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Item# 8109

CSA Catalog #U-T-1, Trial Die Impression from the original Archer & Daly steel plate. The cracked steel plate was in the possession of August Dietz and this impression was included as the centerpiece of the deluxe version of his 1929 opus, The Postal Service of The Confederate States of America.  The soft piece of steel shows an intaglio of Archer & Daly’s 10¢ and appears to have served as a matrix for trial impressions of the 20¢ transfer roll as well as parts of a 20¢ note of the Planters Insurance Trust and Loan Company. Archer & Daly produced a number of Southern banknotes. There is a faint bend at one end of the impression. A wonderfully collectible showpiece. CCV $175. $180.

Price: $180