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    Items for Sale - Confederate Patriotic Covers Section 2 - Item# 19741

    “Our Flag” Confederate patriotic sticker (CSA Catalog ST-1), LARGEST KNOWN MULTIPLE (by a long shot) of 120 stickers measuring 13.5” wide by 11” high with sheet margins at right, top and bottom (12 stickers wide and 10 stickers deep), ungummed as originally printed, small faults as expected with an item of this size. My theory is that it was originally a sheet of 150 with 30 stickers removed contemporaneously before this was discovered. The “SC” stands for Southern Congress. At the bottom of every sticker is printed “Published by A. Dapremont, New Orleans, La.” This represents the original printing of these stickers which were produced imperforate before they changed to the die-cut version more familiar to most patriotic sticker collectors. The full story of the printer, artist, and prior history was in the March 2015 issue of The American Stamp Dealer and Collector as well as a slightly different version in the 1st Quarter issue of The Confederate Philatelist (the full issue is included - winner of the best article in the CP for 2015). The only collector (not dealer) to own this was Doug Baker. Used on cover, just one single of this sticker catalogs $2,500 (do the math). An unprecedented opportunity. $7,500.

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