Items for Sale - CSA 6, 5¢ London Typograph on Cover

Printer: Thomas De La Rue & Co.

15016 15016

CSA 6, 5¢ blue London bottom sheet margin (scuff in margin) and CSA 7-L, 5¢ local print (pre-use crease) on London paper tied together with CHARLESTON / S.C. // AUG / 11 / 186[2] cds on homemade cover to Miss Virginia C. Willis, No. 7 Line Street, Charleston, So Ca. and Care of W. S. Henry, Esq., 318 Meeting St. Although there is no absolute proof this was delivered by PENNY POST, both street addresses are local and more likely than not it was delivered that way. Original letter headed Camp Hagood, August 10th, 1862 from W. R. Willis to his sister with rather ordinary content. Letter file splits reinforced with archival tape. There are two listings for W. R. Willis, one in SC Washington Light Artillery and the other in SC 2nd Battn Sharp Shooters. Penny Post use catalogs $3,500 in CSA Catalog for local delivery. Ex Karrer. $350.

16810 16810

CSA 6, 5¢ light blue pair tied GREENVILLE / N.C. // SEP / 13 cds on back flaps of small homemade cover to Hellen Grimes, Raleigh, NC. Inside with a handwritten name but no address or evidence of postal use, light staining mostly on back. $100.  

19512 19512

CSA 6, 5¢ light blue (two singles, tiny faults) used with scarce manuscript cancel of “Salubrity SC 22th Sept” on tiny cover to W.L. Boggs, Columbia, S.C. where FORWARDED to Tuscaloosa with ms. “Fowd 10” and blue COLUMBIA / S.C. // SEP / 23 cds; edge wear and missing top back flap, also ink erosion in pen stroke crossing out “Columbia.” $120.

19983 19983

CSA 6 & 7, 5¢ blue London and Richmond print MIXED FRANKING tied together by RICHMOND / Va. // AUG 20 / 1863 CDS on FOLDED LETTER written on lined paper addressed to Mrs. Louisa N. Nowlin, Hillsville, Carrol County, Virginia. London print has vertical pre-use crease and many of the file folds are breaking but FABULOUS LETTER CONTENT to “Lou” from “Mother” DESCRIBING BATTLE OF THE GUNBOATS, to wit, “They came up very audaciously several times near Chaffins Bluff, they were fired on, our men fixed some cannons at deep bottom & fired into one monitor, they then doubled quicked down to curls rock & then gave them Jipe, the torpedo man was absent and a green one fired off just as the boat goat near enough not to be blowed up; they have left the rivers by capturing one man that was fishing, we could not tell the extent of our success, but about twenty hats was picked up after the boat left, they carried of[f] more negroes than they ever did, I am told our pickets allowed themselves to be bribed by the darkies, and rarely ever stop a negro. Mayo bought three negroes to supply the places of the three that left. They just answer and that is as much, he bought the fourth one who professes to have been raised in the house as a dining room servant & cook, now old Claey is quick to him, and Marshall can clean the knives three times.” Photocopies of the letter are included so is unnecessary to keep opening to readMost interesting and a nice mixed franking to boot. $300.


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue pair tied by DANBURGH Ga SEP 6 36mm balloon circular datestamp on small (109mm x 63mm) lady’s cover to Miss Eliza J. Arnett, Macon, Georgia, where it was handstamped ADVERTISED. CSA Catalog type L, CV $500 plus the premium of a balloon postmark made to look even larger by the small cover. Back flap opening faults and small edge tears. Scarce! $450.

Danburgh history on linked page.


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue single tied RICHMOND Va. MAY 23, 1862, circular datestamp on clean folded business letter to Messr. Thos. Branch & Sons, Petersburg, Va., from Dunlop & Moncure Co. saying that he understands there is a considerable quantity of goods there for them but the Richmond & Petersburg Railroad Co. refuses to take freight to Richmond. He asks Branch to enquire what goods are there for them and their value so they can be sold. File fold through stamp otherwise Very Fine. SCV $150 for single used before rate change July 1, 1862. $125.


CSA 6, 5¢ light blue pair (surface erosion on left stamp) tied CULPEPER C.H. Va. SEP 12 on cover to Miss Fanny R. Johnston, Salem Roanoke County Virginia with soldier’s endorsement upside down at bottom left “28th  Reg. Va. Vols.” Ex John Vagnetti. $85.

New 05-16-24

CSA 6, 5¢ light blue vertical pair tied by AUGUSTA Ga JUL 27 CDS on adversity cover made from a printed SOUTH CAROLINA RAILROAD form to Mrs. Mary E. Hill, Richland Stewart Cty Ga.; green RENWICK GA AUG 15 CDS (cover tear into postmark), “Missent & forwarded” notation, top center edge mend, Very Fine appearance. Ex Brian Green. $350.