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Welcome to I am a professional philatelist and have been working in the philatelic community for more than fifty years. I work with stamp collectors, postal history researchers, and philatelic exhibitors all over the world.

I enjoy research and I write for a wide variety of journals and magazines. I have served on several boards, and held office in numerous philatelic associations and societies. Many of the hundreds of articles I’ve written are available here on the website. I hope you’ll enjoy browsing through my writing.

My work and website concentrate primarily on Confederate postal history, American Civil War- era stamps, and stampless covers. You will find not only articles, a CSA stamp primer, and researcher resources, but also my complete inventory of stamps, postal history, and literature. The inventory is fully searchable and contains detailed descriptions of the philatelic materials in the retail catalog. The site is heavily linked, so additional information is always at your fingertips.

Welcome to! As you explore, if you have specific questions or are looking for a Confederate philatelic item not shown, please feel free to contact me. Thanks for visiting!

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