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Item# 18677

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1941 provenance note

LETTER: CSA 1, 5¢ green, tied peacock blue ink with manuscript postmark of Waynesville G[a] 4 Mch 1862 on folded letter to Miss Gaetnes (?) Mumford, Kingston, Cass Co[unty] Georgia with manuscript directive at lower left Spring Bank. Long 3-page  letter from father to daughter headed Waynesville 1st Mar 62 Sat night saying, in part: The military are on every side me - Capt. A.S.H. at the Tank - Capt. Nichols in the Streets old field & Hopkins is daily receiving large accessions, so that Campbell will soon have a company of his own & of this I am glad for he is a young man the most efficient officer I know. Henry Piles has joined & so has Geor & Daniel Scarlett and some others. L.W.H. & Jas F Th have joined Capt. Lang’s Cavalry Company stationed at present down on the Satilla. Gen[era[l Mercer has gone to Savah (Savannah) & ? now controls everything between the Island and St. Marys…Mr. Atkinson I fear is gradually declining peace meal, our misfortunes of late have distressed him exceedingly and they tell immensely upon us all. But the tide will soon be arrested the next battle at the west will turn in our favor, and yet the losses are to be incalculable & in respect to men irreparable for we shall have none so have to take their places…I had a great talk with all the little negroes about you yesterday. And more. On the outside is written, “This is a ‘Confederate’ stamp and may be some (1491) of value as a souvenir.” I believe the “1491” was erroneously transposed from 1941, as there is an accompanying more modern envelope on which is written in the same hand: One of Precious Father’s letter to me - written in 1862- by his own trembling hand - It has a Jefferson Davis stamps upon it which an old Confederate Veteran tells me is now very valuable. G. M. December 1941. The daughter was well up in years herself by 1941. $675. LL Listed in both Miscellaneous-1 and CSA 1 Covers, Section 1

Price: $675