Stampless Covers - Alabama - Item#20749
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Item# 20749

TUSCALOOSA Ala. OCT  24 cds with bold matching PAID 10 (type D) on stampless cover to Lieut. B. B. Lewis, Care of Capt. J.P. West, 2nd Ala Cavalry Regt., Pollard (on Monty & Pensacola RR) Ala. Slightly reduced at left, Extremely Fine, ex Kohn and Gilbert. $300.

Burwell Boykin Lewis (1838-1885) was a lawyer and represented US Congress from 6th Alabama congressional district 1870-72 and was a U.S. congressman twice between 1875 and 1880. Lewis served as president of the University ofAlabama for just over five years until his death in Tuscaloosa, in 1885. He was the first Alabamian and UA graduate to serve as president.

Price: $300