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Item# 17220

CSA 12-AD, 10¢ blue tied by bold CHARLESTON / S.C. // JUL / 30 [1864] double-circle datestamp and "STEAM-SHIP" oval handstamp on INCOMING BLOCKADE-RUN BLACK-BORDERED MOURNING COVER to Arthur Huger, Esq., 1st Lieut. Marion Light Artillery, Camp John's Island, Charleston, South Carolina, "Due" and blue manuscript "12" rate including 2¢ ship fee. CSA 12 pays for FORWARDING TO ROBERT HABERSHAM & SON, SAVANNAH GA., Savannah forwarder docketing on back, cleaned and some minor cosmetic improvements. Docketing up right side shows sender was Sallie Scott. Extremely fine appearance. An outstanding incoming blockade-run cover with great provenance of Ex Emerson, Antrim, Haas, Shenfield, Hill, and Walske. Listed in both Blockade and Mourning Covers $5,500.

Price: $5500