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Item# 14982

Outgoing Blockade: 1861 [May 21] Charleston S.C. to Longport, Staffordshire England cover with original letter (file fold splits reinforced with archival tape) saying "This will introduce, Thos. M. Horsey Esq…[who]visits England to endeavor to make arrangements for a supply of good…under the new tariff of the Confederate States. [signed’ Geo. S. Cameron." Cameron was a banker. This letter was hand-carried, most likely on Bremen Bark Gause departing Charleston May 24th to Amsterdam, likely not stopped because she was flying a foreign flag and left within the 15-day grace period for foreign ships to clear blockaded ports, Very Fine. SCARCE USE DURING THE "PAPER BLOCKADE" PERIOD. A week after Fort Sumter was fired upon President Lincoln proclaimed a blockade of southern ports. This was a "Paper Blockade" as the U.S. Navy had few assets to enforce it. The first U.S. ship did not arrive off Charleston until May 11, and it could not cover the four harbor entrances. Over time, their numbers increased and passage became more difficult. $600.

Price: $600