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Item# 18353

OUTGOING BLOCKADE cover from the well-known Locke correspondence from Savannah, Georgia, to Rome, Italy. The cover originated in Savannah as noted by contemporary docketing at the top referring to the original letter “No. 38, Recd Nov 24th letter dated Oct 26th Oct 3 1862 Rec’d T….t…s about Dec 8th 1862” (lots of correction/crossing out). The envelope was sent under separate cover from Savannah via Charleston to Nassau and on to Barring Brothers in England. Barring Brothers removed the outer cover and entered the subject envelope into the British mails via France to Rome. Small opening edge and flap tears that are more than made up for by the wonderful colorful transit markings front and back. Outbound blockade covers only make up about 30% of all blockade uses, 2007 CSA certificate. $2,200.

Price: $2200