on pristine homemade cover with manuscript cancel of "Missionary Station, Geo. April 6th 64". Superb cover and rare town.

5162 5162

CSA 12, 4-margin 10¢ blue tied red BUCKINGHAM C .H. / Va . // AUG / 1 cds on neat fresh homemade cover to Farmville, Va., slightly reduced at left, Very Fine

Inv5298 002 5298

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied neat SAVANNAH / Ga. cds on wonderful dark blue adversity cover to Sandersville, Georgia, top back flap missing otherwise Very Fine charmer.

5488 5488

CSA 12, 10¢ blue, four large margins, tied by neat Army of Northern Virginia field cancel on clean homemade cover to "William S. Pettigrew, Esq., Summerville, Harnett Co., N. C.", faint soldier's docketing of "Lieut. Col. D. G. Owens, 32d Regt Col. Neville (?), Brigadier R…, ", along left side, faint foxing at lower left otherwise Extremely Fine. Soldier history still has research to do.

5633 5633

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue (small faults) with grid cancel on adversity cover fashioned from printed form of Confederate Quartermaster, addressed to Dr. R. H. Dugger, Macon, Ala.from his son William H. Dugger, Co D 11th Alabama Infantry, Army of Northern Virginia, signed by Brian Green, part of the printed form shows on the front at bottom right without turning, small tear at top and bit reduced at left. Wilcox's / Perrin's / Forney's Brigade, Anderson's / Mahone's Division, 3rd Army Corp, ANV.

5339 5339

CSA 12, 10¢ blue which approaches opaline, tied by bold clear CHARLESTON / S.C ./ JUL / 27 cds on homemade cover to Darlington C.H., S.C., some paper hinges and minor hole in the flaps, Extremely Fine

6008 6008

CSA 12, 10¢ blue, 4-margins, small pre-use crease, tied neat CHARLESTON / S.C. double circle cancel on adversity cover addressed to “Mr. Eliha Stevens, Dyssonsmill Edgefield Dist. So.Ca.”,made of railroad freight form on pale green paper, signed Green and Kimbrough. Most attractive adversity use.

6157 6157

CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue top sheet margin copy tied partial strike of Richmond, Va. cds on homemade cover to “Mrs. Jno M. Kell Care N. C Munroe Esq Macon, Ga.” likely from her husband,Confederate Naval Officer, Executive Officer of the Confederate cruisers "CSS Alabama" and CSS Sumter." Kell entered the United States Navy at the age of 17 and served in the Mexican War and in 1853 on Perry's expedition to Japan. Upon Georgia's secession from the Union, he was the first US Naval officer to offer his service to the South. After the Civil War, he served as Adjutant General of Georgia from 1887 until his death in 1900. 

6605 6605

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4-margin) tied RICHMOND / Va. cds on pristine blue commercial cover to “Dr. J. R. B. Adams, Cool Spring, Iredell Co., N.C.”

6606 6606

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue – four enormous even margins – tied scarce BLACK PETERSBURG / VA // FEB / 11 (1865) on back flaps. The Petersburg cancel was only used in black from December 1864 until the end of the war. Late use. Addressed to Miss Anne Jones, Cunningham. Signed WGB (Wm G Bogg). 

6623 6623

CSA 12, 10¢ blue vertical pair with enormous margins all around, tied by double strike of MOBILE / ALA double circle cancel on commercial watermarked envelope to “Jno H. Kennard, Esq., Woodville, Mississippi” with docketing “Recd by Mail Oct 29/64, Ansd Nov 1st of 64”, top back flap missing but notation on verso that contents were from “Henry Peychaud at Col. Care Ass(istant) QM Genl Richmond, Maj Young Meridian, (A)ddress W Find. Springer”, small piece of upper left of cover restored at upper left and sealed tear at top. SCV $200.

6624 6624

CSA 12-ADc vertical strip of three 10¢ bluish green tied double strike of  RICHMOND / VA. // OCT / 6 cds on legal cover (reduced at left) addressed to “B. F. Allen, Sec. Of State, Tallahassee, Florida” with docketing on verso that envelope contained “Election Returns”, blue crayon docketing across face “Pl(ea)s(e) add(ress) Hospital Richmond 1 & 2 District”. Benjamin F. Allen was the Florida Secretary of State 1863-68. Wonderful rate and history. 2008 SCV $250 for pair (this is strip of 3) on cover without regard to scarcer shade.

6627 6627

CSA 12-ADc 10¢ bluish green, four margins, tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 28 double circle on homemade cover to “Mrs. J. H. Ambler, Table Mountain, Pickens Dist, S.C.”

6644 6644

CSA 12, 10¢ blue used on cover with manuscript cancel of Mount Pleasant, Ga May 29 on cover addressed to “Dr. Cotting, Milledgeville, Ga.” Dr. John R. Cotting was born Nov. 16, 1778 in Acton, Massachusetts; he graduated from Dartmouth College in 1802. First pursuing a career in religion, Cotting left the ministry in 1812 and for the next 23 years taught geology, chemistry, and other science subjects. During this time, he wrote introductory textbooks in chemistry and geology. In 1835, Cotting left Massachusetts, moving to Augusta, Georgia, where he undertook a survey of local soil types. In 1836, the General Assembly authorized a state geological survey, and Gov. William Schley named him as state geologist. He died in 1867 in Milledgeville. 

6751 6751

CSA 12, 10¢ light blue approaching milky shade, tied WILSON / N.C. // DEC cds on homemade cover to “High Shoals Iron Company or Col. John L. Bridgers, Iron, Lincoln County, North Carolina”. Long detailed bio of John Luther Bridgers enclosed. Early in the war he joined the NC Volunteers Infantry as as captain at age 41. Within four months he was promoted to Lt. Col. but resigned in September 1861 due to poor health. Afterward, as health permitted, he was on duty upon the staff of Gen. D. H. Hill, when the latter was in command in eastern North Carolina.  He was also associated with his brother, R.  R. Bridgers, at the request of the government, in the management of the High Shoals iron furnaces, nail and rolling mills, which were the second in importance in the South, and did much government work. Subject of a forthcoming column in American Stamp Dealer & Collector.

6778 6778

CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ dark opaline used with manuscript cancel of Moores Ord(inar)y Va Feb 8 [18]65 on homemade cover to Oakville, Va., Rarity 7, late use, ex Tobias.

6811 6811

CSA 12, 10¢ blue tied neat bold RICHMOND / Va. cds on turned cover to Mrs. B. C. Trigg Care Capt Myers, Danville; inside use of CSA 11, 10¢ blue of different shade sealing back flaps with DANVILLE / Va. cds addressed to Cpt. Edmund Myers, Care of G. A. Myers Esqr, Richmond”. Capt. Edmund T. D. Myers was a young engineer officer with the War Department and son of the Quartermaster General Abraham C. Myers.

6897 6897

CSA 12, 10¢ blue with huge margin at bottom showing a trace of imprint, tied neat bold HICKSFORD / Va. // FEB cs on choice cover to “Mr. Mattie M. Clement, Mocksville, Davie County, North Carolina”

7241 7241

CSA 12, 10¢  blue (4 margins) tied by WADESBORO / N.C. /  MAY 28 cds on fresh homemade cover to “Isaac Jarratt Esq, Senate, Raleigh, N.C.” which has been crossed out and redirected to Huntsville with Raleigh forwarding postmark and matching double strike of curved DUE 10handstamp, Very Fine. This appears to be to the elder Isaac Jarratt of Yudkin County. His son, who rose to the rank of Captain, of the same name mustered into Co C, NC 26th Infantry as a private and was wounded multiple times, including at Gettysburg. Ex Powell.

7313 7313

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied manuscript “Jeff” for Jeffersonville, Georgia although the doubt meaning of “Jefferson Davis” no doubt made the local postmaster chuckle, on cover addressed to “Mr. Thomas H. Hamilton, Coddle Creek P.O. Cabarras County, N.C.”  A charmer.

7316 7316

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue used with a scarce manuscript cancel of ”Dover, Ga. Dec 14th” to “Dr. E. H. Richardson, Cedar Town Polk Co. Ga.” on homemade cover with docketing “An old War Envelope” – doubtless noted after the war. Noted online as one of the original settlers of Polk County.

7321 7321

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue - two stamps - one of which is tied  MONTGOMERY / ALA // JAN / 20 cds and the other uncanceled but tied with stains, on cover “Jno. H. Kennard Esq Woodville Miss.”, docketed Fby 18th/65. Nice double rate and late use. 

7323 7323

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied by neat CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA / SEP / 17 / 1863 double circle on cover addressed to “Mr. (Capt) Jacob W(illiamson). Marshall, Huntersville, Pocahontas County, [West] Virginia” and at lower left “Col. William Jackson’s Command”. Col. William Jackson, commanding the 19th Virginia Cavalry feared Union forces might be on the way, so ordered a patrol under Capt. Jacob Marshall that was positioned near Huntersville to retire to a position on Back Creek near Niter Cave, where elements necessary in the production of gunpowder were located, and watch for Federal movements acting as a tripwire in Averell’s path. From Pocahontas County (West Va), Marshall commanded Company I. Ex Engstler. Great West Virginia history.

C1201 c1201

CSA 12, 10¢ blue with large irregular margins showing parts of other stamps at top and bottom right, tied green LYNCHBURG / VA. // OCT / 27 cds on overpaid drop letter addressed to “Mrs. J. G. Russell, Lynchburg, Va”, usual “greasy” cancel typical of the color cancels from this town. SCV $210

C1202 c1202

CSA 12, 10¢ blue with huge margins all around, tied neat red PETERSBURG  Va / NOV / 25 cds on small homemade cover to SC.

C1207 c1207

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue with ample to large margins all around, tied brown LYNCHBURG / VA,cds on clean commercially made overpaid drop cover to “Mrs. Chas. Leigh Care of Wm Davis Esq, Lynchburg, Va”, a late use, Ex Judd, SCV $220.

7412 7412

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue, a wonderful shade, canceled with neat WASHINGTON / GA cds and hinged over a 90% ripped off 5¢ green use thus a very scarce double use of this envelope with obvious double cancels from different towns. Original use was to “Mr. W. W. Hill, Washington, Ga” and then sent back or elsewhere with separate handwriting at lower left to “Care of Gen. Wayne 29 District G. M. Camp Georgia Atlanta.” Enthusiastic notes of Van Dyk MacBride on verso. Subject of a forthcoming article in “The Confederate Post” in The American Stamp Dealer and Collector.

Henry C. Wayne was born and died in Savannah, Georgia (1810 – 1883). Wayne joined the army and became an officer in the army. In 1855, he was a major and was chosen to head up the army's camel project. He was sent to the Middle East to purchase camels. On his return he was sent to Texas where the army experimented with using camels instead of mules as pack animals. Wayne resigned his commission in late 1860 and was appointed Adjutant General of the State of Georgia until the end of the Civil War. He is best known for trying to defend Atlanta against Sherman with the cadets of the Georgia military institute. More complete bio/photo enclosed.

C1160 c1160

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue superb right sheet margin with nice margins all around tied by indistinct balloon cancel of N.C. awaiting a NC student to identify it, addressed on homemade cover to “Lieut. Lavender Ray, Atlanta, Ga. Care of Col. Wright”. Detailed military bio included with photocopy of his CDV.

Lavender Roy Ray was only 18 years old when he enlisted July 6, 1861 as a private in Co A 1st GA Vol. Infantry and was transferred to Co H 1st Ga Cavalry. He rose through the ranks to Lieut and Ordnance Officer of Wheeler’s Crop, Iverson’s Division. At the time of this correspondence, he was detailed to the Ordnance Department in Atlanta reporting to Major Wright.

7497 7497

CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue tied Army grid cancel on cover to “T.H. Higinbotham, Quarter Mr Department, Mobile, Ala” with docketing up left side “Recd Nov 21st 1863, answd “ 21”, file fold across left end. 

T.H. Higinbotham is shown in military records as 1st Sgt Co C 2 Regt Engineer Troops commanded by Capt. L. Hutchinson. His residence is logically listed as New Orleans. Other correspondence is sent care of the Quartermaster Department or Capt. Douglas Vass who was the QM at Mobile from November 1861 until August 26, 1864 when Mobile fell. Higinbotham is shown on the Roll of POWs surrendered at Citronelle, Ala by Lt. Gen. R. Taylor, CSA to Maj. Gen. E.R.S. Canby USA in May 1865 and paroled at Meridian, Miss. The 2nd Regiment Engineer Troops, Army and Department of the Gulf, was organized 7 Aug 1863 in Mobile, Alabama under Capt. Hutchinson.

7461 7461

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 margins) beautiful shade bordering on opaline tied with CHARLESTON / S.C. / AUG / 23 / 186_ cds on pristine homemade cover slightly reduced at left, addressed to “Miss Harriet A. Yellowley, Care of Rev Jos Barkley, Rocky Mount, No Carolina”, Extremely Fine.

7482 7482

CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ opaline blue, 4 clear to large margins, tied on the back flaps of a cover to “Miss M A Baughman, Care Baughman Richard, Richmond, Va” with a DUBLIN / VA // JUL / 1 (1864) cds and second strike on the front, slightly reduced one end. Very fine and a beautiful example of this scarce shade!

7447 7447

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ blue tied CHARLESTON / S.C // DEC / 31 on homemade adversity cover to “A.J. Whetston, Cooks Club, Orangeburg C.H. Care of A. Whetson” with soldier docketing “Johns Island Bat Trenholm Co B via C(h)arleston”. Johns Island is one of the outer islands in Charleston Harbor and no doubt the soldier was serving there. Battery Trenholm or Fort Trenholm was built in late 1864 and named for George A. Trenholm, a Charleston cotton factor, blockade runner, and secretary of the treasury for the Confederacy. The fort was designed to strengthen the batteries controlling the Stono River, particularly Fort Pringle. Additionally, Fort Trenholm was sited to prevent a flanking movement of the James Island batteries by a land force on John’s Island. There is only one Whetston (without an “e” on the end) in the military records and that is J.D.H. Whetston of Co B and C SC 15th Battalion Heavy Artillery which fits. $200.

7583 7583

CSA 12, 10¢ blue bordering on opaline, tied by CHARLESTON / S.C. / JUL / 25 cds on adversity cover made from military form “Lieut. John J. Mellon, Agent”. $300.

7759 7759

CSA 12, 10¢ deep blue (appears to be Keatinge & Ball which would make this very early, but sold without that specific guarantee) tied neat DANVILLE / VA // SEP / 22 (1864) cds on homemade cover docketed from “Capt R Saunders 21st Sept 1864” to “C.Y. Thomas Esq Henry Court House Virga”; C. Y. Thomas was a man of more than ordinary distinction in Virginia, an attorney of ability who served in the Virginia senate before the War and struggled in vain against secession. Despite this, he held the office of commonwealth attorney during the War and was appointed by the Confederacy to distribute supplies to the needy families of Confederate soldiers. Saunders was likely from Saunders Store.$250.

7847 7847

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 large margins all around) tied bold blue PETERSBURG Va. / NOV 23 cds on neat homemade cover to “Mr. James Epps, Assessor 7th Dist Hicksford Va.” from “Capt Stevens P.T.G.” and “O(fficial) B(usiness) Tax in Kind in regard to writing on estimates”. Small bit of right cover corners neatly repaired otherwise Very Fine. $200.

7821 7821

CSA 12-ADa, 10¢ milky blue shade tied neat bold GRIFFIN / GA. // JUL / 26 cds over 3¢ star-die entire #U27, reduced at left otherwise Extremely Fine, MacBride notations on back flap, Ex Crouch. $270.

8073 8073

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue (bit roughly torn at UR) tied LEXINGTON / Va. cds on back flaps of adversity cover made of coastal geodetic survey chart, addressed to “Mr. Edward (A.) McCauley, Signal Corps, Petersburg, Virginia” with “Cobbs” at top (no doubt Cobbs Legion). A quick search of military records added no more but for his middle initial. Scarce and desirable. $240.

The beginnings of the Signal Service in the Confederate army were about simultaneous in the Peninsular command of General John B. Magruder and in the Army of Northern Virginia under General Beauregard. Captain Norris, a member of General Magruder's staff--a gentleman of scientific education and of some nautical experience--called the attention of the General to the advantages to be derived from a system of signals connecting his outposts and his headquarters with Norfolk. Magruder forthwith gave Captain Norris the necessary authority to establish the service, and appointed him Signal Officer to the command.

C1293 c1293

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (pre-printing paper crease) tied CHARLESTON / S.C. // DEC / 31 on pristine turned cover addressed to “Mr. Robert Hamilton, Co. D, Orrs Regt. Rifles, McGowan's Brigade, Richmond Va” who addressed it back home with [Due] 10 Army of Northern Virginia in circle to “Miss Maggie T. Hamilton, Fiveforks P.O., Anderson Dist., South Carolina” and endorsed by mandated “Soldiers Letter Co D Orrs Rifles”.  Private Robert Hamilton was in the 1st SC Infantry, part of the 2nd ANV, A.P. Hill’s Division. Ex Myerson and Walske.  $325

C1296 c1296

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue cancelled by clear strike of ARMY OF TENN three-line field post handstamp on homemade cover to “Mrs. Rebecca Pettigrew, Eutaw Ala.”, forwarded to Tomkinsville (sic) with perfect strike of EUTAW ALA. FEB 1864 16 double-circle next to stamp, pencil "Ford Due", half of back flap missing. The combination of this Army of Tennessee field office marking and the Eutaw forwarding cancel is very scarce and desirable, ex Meroni and Walske, backststamped by R.H. Weill Co.  $2,500.

C1354 c1354

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue with margins all around, tied neat STAUNTON / Va. cds on homemade cover to “Dr. R. Kidder Taylor, Lynchburg, Va”, tiny upper left corner cover stain otherwise Very Fine.  $180.

7955 7955

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied neat blue CHRISTIANSBURG / Va. / APR / 4 cds on fresh cover to Miss Mollie E. Morriss, Pattonsburg, Botetourt Co., Va, Extremely Fine. $160.

8000 8000

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue cut to shape, used on cover with manuscript Meadsville Va 12th Mch / 64 (Halifax County) to Miss Bettie Brown, Southern Female College, Petersburg, Va., some cover staining, but very scarce town. $150.

8384 8384

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue 4-margin copy (usual gum stains) used with manuscript cancel of Bentivogio, Va Jan 31st [1865], late use and small town (population 63) cancel  $200.

8403 8403

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue (4 huge margins) tied four pen strokes on adversity cover with no town marking and addressed to Miss Anna R. Tuthill, Columbia, South Carolina Care of Messrs Fisher & Agnew, cover fashioned from a fancy 1858 speech title sheet from Gabriel DuVal, the Superintendent of Education for the State of Alabama, Gabriel B. DuVal was also a captain in Co. E. of the 6th Alabama Infantry (military records included) and thus had little time to devote to the educational system which virtually ceased during the war, according to online sources. Very showy little gem.  $450.

8778 8778

CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue tied KINSTON / N.C. cds on fresh homemade cover to Mrs. M[oses] A[shley] Curtis, Hillsboro, NC. Rev. Moses Ashley Curtis was a preeminent mycologist who is renowned among botanists as accumulating the best ever collection of fungi. Mrs. Curtis was from the DeRosset family. $110.

8779 8779

CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ greenish blue tied WILMINGTON N.C. 5 PAID – canceler fashioned from pre-war 3¢ device, on cover to Mr. E A Vogler, Salem NC, slightly reduced at left, Fine. $100.

8826 8826

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 large margins) tied indistinct cds on adversity cover fashioned from lined paper addressed to Robert Nash, Esq, Yellow River, Geo., writing inside cover mentions “Knoxville” and “Nashville”, so possibly a Tennessee cancellation if a TN student can make it out. $160.

18691 001 18691

CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 margins) used with scarce Pr Ed C H / Feby 13 manuscript postmark of Prince Edward Court House, Virginia, on cover to Alexander Donnan, Petersburg, Va., horizontal file fold. $130.

20618 20618

CSA 12e 10¢ green with 4 large even margins, tied AUGUSTA Ga. SEP 5 circular datestamp on cover to Mess. W. & R. McIntire, Savannah, Ga. Small hole above address. Ex Ralph Swap. $150.

20624 20624

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue lower left corner single touching at right but large to huge on other 3 sides, tied neat AIKEN S.C. OCT 4 cds on TURNED COVER to Asst. Surgeon R.Y. Dwight Macon Georgia; docketing at top Lyd(ia) Ravenel Oct 7th 1864. Inside use was another CSA 12 also canceled with Aiken postmark and addressed to Lydia Ravenel in Aiken, thus an overpaid drop use likely caused by soldier dropping an already-stamped envelope in the Aiken mail system. Ex Ralph Swap. $200. 

Dr. Richard Yeadon Dwight (1837-1919) served as a Confederate Army physician during the Civil War. His lengthy biography is at contributed by F.T. Hambrecht & J.L. Koste, as well as Bob Krick.

20626 20626

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue (4 margins) tied QUINCY Flor. DEC circular datestamp on cover to Mrs. M. Stanley, Athens, Ga. Ex Ralph Swap. $225.

20627 20627

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (3 margins) tied blue TRENTON ? circular datestamp on cover to Miss Mollie S?? Rusk Cherokee Co, Texas. Molesworth description on back calls this Trenton, La., but I cannot make out the state designation and there are five different potential southern towns of Trenton in different states. In any case, there is no blue Trenton listed in the CSA Catalog under Color Cancels. Yours to figure out – interesting conundrum. Ex Ralph Swap. $275.

20628 20628

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied MOBILE ALA JUN 16 (1864) on cover to Miss Rachel Lyons Care of Mr. J.C. Lyons, Columbia S.C. Ex Ralph Swap. $125.

20630 20630

CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied GORDONSVILLE VA circular datestamp tied on small tissue-paper cover to Mr. Achilles Sanford, Cobham Depot, Albemarle (County, Va.) While the postmark appears red-brown and is so described by Jack Molesworth on verso, this is appears to be a degraded black postmark. Ex Ralph Swap. $130.

20631 20631

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue tied blue PETERSBURG Va. circular datestamp tied on cover to Miss E.M. Smithson, MacFarland’s Lunenburg (County) Va. Ex Ralph Swap. $125.

20632 20632

CSA 12d, 10¢ dark blue (4 large even margins - XF) tied CHARLESTON S.C. cds on small cover to William Middleton Esq Summerville So Ca. Ex Ralph Swap. $125.

20662 20662

CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (4 nice margins) tied MILLEDGEVILLE Ga. circular datestamp on cover to Hon. Clifford Anderson, House of Representatives, Conf. States Congress, Richmond, Va. with docketing “Answered & Warrant returned.” Ex Ralph Swap. $200.

20690 20690

CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue left sheet margin tied RICHMOND VA DEC 6 (1864) circular datestamp on cover to E.M. Smithson, Macfarland PO, Lunenburg County, Virginia. Ex Ralph Swap. $150.

20629 20629

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue tied LYNCHBURG Va. circular datestamp tied on cover to Mrs. E.L. Saunders Care of Peter Saunders Esq Rocky Mount Franklin (County Va.) On the back, Jack Molesworth describes the postmark as dull violet. I’m guessing BLUE. But who knows, yours to decide. Ex Ralph Swap. $150. 

Peter Saunders Sr. was known as the Pioneer of Franklin County, Virginia. Bio on linked page.


CSA 12, 10¢ light blue (unusual shade) tied MADISON C.H. VA. SEP 20 CDS on cover to F.A. Stevenson, Abbeville South Carolina. 2000 CSA certificate 03730 as genuine. Ex John Vagnetti. $225.


CSA 12-ADc, 10¢ bluish green (4 ample to huge margins), pen canceled on cover with manuscript postmark of Milford Va May 15, to Mrs. M.A. Lang, Newnan, Georgia. Ex John Vagnetti. $110.


CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue top right corner sheet margin tied on back flaps with double strike of SAVANNAH GA circular datestamp on cover; front addressed in pencil to Miss Y Jones Thomasville Georgia. Spectacular stamp. $160.


CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 large even margins) tied neat FARMINGTON N.C. JAN circular datestamp on cover to G.W. Blount Esq Wilson NC. $150.

George Washington Lafayette Blount
served as a 1st lieutenant in Company A, 55th NC Regiment. Bio on linked page.

New 03-28-24

CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue tied by bold blue FANCY HILL VA. SEP 8 circular datestamp which was used to FORWARD the cover to Mrs. M. L. Lacky in Lexington, Virginia, care of Mrs. E.J. Lackey, Bolivar Mills (Rockbridge County, Va. – wife of Dr. Theophilus Saunders Lackey in the same company as W.A. Lacky). Original use was Fairfield, Va., Sept 7 circular datestamp on soldier's cover addressed to Fancy Hill Va. with manuscript "Due 10cts” used under the CSA 12c. Officer's endorsement at top W.A. Lacky, Capt. Co. C. 14 Va. Cav.,” Very Fine. While forwarding of mail to military personnel was free of charge, that did not extend to mail to civilians and thus the stamp was required to send to Mrs. Lacky.  $550.

Capt. William A. Lacky commanded Company C of the 14th Virginia Cavalry. Extensive biography on linked page.