Items for Sale - Blockade-Run Mail - Item#19641
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Item# 19641

Incoming blockade-run cover franked with CSA 11, 10¢ blue (huge to large margins all around) tied by WILMINGTON / N.C. // 5 PAID / Oct / 22 CDS (modified pre-war "3 Paid" integral rate which is not applicable) on cover to R. Bella Torre, Johnson's P.O., 115. S.C.R.R. Barnwell Dist(rict) South Carolina; bold strike of Wilmington SHIP handstamp, manuscript "12" due marking changed to "02" for 2¢ ship's fee in recognition of prepayment with 10¢ Confederate stamp, slight ink erosion and small piece out of "0" in manuscript marking. Carried from Nassau on the blockade-runner Pet, arriving at Wilmington on October 21, 1863. Special Routes census no. BI-Wm-32. Ex Myers with 1975 CSA certificate. There was a Johnson PO in the Barnwell District listed at that time, but the town no longer exists. FEW BLOCKADE-RUN COVERS ARE KNOWN WITH A CSA STAMP PREPAYING THE INTERNAL RATE. $4,750.

Price: $4750