Items for Sale - Prisoner of War & Civilian Flag of Truce - Section Three

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JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose #65 (3 enormous margins) tied Sandusky O Apr 13 ’64 duplex with manuscript examined marking “Ex EAH” listed by Harrison as used March 12, 1864. This use provides a range. RICHMOND / Va // MAY / 7 [1864] cds but missing the DUE 10 which showed postage paid to the Confederacy, with endorsement of G. W. Finley, 1st Lt Co K 56th Reg Va Infantry on cover to his wife in Clarksville, Va.; rounded corner at upper left. Nice use both sides on one cover. $900

George Williamson Finley was a lieutenant of the 56th Virginia Infantry, who led his company across the Gettysburg wheat field in Pickett's charge and reached the stone wall.  Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose #65 tied cork with Sandusky O cds manuscript examined marking, RICHMOND / Va // FEB / 10 cds and straightline DUE 10, manuscript endorsement of G. W. Finley, 1st Lt Co K 56th Reg Va Infantry on cover to his wife in Clarksville, Va. Nice use both sides on one cover. $900.

George Williamson Finley was a lieutenant of the 56th Virginia Infantry, who led his company across the Gettysburg wheat field in Pickett's charge and reached the stone wall.  Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose #65 tied blue cork with blue Sandusky O Oct, 19 dcds, RICHMOND / Va // FEB / 10 cds and straightline DUE 10, manuscript endorsement of G. W. Finley, 1st Lt Co K 56th Reg Va Infantry on cover to his wife in Clarksville, Va. Small cover erosions at top near stamp. Nice use both sides on one cover. $900.

George Williamson Finley was a lieutenant of the 56th Virginia Infantry, who led his company across the Gettysburg wheat field in Pickett's charge and reached the stone wall.  Much more information on linked page.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND (CAMP HOFFMAN): CSA 11, 10¢ blue (small faults) tied RICHMOND / VA // JUL / 19 [1864] CDS used together on POW cover franked with US 65, 3¢ rose (small faults) tied target with dcds of POINT LOOKOUT / MD // MAY / 24 / 1864, manuscript “app” examined marking, addressed to Tivia Burnard, Meadows of Dan, Patrick County, Virginia. Stains removed from front of cover but noted on accompanying 2006 CSA Certificate 04883. Nice use of both sides. Ex Kohn. $1,200.


CAMP FORD, TYLER, TEXAS: letterhead with the Great Seal of Maine, State of Maine, Head Quarters, Adjutant General's Office, dated Augusta, Sep. 30th, 1864, addressed to Mrs. M. J. Robinson in response to her inquiry about Union prisoners at Camp Ford, Tyler Texas, states "I can give you no information concerning the prisoners that were taken in they have not exchanged yet it will be impossible to tell who have died or who have not," signed by John L. Hodson Adjt. General, Very Fine. Good fodder for soldier research. $250.


CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: NORFOLK / VA. // DEC / 18 / 1861, blue cds with matching encircled PAID 5C handstamp (CSA type C) on civilian flag-of-truce cover to Miss Harriott Middleton, Charleston, So.Ca Pencil "Exd. 10cts. Pd." (postage due for double weight?) notation, probably enclosed in outer cover containing funds for postage and addressed to Fortress Monroe, typical of flag-of-truce mail it was exchanged at Norfolk, Extremely Fine with undated photocopy of early CSA authentication certificate signed Shenfield as Chairman (1945-48). Ex J.V. Nielsen. CSA Catalog type CIV01 (CV $750). The Middleton correspondence is well-known and this was likely from Harriott’s sister Anne M. Hunter of New York. From September 1861 until late January 1862, most southbound mail was directed to Fortress Monroe where it was exchanged under flag of truce with Confederate officials at Norfolk, and letters were then placed in the Confederate mails at Norfolk. THIS SCARCE ROUTE WAS ONLY IN PLACE FOR FIVE MONTHS. Union Secretary of War Simon Cameron called a halt to all civilian flag of truce exchanges in January 1862 and was affirmed by Edwin Stanton in May 1863. Not all flag of truce mail bears a censor marking. $900.


CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: NORFOLK / VA. // FEB / 22 / 1862, blue cds with matching [PAID] 5 handstamp (CSA type C) on civilian flag-of-truce cover to Miss Harriott Middleton, Charleston, So.Ca Pencil "Exd. S.G.Extremely Fine, CSA Catalog type CIV01 (CV $750). The Middleton correspondence is well-known and this was likely from Harriott’s sister Anne M. Hunter of New York. From September 1861 until late January 1862, most southbound mail was directed to Fortress Monroe where it was exchanged under flag of truce with Confederate officials at Norfolk, and letters were then placed in the Confederate mails at Norfolk. Union Secretary of War Simon Cameron called a halt to all civilian flag of truce exchanges in January 1862 and was affirmed by Edwin Stanton in May 1863, but In spite of the ban, some civilian flag of truce mail was exchanged throughout the war at the discretion of commanders at various flag of truce points. Letter was addressed to 44 South Bay in downtown Charleston, quite likely indicating delivery by the Penny Post. Norfolk remained in Confederate hands until May 10, 1862. $900.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue (4 margins) tied RICHMOND / Va. // SEP / 25 / 1863 cds on neat blue lined commercially made ladies cover to “Mrs. Augusta D. Morgan, Prattville, Ala (By Fortress Monroe & Flag of Truce)” with pencil docketing as received Oct 1, 1863. Mail exchanged in the East was delivered at Aiken’s Landing on the James River at Norfolk and later at City Point, The Flag of Truce boat New York was used for this purpose and plied from Union occupied Fortress Monroe to the exchange ground. $350.


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILL: US 63, 73, 1¢ blue, 2¢ black tied by KEENE / KY // APR / 1 cds on prisoner's cover from Rock Island Prison to Miss Eliz C. Gordon, Keene Ky. and FORWARDED to Lexington Ky; stamps pay forwarding postage, light strike of blue R.I. Barrack, Prisoner's Letter, Examined oval handstamp, Rock Island dcds and target at right, originating postage removed or fell off, non-contemporary "1865" at center, some edge flaws and overall wear, Scarce forwarded prisoner's cover. $950.


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US 3¢ Nesbitt entire tied COLUMBUS / O // OCT / 11 with Camp Chase Examined handstamp, CSA Catalog PWH-245 type C, addressed to Doctor Michael Effinger, Lancaster, Ohio. Dr. Effinger was a respected physician in Lancaster and a good friend of General Wm. T. Sherman in boyhood and as adults. Clean cover with ¾” tear at left edge. $150.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 11, 10¢ blue (4 margins, light pre-use creases) tied RICHMOND / VA // MAY / 13 cds on cover to Miss Anna R. Tuthill, Columbia, South Carolina, with manuscript directive at top left, “For Flag of Truce.” From Anna’s sister, Emma J. Tuthill, in the North (East Otto, New York). Envelope is pristine and the gummed flap (commercially made cover) has never been sealed, open for examination, this being the inner cover. Plantation Collection. $300.


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied “prison bars” grid and used with Columbus O / Jun / 20 [1863] circle datestamp on cover to Mrs. C. E. Evans, Upper Falls, MD, with manuscript censor marking “Exmd, E. L. Webber, Mjr Comdg Post” which was used Jan 30-Oct 20, 1863, according to Harrison, page 181. Plantation Collection. $300.


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied COLUMBUS / O // SEP / 16 duplex on cover to Mrs. Harriet Summan, Spades PO, Ripley, Co, Indiana. Prison censor marking (CSA Catalog PWH-24, type C). Plantation Collection. $300.

H. Summan enlisted as a private in Co. Co, 3rd Battalion Tennessee Infantry on 3-12-62. He is the only person by the name of Summan in the Confederate army.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: NEWBERRY C.H. / S.C. // NOV / 14 /1864 double circle datestamp on small clean blue commercially made cover with PAID from Newberry showing that the Confederate postage was paid. Manuscript “By Flag of Truce” at lower left and addressed to Rev. N. M. Gordon, Keene, Kentucky. Union postage was noted with DUE 6 (3¢ penalty for not prepaying the postage because this is a civilian, not military cover). This is the only Flag of Truce cover from the Newberry District per Giana Wayman and it broke several rules, although there were not infrequent exceptions. There is no evidence of censorship; evidently, they let this one go through. Had there been a CSA stamp on it, it likely would have gone to the Dead Letter Office. Starting in mid-February 1862, civilian flag-of-truce mail sent North was diverted to the Dead Letter Office, per U.S. General Order No. 7. This order followed an announcement in the January 1862 U.S. Mail & Post Office Assistant that stated, "The facilities afforded by sending letters to the rebel states under a flag-of-truce are not intended, and cannot be permitted, to cover general correspondence." By the end of February, the CSA mail system stopped forwarding almost all such letters. The cover was sent unsealed because civilian mail was subject to examination just like prisoner mail. It did not use the mandated two envelope method; we don’t know if the letter was properly kept to one page per regulations. There are other covers from this correspondence (lot 4114, Siegel sale 981, Walske collection) that did end up in the Dead Letter Office from Rev. N. M. Gordon but from Keene, Ky, going South. An exceptionally nice and unusual use. Article about this cover will be in my 2Q 2017 column in La Posta. Ex Wayman. $1,500.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE AND TRIME COIN PASTE-UP: Mott-Bostick correspondence--TWO MATCHING COVERS from the Mott-Bostick correspondence addressed to Mrs. Smith-Mott, Hamilton N.Y., both franked with 3¢ Rose #65 tied by Old Point Comfort / Va. 1863 double-circle datestamps affixed over the spot where PASTED "TRIME" (3¢) SILVER COINS originated and were covered with a square of paper (both stamps defective from removal, coins no longer present but in one case the outline of the coin impression remains). SCARCE PAIR OF CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE COVERS EVIDENCING COIN PASTE-UPS TO PAY POSTAGE AND RARE CONTENT ADD-ON BY AGENT OF EXCHANGE MULFORD. Ex Walske and Fisher (on Fisher exhibit pages) $1,200. Much more detailed information on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY / OHIO: CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied RICHMOND / VA on cover to Joseph Daviers, Hamilton, Esq., Montgomery, Alabama routed “By flag of truce”. Unsealed inner envelope originally enclosed inside another envelope, per regulations. The outer envelope with US postage would have been discarded at the exchange point and then this one transmitted to enter the mails in Richmond for forwarding to Alabama. Military and regimental records included. This is a known correspondence which corresponds to other handwriting / covers of origin from Johnson’s Island. Ex Hedin. $450.

Thomas H. Hamilton enlisted as a 2nd Lieut. in Co. K., 18th Tenn. Infantry. More information on linked page.


RICHLAND JAIL, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: outgoing prisoner of war cover to Eugene R. Payne, Tonawanda, Erie, Co[unty] N.Y., with "Old Point Comfort, Va." cds and Due 3 handstamp, with manuscript "Exam, R.D. Senn, Capt. Guard" examiner at left and “Prisoner of War letter By Flag of Truce from Richmond Care Genl Winder at Richmond” at top; cover slightly reduced at the top, a rare use from Richland Jail, with ONLY 39 COVERS RECORDED IN HARRISON. Sent by Lewis S. Payne who was asserted as the “CIVIL WAR’S MOST FAMOUS SCOUT.” Article in the 3Q 2018 issue of Kelleher’s Stamp Collectors Quarterly. $2,500.

Lewis S. Payne was one of the war’s most successful scouts. Full biographical information on linked page.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 1-2, 5¢ green (corner replaced at LL), tied by RICHMOND / Va. cds on North-to-South civilian inner flag-of-truce cover to John H. Cocke, Esq., Bremo Bluff, Fluvanna Co[unty] Va Care Saml M P--, Richmond, Va., and FORWARDED on to Bremo Bluff Va. Exchanged via Old Point Comfort-Fortress Monroe, where the outer cover with U.S. postage was discarded. It entered the Confederate mails with blue NORFOLK / Va. JAN / 4 / 1862 cds and matching Paid 5c handstamp. Glue outlines of two Half Dimes, which were applied to pay the Confederate postage to Richmond and the forwarding postage to Bremo Bluff, specified in the address with a "care of" notation, replacement Half Dimes glued to the cover sleeve, some minor wear and staining. When this cover arrived in Norfolk, the bottom Half Dime was removed and the Paid 5c handstamp struck. When it was forwarded from Richmond, the top Half Dime was removed and the 5c stamp applied -- partly overlapping the glue from the coin. The sender anticipated this chain of events and planned accordingly. FASCINATING AND VERY RARE USE. Ex Shenfield, Weatherly, Gallagher and Kilbourne. $4,500.


JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: POW cover with 3c Rose (65), tied by blue segmented grid cancel, CSA 11c, 10¢ bluish green, large margins and similarly tied  SANDUSKY / O. // NOV / 4 double-circle datestamp, to Mrs. G. W. Bagby Care Dr. G. W. Bagby, Richmond, Va.; endorsed "Flag of Truce Boat via Fortress Monroe" at left and "from Lt. J H Chamberlayne, prisnr War" at top, manuscript "Examined D. S. Alexander," small hole punch at upper left, few repaired edge tears at top, Very Fine, with 2016 PF certificate. $850.

John Hampden Chamberlayne is an oft-quoted Confederate letter writer who was an artillerist during the Civil War. Served as an aide to Generals Reuben Lindsay Walker and A.P. Hill. Much more information on linked page.


JOHNSON'S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: clear strike of "Prisoner's Letter, Johnsons Island, O. Examined C.H.R." handstamp (Chauncy H. Roberts from Nov 1864 to May 1865) and manuscript "For Flag of Truce" on cover to Master Robert H. Davis, Care of Mrs. Joseph J. Davis, Louisburg, N.C., endorsed by "Joseph J. Davis, Capt. Co. G 47th NCT, Prisoner of War", US 65, 3¢ rose tied by bold target cancel, Sandusky / O. // Nov / 20 / '64 double-circle datestamp, RICHMOND / VA. // JAN / 13 [1864] cds with DUE 10 straightline, ms. directive “Care of Maj. Genl. Butler Comdng. Department of Va. & N.C., Fortress Monroe, Virginia,” Very Fine. $750.


CAMP HOFFMAN (POINT LOOKOUT, MD): US 65, 3¢ rose tied Point Lookout March ? [1865] target cancel on POW cover to Mrs. Emeline West, Lumberton, Robeson County, N.C., with bold beautifully struck RICHMOND / Va. // MAR / 17 [1865] cds and soldier’s DUE 10 postal rating with light Type B censor marking (CSA catalog #PWH-17 used July 1864-March 1865, CCV $800). Back flaps with contemporary pencil docketing “One Day after Dated I Promised to Pay the back an forth Sum of 10 cents” - doubtless declaring that he promises to pay the postage due for the letter being sent. In pen, “this Day is nearly gone and nothing have I dun, this to my litle Emeline / E.W. Aprel 24 1865.” (original “inventive” spelling preserved) $800.

Elias West served in Company A, NC 31st Infantry, Clingman’s Brigade, Hoke’s Division, 4th Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. More details on linked page.


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILLINOISE: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose canceled target cancel with matching ROCK ISLAND / ILL // NOV 23 / ‘64 double-circle postmark and neat blue R.I. Barracks POW examined oval (CSA catalog type PWH-13a, type C, CCV $800). Straightline DUE 10 Confederate rate cancel with RICHMOND / VA. // JAN / 12 [1865] cds, which also cancels stamp. Pristine cover addressed to “Mrs. Bettie C. Dorn, Kirkseys Cross Roads, Edgefield Dist[rict], South Carolina” with ms. “Pr Flag of Truce via Fortress Monroe” at lower left. Unusually nice use of postage of both sides. 2008 CSA certificate calls out a pulled perf at bottom center of stamp. Ex-Katz $750.


Back of cover

ELMIRA, NEW YORK: CSA 12, 10¢ blue (four margins) tied by red PETERSBURG / VA. cds and sent to Mr. John McL Harrington, Harrington, N.C. The COVER WAS REUSED and addressed on the reverse to "Prisoner's Camp, Elmira, NY, Ward No. 43, Care of Maj. Colt," (prisoner name unidentified but could be with due diligence),  postmarked HARRINGTON / N.C. // JAN / 3 [1865], docketed on obverse side, "Answered Sept 28, '64", some overall soiling, Very Fine. This cover most likely was sent under separate cover from there to Richmond, Va. by Flag of Truce via Old Point Comfort, VA. Both CSA & US postage was paid by the N.C. postmaster, John Harrington, who neglected to note the payment on the cover, signed Dietz twice at bottom front and back. $650.

Major Henry V. Colt of the 104th NY Volunteers served as the direct camp commander. His brother was the famous Samuel Colt, inventor of the revolving breech pistol. Much more information on linked page.


OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON, D.C.: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose tied cork cancel with matching Washington, DC, double-circle cancel on fresh overpaid drop letter to Anson Taylor, Care Rev. B. N. Brown, No 165 H Street, Washington, D.C. with light W. P. Wood examined (CSA Catalog #PWH-02, type A, CV $800), contents docketing up left side “E. Baxter Nov 3d/64.” Scarce prisoner cover. $600.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose (small sealed tear at UR) tied cork cancel on fresh cover with ms. directive “By Flag of Truce” at upper left, to Mrs. John A. Rockwell, Norwich, Connecticut. $200.

John Arnold Rockwell was a graduate of Yale College in 1822 and represented Norwich as a senator in the State Legislature before being elected to Congress in 1845. More information on linked page.


CAMP CHASE OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied COLUMBUS O NOV 17 duplex on neat cover to Milton E. Smith Care Geo. P. Weiser Frederick City Maryland with scarce manuscript “Approved Lt Col Poten” early Poten censor marking used only November 2, 1863-January 12, 1864 (per Harrison) by Lt. Col. August H. Poten, 7th Regiment Invalid Corps, before he ordered a handstamp to make his job easier. Ex Matz. $500.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied SANDUSKY O SEP 5 (or 6) neat duplex cancel on POW cover to Miss Jennie Shaw, Washington, D.C Care of Rev Wm McLean; examined manuscript “Ex GAR” censor marking of Pvt. Gerald A. Ressap 128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry who signed as such Sep 6-15, 1864, according to Harrison, Very Fine. $250.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by New York cork duplex Feb 9 1864, incoming use addressed to Capt. John L. Reid, Care of Col. Person, Johnson’s Island near Sandusky, Ohio, with manuscript examined marking of EfB (?). No record of this or similar examined initials in Harrison. $200.


ANDERSONVILLE, GA: OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON, D.C./FORT PULASKI, Ga./IMMORTAL 600:  CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue (4 large to huge margins) tied by usual light strike of ANDERSONVILLE / Ga. dateless double-circle datestamp on prisoner-of-war cover endorsed "C. D. McCoy, Capt., 25th Va. Infantry, Prisoner of War," to his mother, Mrs. S.A. McCoy, University of Virginia, Albemarle Co(unty) Va. This is an Immortal 600 cover prepared prior to the departure of the Crescent City for Charleston on Aug. 20, 1864, "Passed W.P. Wood Supt. Military Prison" examiner's circular handstamp from Old Capitol Prison struck before departure with manuscript "Exd HW" censor's marking (in all likelihood, U.S. Brigadier General Henry W. Wessells), endorsed "For Flag of Truce Boat via Fortress Monroe," but not exchanged there. The prisoners arrived on Morris Island September 7, 1864. The cover was prepared and censored prior to the departure of the Crescent City to Morris Island. The Immortal 600 were removed from Morris Island October 23, 1864, and taken to Fort Pulaski Ga. For whatever reason, the cover was mailed via the Confederate Post Office at Andersonville, Ga., where it was put into the mail to Virginia. An expected scuff at top right where there was possibly a coin to pay Confederate postage which was removed to pay the postage, but for sure a stamp, which outline is clearly visible. Ex-Roser and Summit; Click blue underlined links to see: 2006 PF certificate 4342872022 CWPS certificate 06387, and Dr. Harry Brittain certificate CPF-2022-05-01 and Brittain page 2 opining as to Keatinge & Ball printing of the stamp. Very Fine. MULTIPLE-THREAT EXHIBIT PIECE WORTHY OF A LEADING COLLECTION. This will likely be the topic of a forthcoming Kaufmann article. $8,500.

See great deal of detailed information on thumbnail-linked page about IMMORTAL 600 and Charles Daniel McCoy. 


LIBBY PRISON, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA: inner envelope with OLD POINT COMFORT VA DEC 25 (1863) double-circle datestamp and straightline “Due 3” with endorsement at top “Prisoners Letter Libby Prison” to Miss Emma Paulding Care Rear Admiral Paulding, Navy Yard, New York. GREAT NAVAL ADDRESS to the prisoner officer’s sister care of his famous father. Minor staining. $500. 

Tattnall Paulding served in the Sixth United States Cavalry. His father was U.S. Admiral Hiram Paulding who had an illustrious Navy career. Detailed information on thumbnail-linked page.


FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARECSA 12, 10¢ blue left sheet margin tied RICHMOND Va. SEP 14 186(3) and US 65, 3¢ rose (tiny Richmond CDS type 5d used August-December 1863 (Powell). WONDERFUL USE OF POSTAGE FROM BOTH BELLIGERENTS. $1,000.tear in left margin) tied by blue grid with matching early blue DELAWARE CITY DEL SEP 4 on cover to William W. Webb Esqr. Lunenburg CH Virginia with censor “Examined Jno O. Wilson” at top. This postmark is quite scarce in blue. The examiner is listed in Harrison as censoring October 1863-March 9, 1864. This is clearly earlier in September 1863 before they started using handstamped examined markings and thus the EARLIEST USE OF THIS EXAMINER (Jonathan O. Wilson). 


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied Sandusky Ohio Oct 22 duplex as well as RICHMOND Va. CDS, bold neat prisoner’s examined marking TOC (Pvt. Theodore O. Castle, 128th O.V.I – used August 23-November 3, 1864) on cover to his father, A.C. Mitchell, Glennville Barbour Co(unty) Ala. from J.B. Mitchell 34th Ala Inft. (endorsed across the left end), manuscript “For flag of truce via Old Pt. Comfort” at top and stamped (Richmond) DUE 10 representing use of both sides. Ex Ralph Swap. $600. 

James Billingslea Mitchell detailed biography on linked page.


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILLINOIS: US 65, 3¢ rose bottom row straddle margin copy with pane divider line tied ROCK ISLAND ILL MAR 18 ’65 duplex on cover to Mrs. Sarah A. McCleave, Cumberland, Md; blue prisoner’s examined oval (CSA Catalog type PWH-13a, only used about six months). Very late use. Harrison shows this marking used August 11, 1864-February 21, 1865, making this perhaps the LATEST RECORDED. Ex Ralph Swap. $500.


FORT DELAWARE, DELAWARE: US 65, 3¢ rose used with unidentified blue duplex on incoming POW cover to Mr. B.F. Farmer, Prisoner of War, Fort Delaware, Del, Comp. G 47th Tenn. Regt. Inf. 5th Div.; with manuscript examined marking “Ex O.K./A.M.P.” that is NOT LISTED for Fort Delaware. Cover creasing through stamp and a bit war weary. Army of Tennessee solider Benjamin Franklin Farmer, Ex Ralph Swap. $170.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: US 65, 3¢ rose tied cork with side CDS of SPARTA ILL FEB 6 (1862) as well as blue NORFOLK VA FEB 20 1862 double-circle datestamp with matching blue (DUE) 10 on cover to Mrs. Mary W. Bird Clarksville Ga Via way of Fortress Monroe Flag of Truce. Original letter enclosure from daughter to mother trying to allay her fears of being separated on the other side of the conflict. Tiny upper left sealed corner tear. Scarce early Norfolk exchange route used from September 1861-May 1862. Much scarcer than prisoner of war uses. Ex Judd and Swap. $950.


LIBBY PRISON, RICHMOND, VA: prisoner cover with Old Point Comfort Va. Nov 10 dcds and matching DUE 6 circled handstamp, endorsed M. M. Moore, 2nd Lieut., Prisoner of War at left and addressed to his mother Mrs. A. W. Moore at Grand Rapids Mich.; Feb. 14, 1864 letter from same correspondence accompanies where he states he is able to only write six lines and he expects to stay in prison for the duration of the war, Very Fine. One of the Union 600 held captive under fire of their own guns in Charleston as listed in In and Out of Rebel Prisons by Alonzo Cooper. See my article “The Immortal 600” in the April 2009 column in the American Stamp Dealer and Collector on the Articles page, which tells this horrid tale of retaliation and retribution.  Ex Ralph Swap. $1,000. 

Malcolm M. Moore served in Co. I, Michigan 6th Cavalry. See bio on linked page.


OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON, DC: US 65, 3¢ rose tied WASHINGTON D.C. OCT 29 1863 circular datestamp on prisoner’s cover to Samuel Lee, 414 West Lombard St., Baltimore Md. Scarce red provost marshal examined, CSA Catalog type PWH-06, Harrison type II, signed C.D.W. (not identified by Harrison in his POW opus). Ex Ralph Swap. $1,000.

Samuel Phillips Lee commanded the North American Blockading Squadron and the Mississippi River Squadron. See bio on linked page.


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied cork with OLD POINT COMFORT VA AUG 25 double-circle datestamp on tiny enameled lady’s cover with lovely die-cut and silver-edged top back flap (as well as bottom flap) addressed to Lieut. Robt Gorrell 57th N.C. Regmt Johnston’s (sic) Island Ohio with endorsement “By Flag of Truce via Fortress Monroe” and “Prisoner of War” with manuscript examined marking at left center “Ex FWR.” (examined marking listed in Harrison as used most of 1863-1864). $550.

Robert D. Gorrell served in Co. D, North Carolina 57th Infantry. Military bio on linked page.


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: Outgoing POW cover bearing postage of both sides contrary to regulations (outer envelope was supposed to be discarded at the exchange point).  Franked with US 65, 3¢ rose tied POINT LOOKOUT FEB 9 ’64 duplex, from POW Pri[vate] Geo. Q. Peyton, Co. A. 13th Regt. to his father, John W. Peyton, Rapid Ann Station, Culpeper County, O & ARR, Va.; with handstamped Prisoner's Letter Examined and manuscript directive By Flag of Truce; CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied by Feb 22 [1864] RICHMOND VA. FEB 22 CDS, part of top flap missing. Ex John Vagnetti. $1,350.

George Quintus Peyton
detailed bio on linked page.


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 11, 10¢ blue top sheet margin tied neat RICHMOND Va. OCT 14 CDS on small commercially-made envelope to Mrs. A. Lugnot, Richmond Va. with manuscript directive “By flag of truce” at lower left. Sealed 1.25” tear extends from top under stamp through CDS. OVERPAID DROP, Ex Harrison. $225.

G.A. Lugnot was a private in Co. B, 24th Regiment Virginia Cavalry. Middle initial also recorded as R. He was hospitalized in Richmond with syphilis. Partial record included.


FORT DELAWARE SMUGGLED LETTER: CSA 11, 10¢ blue used with RALEIGH NC illegible CDS to William Grimes, Raleigh N. Ca. on OVERPAID DROP with smuggled letter headed “U.S. Military Prison Fort Delaware Del. Feby 23rd 1865” from Prisoner of War Lt. A.H. Mansfield 8th NC Infantry (Clingman’s Brigade) to Grimes, a relative who was editor of a Raleigh newspaper. Carried to Raleigh by Capt. Burgwin (sic) as indicated by “Politeness of Capt. Burgwin” at lower left of cover and content of the strongly penned letter saying Burgwyn was among some officers about to be released and heading for the South in whose care he entrusts the letter; Burgwyn dropped the already-stamped envelope in the Raleigh mail system. Mansfield addresses the letter to “Cosin William.” Ex Galen Harrison. $1,750.

Alonzo H. Mansfield and William Hyslop Sumner Burgwyn bios on linked page.


FORT DELAWARE/IMMORTAL 600: US 65, 3¢ rose (crease) tied with blue duplex of BALTIMORE M.D. APR 12 1862 (but has to be 1865) on cover to Lt. J.E. Cobb Prisoner of War 36th Division Fort Delaware Del. Edge faults. The commercially-made envelope is from Cora Williams, a known correspondent. Cobb was one of the IMMORTAL 600 intentionally placed under fire of their own guns as retaliation for the same treatment of Union prisoners. See my article on this unpleasant chapter of the war at ASDAPR09.pdf Cobb was a tent-mate of GW Finley in Charleston on Morris Island (item 21100), Ex Harrison. $250.

James Edward Cobb
military bio on linked page.


FORT DELAWARE: Small pristine hand-carried commercially-made envelope to Lieut. John Harleston, Prisoner of War Division 28 with pencil docketing of May 10, 1865, from his cousin, Sabina Wells. Harleston had been one of the earliest POWs. He was the Executive Officer on the Savannah, a CS privateer. Captured June 1861, he was tried as a pirate and confined in New York for a time. Captured again, Lieut. Harleston was one of the last prisoners as well. Ex Galen Harrison. $180.

Confederate Privateers: fully explained on linked page.



FORT DELAWARE/IMMORTAL 600: US 65, 3¢ rose (perf creases) tied with blue duplex of BALTIMORE M.D. APR 5 1865 on cover to Lt. G.W. Finley Prisoner of War 36th Division Fort Delaware Del. The commercially-made envelope is from Cora Williams, a known correspondent. See my article on this unpleasant chapter of the war at ASDAPR09.pdf Finley was a tent-mate of James Cobb in Charleston on Morris Island (item 21099), Ex Harrison. $250.

George Williamson Finley was one of the "IMMORTAL SIX HUNDRED." Detailed bio on linked page.


CAMP HOFFMAN, POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: US 65, 3¢ rose tied by WASHINGTON D.C. NOV 18 1863 duplex. Endorsed “From Pvt. Albert Smith, Co. K, 50th Va. Reg.” on cover to Lewis Smith Esq Laurel Fork, Carroll Co(unty) Va. With manuscript directive “Via Flag of Truce Boat City Point.” Large oval type A Point Lookout J.N. Patterson examined handstamp on back flaps, the scarcest and showiest of the Point Lookout censor markings with ONLY 44 RECORDED by Harrison. CSA Catalog PWH-16. Mail from Point Lookout was processed through Washington until January 1864. No confederate postal markings, although this passed through the lines at laurel fork, Virginia.  Ex Harrison. $650.

Albert H. Smith military bio on linked page.


NORFOLK VA.  1861, usual blurry blue cds with matching encircled PAID 5C handstamp (CSA type C) on prisoner flag-of-truce cover to George W. Kenney prisoner of war Richmond Va Care of Genl Winder Commanding, and “by flag of truce Fortress Monroe” written at left end. Magenta censor marking at far right. THIS SCARCE ROUTE WAS ONLY IN PLACE FOR A FEW MONTHS.  $1,100.

Lt. George W. Kenney served in Company H, 1st California Regiment (71st Pennsylvania Infantry). Detailed bio on linked page.

New 05-24-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: cover to Dr. A. T. Zevely, Salem, North Carolina, with ms. directive “Forsythe” at lower left; postmarked RICHMOND Va. NOV 16 1863 (Powell type 5d) and (due) 10 with ORIGINAL LETTER from his brother in Cumberland, Maryland, dated Oct. 31.63 in which he acknowledges receipt of his letter (the only one since the war began) telling him of his father’s death. Ex Harrison and mounted a page from his award-winning exhibit. LL $250.

Dr. Augustus T. Zevely bio on linked page.

New 05-24-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: cover to Mrs. H.Y. Shackleford, Stony Point, Albemarle County, Virginia, with notation “By Flag of Truce”, tied by CSA 12-KB 10¢ deep blue (4 large margins all around, tied RICHMOND VA FEB 7 (1865) (Powell type 6m) use over removed US 76 10¢ brown, as mandated at the exchange point. Exceptionally nice example of this and rare with this US issue. $500.


New 06-16-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish blue (4 margins) tied by RICHMOND Va. JAN 19 (1864) cds (type 6) on through the lines cover to Oliver McFerson (sic - McPherson) Snow Camp, Alamance Co. NC with “For Flag of Truce Fortress Monroe” written across top. The cover originated from somewhere in the north as an inside envelope for the outer one franked with Union postage and discarded at the transfer point. Sealed edge tear at left center, folded over a bit at top and small reduction on the right not affecting any markings. Ex Harry Muldrow. $300.

New 06-16-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12-KB, 10¢ deep blue with trace of partial imprint at bottom, tied by RICHMOND Va. FEB 17 (1865) cds (type 5g) with manuscript Per Flag of Truce at lower left, addressed to Mrs. William Lovell, Columbia, SC. The cover was posted the day Columbia was captured by General Sherman. Docketed up left side as received on April 8, 1865. Most of top back flap missing and edge damage. Late use. Ex Harry Muldrow. $200.

New 06-16-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 7-R, 5¢ blue pair with filled in frameline and BRASS RULE at right (not listed on the right [only the bottom] in the CSA Catalog, but since published – see my articles section – very few recorded used on cover) tied RICHMOND Va. JUN 27 (1864) cds (type 6m) with manuscript Per Flag of Truce at lower left, addressed to Miss Sallie B. Johnston Abingdon Virginia. Ex Harry Muldrow. $500.

New 06-16-24

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 2-P, 10¢ blue Paterson (faulty) tied bold RICHMOND Va. NOV 4 1862 cds (type 3f) on an unmarked inner envelope (outer envelope discarded at exchange point). This is a well-known correspondence. The original letter is headed Hamilton, Madison Co. NY Oct 27 (1862) from Smith Mott to his daughter, Mrs. Maria B. Bostick, Robertville, South Carolina. Ex Harry Muldrow. $400.

The Mott-Bostick correspondence is described on the linked page.