Stampless Covers - Georgia
4883 4883

EATONTON / GA. / NOV double circle cancel and handstamped PAID with no rate on pristine homemade cover to Centre P.O., Ala., Superb. $170.

6443 6443

EATONTON / Ga. // JUN / 15 handstamped PAID 5 on small embossed ladies cover to “Miss Rebecca L. Griggs, Macon, Geo.”, Ex-MacBride, a Charmer.

7433 7433

ELLAVILLE / GA. cds with matching curved handstamped PAID 10, all in blue, plus manuscript “Pd 10” at upper right, on homemade cover to “Dr. Nathan Bozeman Care Dr C Norton, Montgomery, Ala”; opened slightly down into face but all paper there, Scarce town marking, ex Oswald and Ballard. 

7797 7797

GRIFFIN / GA. // AUG / 3 (1861) handstamped PAID 5 on lemon cover addressed to “G. H. Winston, Esq., West Point, Ga.”, bit reduced at right and at edges by folding, Very Fine, Ex-Zimmerman, Crouch  $250.

7798 7798

GRIFFIN / GA. // JUL / 22 (1862) handstamped PAID 10 on cover to “Mrs. Emory Winship, Atlanta, Georgia” with original letter from Cousin Mollie relating the death by blind staggers and other escapades of some horses, Very Fine, Ex Crouch  $300.

7824 7824

ROSWELL / Ga. // DEC 19 cds in violet with matching handstamped PAID 5 on cover addressed to Mess. McWilliams & Roberts, Griffin, Ga” (a large mercantile firm), bit reduced at right otherwise Very Fine, Scarce color cancel. Ex Crouch.  $300.

7828 7828

AMERICUS / Ga. // MAR / 10 (1862) bold cds with matching handstamped PAID on small homemade cover to “Maj. J.C. Rylander, Camp Stevens near Griffin, Ga.” Ex Crouch. 

John Emory Rylander enlisted on June 15, 1861 as a 1st Sergeant in Co. “A” of 12th Georgia Infantry. He was discharged for promotion on March 4, 1862 when he was commissioned a captain and only two weeks later a major in Co. “C” 10th Georgia Infantry when this was written. He was killed at Cold Harbor, Virginia on June 2, 1864 and is buried in Americus, Georgia.

7829 7829

ATHENS / GA. // JUN / 8 with matching handstamped PAID 5 on cover to “Miss Lucy Blanton, Griffin, Georgia”, tiny edge tears at top and small part of back flap missing, otherwise Fine, Signed E(dward) S. Knapp, Ex Knapp and Crouch. $230

7830 7830

BARTOW / Ga. // OCT / 28 cds with inverted day/date, handstamped PAID 10, two nice strikes, on clean homemade cover to “Mrs. Eliza Jane Baldy, Griffin, Ga”” with interesting contemporary “patch” of “a” in “Ga.”, Very Fine, Ex-Crouch. $230.

7833 7833

ROSWELL / Ga. // JAN / 25 cds in violet with matching handstamped PAID 5 on cover addressed to Mess. McWilliams & Roberts, Griffin, Ga” (a large mercantile firm), bit reduced at right otherwise Very Fine, Scarce color cancel. Ex-Crouch. $300.

7943 7943

“Dallas, Ga, Nov 19 Paid 10” all in manuscript on cover to James Whitaker, Jr. S. Carolina Cherokee County Vally Town PO, cover bit rounded at bottom right corner, Scarce small town cancel, A new catalog listing!  $150.

10208 10208

CRAWFORDSVILLE / GA // AUG / 11 CDS with matching handstamped PAID and manuscript “10” on cover addressed to Hon. A. H. Stephens, Esq., Richmond, Va.; slightly reduced at top and top back flap missing as usual with this correspondence, contents docketing on verso “Mr. M. L. Jones Crawfordsville Aug 10th Edward J. Black resides in Troup Co. Says something in relation to horse shoeing.”  $150.

10234 10234

EATONTON / GA. double circle cancel with matching handstamped PAID cancel struck twice and no rate indicated on adversity  cover fashioned from a prior letter, addressed to Hon A H Stephens, Richmond, Virginia, flap faults and unusual that there is no content docketing on verso as was the Vice President’s general practice. This is likely a late war use as that post office is known to have run out of stamps and reverted to handstamps in 1865. $200.

10523 10523

OGLETHORPE / Ga. // FEB / 2X double strike of cds with manuscript Paid 10 on fresh cover to Mrs. J. E. Rylander, Buena Vista, Ga with mandated soldier endorsement “J.E. Rylander, 10th Ga. Bat.” with address crossed out by paper eroding ink and readdressed to Plains of Dura with bold red BUENA VISTA / Ga. // APR / 15 cds and matching PAID 10, also ms “Pd 10 cts”. $300.

Major John Emory Rylander was a 1st Sergeant in Co. “A” of 12th Georgia Infantry. Later he was a major in Co. “C” 10th Georgia Infantry. Much more information on linked page

11006 11006

Hillsboro Geo / July 18 [1863] / Paid 10” all in manuscript on turned cover to Mr. W. Q. Brookes, Barnwell C House, SC; inside use franked with manuscript canceled pair CSA #7, 5¢ blue, no town name, to F. W. Holsonbeck, Esq., Hillsboro, Georgia. Original letter from D.W.H. (Holsonbeck) headed Hillsboro July 13th, 1863 to Mr. Brookes saying , have seen the enroling officer…he said I would be exempted he thought by going to Macon the 20 of July & reporting myself & carring a certificate from my neighborhood by paying the $5,000 dollars he ast(?) was given in the survis I told that you had ben but that you was not at this time on the account of your health I told him I that that from wat I have heard you say that you had fiter out a company your self & he said you had don that I would be exempt without the 5,000 I will go to Macon next Monday…”Much more re corn, cotton, wheat, etc. Also says, “I will send Allen as soon as I can, he appers not to want to leave me until he gets me out of the grass, he is a good ole Negro. I would like to ? such one all the time or that all was like him,” Ex Northcutt. $225.

11014 11014

MACON / GA // JUL / 22 [1861] with matching handstamped PAID 10 struck twice on small narrow cover addressed to Lamar Cobb, Esq, Norfolk, Virginia / Care of Capt. R. A. Smith, Macon Volunteers, all of which has been crossed out and readdressed to Care Col. Howell Cobb(Lamar’s father) in Richmond;  pencil manuscript “Forw[arded] 5” with blue NORFOLK / VA // AUG / 2x / 1861 double circle cancel; pencil docketing at left as from Virginia Conner, July 22, 1861; small tear at left.  Ex Northcutt. $250.

General Howell Cobb served as president of the Confederate Provisional Congress (1861-62) and a major general of the Confederate army. His personal history is well-known and illustrious. His son Lamar served on his staff.

11337 1137

MACON / GA // DEC / 12 [1861] double circle postmark with matching handstamped PAID / 10 in circle as well as second non-matching “10” under postmark on cover addressed to “C. G. Baldwin, Esq., Helena, Arkansas” with original letter (transcription included) headed Macon, Dec 11th 1861 from John T. Napier asking if would send the name of the regular land agent so he can write him regarding some lands in Arkansas. Union troops were active in Arkansas and land ownership was changing hands. Some residents were leaving Arkansas to move to other areas deeper south because of the uncertainty of the war. $250.

11940 11940

COLUMBUS GA // DEC / 3  neat clear cds with matching PAID 10, type B, on cover to Hardie & Co., New Orleans; some flap faults; CCV $200. $200.

12318 12318

CUTHBERT / Ga. // JUN / 14 [1863] neat cds with matching PAID (no rate), CC Type A, to W. J. Brooks Esqr, Barnwell C.H., So. Carolina, sealed tear in back flap; enclosed letter from D. H. Pannill requesting a position at a SC Academy as he must leave his present position in Cuthbert due to the lack of refinement of citizens in that area, he is a graduate of University of VA, gives names of people as references, etc. Fine letter that touches on a teacher’s wages during the war, CCV $200.  $200.

12347 12347

KINGSTON / Gᾼ // AUG / 29 cds with matching PAID 10, CC Type C, to Mrs. Howell Cobb, Athens, Ga on turned cover with U.S. #26, 3¢ dull red tied ROME / GA // APR / 11 cds addressed to Col. O. H. Prince, Kingston, Ga. Former owner declared this 1861 but I can find no evidence to justify that – more likely prewar use. The only O. H. Prince I found in military records was Capt. Oliver H. Prince, 43rd Alabama Infantry, killed at Chickamauga, GA. Oliver Hillhouse Prince (1787-1837) was a U.S. Senator from Georgia and Col. O. H. Prince likely a direct descendant. $250.

12876 12876

“Sneed Ga June 19” cds and matching “Paid 5” used on adversity use of defunct U.S. 3¢ star-die entire #26, addressed in peacock blue ink to John T. McRoy, Newnan, Georgia $190.

13238 13238

"Berzelia Ga., Aug 22 [1861]", manuscript postmark with matching "Paid 5" rating on cover addressed to K Bellknap Smith Esq., Columbia Mines Ga., "Box, D Mc" charge box notation; some edge wear, purported by owner to be one of only three recorded Confederate uses which I cannot verify. $230.

12234 12234

WASHINGTON / Ga. // SEP / 19 / 1861 bold clear cds (inverted month) with matching handstamped PAID 10, CSA Catalog type C,on cover to Lieut. J. T. Wingfield, Care Col. Goulding, 9th Regt. Ga. Vol. Manassas, Va. [Army Northern Virginia] Extremely Fine. $250.

John T. Wingfield served as a 1st Lieut in Co. A, GA 9th Infantry as well as Co. C, Lane’s Light Artillery, and “Wingfield” Company of both GA Sumter Light Artillery and GA 11th Battn Light Artillery. Much more information on linked page.

14109 14109

Clinton Ga / Nov 7 1861” manuscript cancel – UNLISTED IN CSA CATALOG - with strengthened ms “5” at right on war weary soldier’s cover to “M.A. Barnes Esq of the first Ga Rea. Vol. Company E, Monterey Va”, reduced at right with edge faults. This was sold in a large lot as a West Virginia use but I do not believe that to be the case. Logic dictates it was sent from Georgia to a Georgia soldier. Clinton [West] Virginia also not listed in the catalog and no recorded markings of any type are known from the Civil War period. $200.

11266 11266

WASHINGTON / Ga. cds with matching PAID 10, UNLISTED CSA Catalog type consistent with other types, on cover to Lieut. John T. Wingfield, Care of Capt John Lane, Irwin Artillery, Richmond, Va. Small restored nick at left edge. $200.

John T. Wingfield served as a 1st Lieut in Co. A, GA 9th Infantry and also saw service in Co. C, Lane’s Light Artillery, and “Wingfield” Company of both GA Sumter Light Artillery and GA 11th Battn Light Artillery. Much more information on linked page

11022 11022

TENNVILLE / GA // NOV / 25 cds with manuscript “Due 10” on slightly edge worn cover to Mrs. Martha Inglet, Berzelia, Geor[gia] with mandated endorsement of “Sargt T. W. G. Inglet, Co. C, 28 Regt Geor Vol”. This marking is newly recorded. $180.

T.W.G. Inglet was appointed 2nd Corporal on 9-1-63. Wounded in the left hand, necessitating amputation of two fingers, at Cold Harbor 9-27-62 and again in right foot at Darbytown Road, VA 10-7-64. Much more information on linked page

14440 14440

NEWNAN / Ga. // SEP / 3 cds with light “Due 10” at right on soldier’s letter endorsed “from J. C. Curtright, Capt. Co E, 41 Ga Regt” home to his wife at LaGrange, Georgia. Stampless town markings listed in the CSA Catalog but UNLISTED manuscript DUE 10. Part of the Army of Tennessee. $250.

John Cornelius Curtright (1830-1862) "Jack" Curtright was captain of Company E, 41st Regiment, Georgia, attached to the Army of Tennessee. Much more information on linked page

5005 5005

"Due 10" in manuscript on soldier's cover and with a manuscript "Augusta, Georgia" town marking as part of the endorsement "Lt. J. L. Heath, Comp D 23 Ga Baty" on envelope made from an extremely high rag brown butcher paper sent to "Mrs. Isaac. P. Heath, Girard P. Office, Burke County, Ga.". The "Augusta, Ga" and "Due" notations are something the soldier probably added against regulations. Most interesting. Ex Sam Zimmerman

C1150 c1150

“Tilton (Ga) Jan 14 Due” all in manuscript on homemade soldier’s cover to “Mrs . G. W. Williford, Gibson P.O. Glascock County Georgia” endorsed from “J.B.C. Co H 2nd Regt Ga Vols”, only such marking recorded, flap tears.

7802 7802

GRIFFIN / GA. // SEP / 9 with handstamped (due) 10 in circle on clean homemade cover addressed to Mrs. Emma Moore, Raymond, Geo. Endorsed “From Wm. G. Moore 3rd Miss. Battalion”, $250.

15648 15648

KINGSTON / GA. // SEP / 10 boldly struck clear cds with matching arced DUE 10 (CSA Catalog Type E, CV $200) on matching homemade cover to Mrs. Mary A. Hitch, Fountain Inn PO, Greenville Dist, S.C. with endorsement of “Private Y. H. E. Hitch, 16th Regt S.C.” (Greenville Regiment). $200.

Y.H.E. Hitch served as a private in both the 16th South Carolina Infantry, Company I, Gist’s Brigade, Army of Tennessee, and Company C, 9th South Carolina Reserves. More information on linked page.

15650 15650

ROSWELL / Ga. // SEP / 2 [1862] cds in blue with matching PAID 10 struck three times (CSA Catalog Type C, CV $200) on folded printed letterhead Office Roswell Starch Company signed Manwaring & King to Messrs Wilcot & Hand, Augusta, Ga. File splits reinforced with hinges. Ex Van Dyk MacBride. $150.

17489 17489

MONTEZUMA / Ga. // MAR / 1 [ 1862] on cover addressed to W. W. Clark (well-known Confederate Member of Congress), Richmond where it was canceled with a Richmond May 7 [1862] Powell Type 3a cds and CSA catalog Type U “ADVERTISED 2” auxiliary marking. Reduced slightly at right. Ex Baum and Fisher. CCV $500. $400.  

William White Clark (1819-1883) was a representative to the Confederate Congress from Georgia, as well as a member of Georgia State House of Representatives in 1841.

18203 001 18203

GAINESVILLE / Ga. // MAR / 3 [1862] cds with matching PAID / 5 (CSA catalog type B, CCV $200) on cover to W. J. Campbell, Atlanta, Ga., large sealed tear from bottom to center of cover, beautifully scripted 2-page letter from father H.S. Campbell to his son saying, in part, that he is glad he has a certificate if only for two months and to be sure to present it to the proper officer. $90.

William J. Campbell served in Company A, Georgia 21 Infantry (Capt. Glover’s Company, Campbell Guards)  Much more  info on linked page.


19032 19032

CARTERSVILLE / Ga. // MAR / 11 neat light cds with no rate as listed in CSA Catalog as Type A, CV $200. Addressed on fresh cover to Mrs. Nelson Clayton, Opelika, Ala. Ex Roger Ballard. $125.

19131 19131

ATLANTA / Ga. // MAY / 30 [1863] bold cds with matching neat DUE 10 (Type C, CV $500) on soldier’s cover to Mr. R. Hines, Cartersville, Ga. with mandated endorsement of Private W. Ware, Co. E, 26th Ala reg. FOUR typewritten single-space pages are included which detail info on Ware, the regiment, and more. Most stampless soldier's mail from Atlanta is relatively rare. Most such mail was handled by the army post offices and never received Atlanta postmarks. Ex Roger Ballard. $500.

William Ware served in the 26th Alabama Infantry. Much more info on linked page.

19428 19428

GREENSBOROUGH / Ga. // JAN / 19 (1862) beautiful bold strikes of CDS with matching PAID and large encircled 5 (CC type 300, CV $300) on cover to Mrs. C. H. Bowen to the cear (sic) of Mrs. Jul A. Whatley, Agusta (sic) georgia (sic), slightly reduced at right and small repair at upper right. $90.


FRANKLIN GEO. 1862 JAN 20 cds with matching handstamped PAID, 10 (ms) on cover to Dr. G. W. Peddy, Dalton, Ga.; 56 Ga Big (sic), Gen Cummins (sic) Brig., scrapbook page adhesions on verso. $160. 

Dr. George Washington Peddy was a Surgeon for the 4th Regiment Georgia State Troops and  55th / 56th GA Infantry and 23rd Alabama Infantry. Detailed military bio on the linked page.


NEWNAN Ga. OCT 11 861 neatly struck light cds with matching PAID 5 (CSA Catalog type A, CV $200) on cover to J. Belknap Smith, Esq., Columbia Mine, Ga. Some minor flap faults. $140.

COLUMBIA GOLD MINE detailed history on linked page.


AUGUSTA GA NOV 17 [1861] double circle postmark with matching PAID 5, CC type F, on cover to Chs S. Jordan Sr, Monticello, Geo; couple small edge tears; CCV $200. $125.


AUGUSTA GA JUL  2 [1861] double circle cancel with matching handstamped PAID 5, CC type F, on cover to Mrs. L. H. Bowen, Greensboro, Georgia; Ex Emerson $200.


SPARTA Ga.  SEP 12 cds in red with neat matching PAID 10, CC type D (CCV $300) on neat pink-lined cover to Capt. W. M. Arnold, Comp A. 6th Geo Regt, Yorktown, Virginia; slightly reduced at left. $350.

William McIntosh Arnold was an officer in Co. A, GA 6th Infantry (Sydney Brown Infantry). Military bio on linked page.


DUE 10 Army of Tennessee field cancel but hard to make out which type, struck on irregularly shaped homemade envelope to Mrs. Charlotta J. Thompson, Alpharetta, Ga with mandated endorsement of W. Thompson in Co G, 56th Regt Ga Vols (Army of Tennessee). The 56th was also known as the 55th Georgia from Milton County. $160.

Private Wilburn Thompson bio on linked page.


SAVANNAH GA  JAN 16 cds with matching PAID 10 in oval on small cover addressed to Mrs. W[illiam] C[abell] Rives, Castle Hill, Cobham, Albemarle Co., Virginia; COBHAM Va. cds (ms. Jun 23 date) with matching handstamped PAID and manuscript “5” forward the cover to Richmond (10¢ Savannah to Cobham and 5¢ to forward from Cobham to Richmond). Wonderful FORWARDED cover. Cobham was an Albemarle County stop on the Virginia Central Railroad; Ex Thacker. $500.

William Cabell Rives bio on linked page.


COLUMBUS Ga JUL 20 (1861) blurry CDS with matching PAID 5 (CC type A, CV $200) on cover to Isaac I Cowl Dahlonaga (sic) Lumpkin County Ga. Trivial edge faults. $100.


DARIEN Ga. OCT 25 (1861) CDS with matching PAID 5 (CC type A, CV $200) on cover to Mrs. J. M. Kell Care Nathan C. Munroe Esq., Macon, Geo. $150.

John McIntosh Kell was a graduate of Annapolis, a Confederate Navy officer who served first on the raider Sumter and then on the Alabama. Brief bio on linked page.


DARIEN Ga. NOV 1 CDS with matching PAID 10 (CC type C, CV $200) on cover to Sergt. James M. Couper, Care Col. Russell 20 Miss. Regt., Floyd’s Div. Army of the N.W. Lewisburg (West) Va. Slightly reduced at left. $150.

James M. Couper served as A.C.S. 20th Regiment Mississippi Volunteers - military bio on linked page.


ETOWAH Ga. MAR 31 (1862) neat CDS with manuscript Paid 5 on fresh cover to (CV $200) on cover to Hon. A. H. Stephens, Richmond, Virginia (CSA Vice President), part of back flap missing as usual with this correspondence with clerk’s notes “Mark A Cooper President E.M.&M. Co. Etowah Ga March 31, 1862.” Very Fine. $190.


CASSVILLE GA FEB  25 [1861] blue cds with matching 5 PAID handstamp, CC type B, on stampless cover to Lieut. W. A. Chunn, 1st Brig 1st Reg Co. I, State Troops, Savannah, Geo. $190.


ATLANTA Ga. NOV 21 1862 cds with matching handstamped DUE 10 on cover to Mrs. Dr. G. W. Peddy, Franklin, Ga.; endorsed “From G. W. Peddy, Surgeon 56th Ga. Regt”, Very Fine, CSACV $500.  $550.

Dr. George Washington Peddy was a Surgeon for the 4th Regiment Georgia State Troops and  55th / 56th GA Infantry and 23rd Alabama Infantry. Detailed military bio on linked page.


WAYNESVILLE GA PAID 10, CSA Catalog type B (CCV $200) beautiful clear strike to Miss Mary A. Smith, Perry’s Mills, Tattnall County, Ga., Extremely Fine. $200.

New 04-04-24

CHARLESTON PENNY POST: BRUNSWICK Ga. JUL 3 (1861) PAID with manuscript “5” (CSA Catalog type A) on cover to Miss Fannie M. Marion, Charlotte Street. Charleston So Ca with rare sender’s directive “Penny Post Deliverer.” Only 5 such Charleston carriers are listed in the Siegel Census, although Charleston student Rick Calhoun says in his Charleston book that “less than 20 recorded as used during the war,” which I believe is more credible. Either way, it is a rare cover. CSA Catalog type CS-01, CV $3,500.  Small owner backstamp of R.L. Calhoun $2,300. Listed in both Miscellaneous, section 2, and Georgia Stampless.

Charleston Penny Post Service. Detailed description on linked page.

New 05-17-24

MACON GA double-circle postmark on cover with matching PAID 5 (CC type D, CV $200) to Mess. McWilliams & Roberts, Griffin, Geo., slightly reduced, Very Fine. $180.

New 05-17-24

MACON GA double-circle postmark on cover with matching PAID 5 (CC type G, CV $200) to Hon. A.H. Stephens, Richmond, Virginia, (Vice President of the Confederacy) with his usual secretarial docketing on reverse: “Hon. E.A. Nisbet, Macon Georgia, 28th April 1862, says my son Richard H. Nisbet is liable to conscription is really too feeble a person for the ranks. Asks you to get him a place as surgeon or asst. surgeon,” partial back flap and small repaired edge nicks across top. $100.