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Item# 8108

CSA Catalog #U-2-3b, Baltimore Section and Columbus Section of Ten Cent Altered plate – proof of each on opposite sides of paper. The altered plates, the 2¢ and the 10¢, were shipped through the blockade to Richmond. De La Rue did not print any stamps from these plates. When the plates arrived in the Confederacy, they were never used. The subsequent history is speculation. One theory is that they were were captured by the North during battle. Supposedly, a federal soldier took the 10¢ altered plate and cut it into sections to give as Rebel souvenirs to friends. According to August Dietz, Frank Baptist - who printed the 5-cent stamps for Archer & Daly in 1863 - positively identified the plates. He superintended the souvenir printings of the Altered Plate. The "Columbus Section" was so-called because it was moved to the Ohio State Museum in Columbus. Through the years, there have been many printings from various sections of the original plate. The Columbus Section is one of the most well-known and common, the Baltimore section much more scarce. You will immediately note the differences in the two sections / sides - see the "notches" at left on the Columbus section. CCV $125. $125.

Price: $125