Items for Sale - Prisoner of War & Civilian Flag of Truce - Section One


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: U.S. #65, 3¢ rose canceled by grid with matching NEW YORK / OCT / 15 cds and manuscript examiner’s marking "Ex O W" (probably Oscar F. White, 128th O.V.I.) on yellow cover to "Captain C.R. Rhodes, Prisoner of War, Johnson's Island, Ohio, Care of Col. C.W. Hill, near Sandusky, Ohio". The addressee was a member of the 8th Alabama Cavalry, Co. G, and captured at Roger's Gap, Tenn., on Aug. 31, 1862, In the “oops” department, in a report headed June 30, 1864 by Col. Charles P. Ball, Commanding the Brigade, he writes of his regiments attack on La Fayette, Ga. that, “My officers and men acted with great gallantry and coolness, with some exceptions. Among the latter I am compelled to mention Capt. E. C. Rhodes… “

$ 375


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: U.S. #65, 3¢ rose) tied target with matching Sandusky, O. Oct 27 ‘64 double circle with neat bold oval "Prisoner's Letter/Examined/F.W.R./Johnson's Island, O." handstamp on cover addressed to “Miss Kate Williams, College Hill, Hamilton County, Ohio” with docketing at lower left “Prisoner’s Letter/Johnson’s Island. Fine.

$ 300


JOHNSON’S ISLAND: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose tied by Sandusky, O Aug 2 double circle  as well as Richmond Aug 13 cds and handstamped DUE 10 Confederate rate; “Ex(amined) B” to “Mr. A. C. Mitchell, Glennville Bonbour Co, Ala”  with routing “For Flag of Truce Via Old Point Comfort, Va.” and solider endorsement of “J. B. Mitchell Co B 34th Ala. Inf.”, small cover tear at bottom otherwise Fine. Sketchy military info online just indicating that he was a 1st Lieut. in Manigault’s Brigade. Colonel - Julius C.B. Mitchell of Montgomery; detached. The Papers of Jefferson Davis indicate that Mitchell was away from his regiment half to 2/3 of the time which gave cause for officers and privates to talk. Clearly, there is an interesting story to research on this officer! He also served in the 13th Alabama. Ex-Gunter

$ 600


JOHNSON’S ISLAND: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose tied by blue Sandusky, O Apr 19, 1865 dc and target cancel on cover with "Summit Miss." large dateless circle handstamp where it entered the C.S.A. mails, ms. "due 3¢" U.S. rate rather than 10¢ Confederate rate (Lee surrendered ten days before this was mailed), some restorations and repairs but still a fascinating use. It was sent as a thru-the-lines prisoner-of-war letter, but by the time it reached Summit, the Confederate postal system was no longer operating, thus it was charged U.S. postage. Johnson's Island O. oval examiner's handstamp "Prisoner's Letter, Johnsons Island, Examined, Jarvis" to “Mrs. T. E. Ellis (care of E. P. Ellis Esq.) Amite City La. N.O. & J. R. R. St. Helena Parish, Louisiana”, flag-of-truce endorsements including "Care of Comdg Officer U.S. Forces at Vicksburg, Miss" and “From E. J. Ellis, Capt 16th La Regt & Prisoner of War”. Ex-Gunter.

As a measure of how incomplete the official military records are, they show Ezekiel J(ohn) Ellis (1840-89) as having enlisted as a captain and serving in Companies F and H of the 16th Louisiana Infantry. That’s it - no record of being a prisoner. Further online searching easily turns up the Ellis family papers at Louisiana State University. Ezekiel Park Ellis of Amite was a judge and member of the Louisiana legislature. He was married to Tabitha Emily Warner, daughter of Louisiana Judge Thomas C. Warner. The POW letters of E. J. Ellis (no doubt including the one that belonged to this cover) show him as serving in the 16th LA and being confined to Johnson’s Island. After the war, E. J. Ellis was admitted to the bar in 1866 and became a U.S. representative from Louisiana. Congressional bio included.

$ 1,750


HART'S ISLAND, N.Y., PRISON CAMP 27, cover to “Mr. James Morey, Prisoner of War, Camp 27, Harts Island:, franked with cork canceled U.S. 2¢ Blackjack #73 with "NEW YORK CITY, MAY 9" cds alongside, 1865 docketing at left, Very Fine, a rare Northern prison with only 22 covers recorded by Harrison, all from this correspondence, with 2004 C.S.A. certificate #4494.

James M. Morey (1844 – 1923) mustered into Company D of the 32nd Tennessee Infantry as a corporal. He was listed as a POW 2/15/1865 in Orangeburg, S.C.  He was born in Jonesboro, TN and died in Greeneville, TN.

$ 1,400


RICHLAND JAIL, COLUMBIA, SOUTH CAROLINA: prisoner of war cover to Tonawanda, N.Y., with "Old Point Comfort, Va." cds and "Due 3" handstamp, with manuscript "Exam, R.D. Senn, Capt. Guard" examiner at left and “Prisoner of War letter By Flag of Truce from Richmond Care Genl Winder at Richmond” at top; cover slightly reduced at the top, a rare use from Richland Jail, with only 39 covers recorded in Harrison. There are numerous POWs named Payne, but a diligent search could no doubt turn up the proper soldier.

$ 2,000


IMMORTAL 600": U.S. 65, 3¢ rose tied by Nashville, Ten. / Nov. 16 (1864) target duplex on cover addressed to "Lieut. John W. Hoobery, Regst. Prisoner of War, Co. I 44th Tenn. Infty, Division Six, Fort Pulaski, Georgia" with endorsement "Contains $2 U.S. Bill" and magenta manuscript "No. 113" (control number) in top left corner, cover with pencil "Ex” and “C" censor's examined marking and blue “Dep” no doubt signifying that it was deposited to an account from which the prisoner could draw, Extremely Fine. See my article for full explanation of this sad chapter in the Civil War at ASDAPR09.pdf  

Lt. John W. Hooberry was born circa 1841 in Tennessee and enlisted as a private on December 30, 1861 in John L. McEwen’s Company, 55th Tennessee Infantry (McKoin’s). Much more information on linked page.

$ 4,250


JOHNSON’S ISLAND: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose used with Sandusky, Ohio cds and target plus Richmond, Va. Feb 10 (1864) cds and matching straightline DUE 10 on north to south POW cover with Prisoner’s Letter Examined G.S.B. oval of Johnson’s Island (Corpl George S. Brown of 128th Ohio Volunteer Infantry according to Harrison). Endorsed at upper left “R. Ferguson Adjt 18th Va Prisoner of War” with manuscript “Per Flag of Truce” at lower left and addressed to “Miss Pattie Ferguson, New Plymouth PO, Lunenburg Co, Virginia”. A bit of foxing but a lovely use of both sides with great military history behind it.

$ 650


POINT LOOKOUT, MD: RICHMOND / Va. / FEB / 11 (Powell type 5f) cds with matching straightline DUE 10 and POINT LOOKOUT JAN 2X cds, all bold strikes. Mandated endorsement of H. S. McDade Co G 11c Vol. Reg. (NC Infantry – Bethel Regiment). Military record included shows that Henry (Lee) McDade (b. 5 Sep 1838 - d. 6 Jul 1913) was 24 years old at enlistment as a sergeant from Orange County, NC; he surrendered at Appomattox – part of the Army of Northern Virginia, A.P. Hill’s Division. He was taken prisoner at Martinsburg West Va 7-23-63; confined to Fort McHenry, MD; transferred to Point Lookout on 11-1-63 and paroled 2-14-65 when he was transferred to Cox’s Landing, James River and exchanged the following day. Small tear at top and top and left flaps missing.  $400

$ 400


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY ISLAND, OHIO: Flag of Truce Mail: North to South use with U.S. stamp removed, possibly while in transit - with Sandusky Dec 19 ‘ 65 double circle cancel remains. Confederate DUE 10 straightline with RICHMOND / VA / JAN / 17 cds on POW cover endorsed “Wilkens Stovall, Lt 55th NC Regt, Prisoner of War” to “Miss Lucie W. Stovall, Care of Jno W. Stovall Esqr, Sassafras Fork, Granville, County, N. Carolina” with interesting manuscript routing “For Flag of Truce boat Fortress Monroe Via City Point or Charleston Care of General Comdg Dept of Va. & N.C.” with Johnson’s Island oval examined marking. This cover is illustrated in a March-April 1975 Confederate Philatelist article re such routings (copy enclosed as well as Stovall’s military record). Stovall was a 25 year old farmer when he enlisted as a private (promoted to 1st Lieut) into Co D 12th NC Infantry – he later transferred to Co K 55th NC. He was wounded at Gettysburg and taken prisoner at Falling Waters, MD. He was first confined to Old Capitol Prison in D.C. and transferred to Johnson’s Island a few weeks later where he remained for almost two years. Most interesting cover in wonderful condition but for the missing stamp. $750.

$ 750


CASTLE MORGAN, CAHABA, ALABAMA: Prisoner-of-war cover to “David W. Wyckoff, Bushnell Ills”, endorsed "Prisoner's Letter", manuscript censor mark on back "Approved Capt. & Asst. Commr of Exchange C.S.A."; entered U.S. mails with instinct "Vicksburg Miss.” dc cancel and "DUE 6" handstamp for unpaid mail, Very Fine, the Jackson-Vicksburg flag-of-truce route was opened in mid-1864, Harrison records only 10 covers from Cahaba (p. 17; this cover illustrated on p.18). Called Castle Morgan in honor of Confederate General John Hunt Morgan, the Cahaba Prison opened its gates in June of 1863. It quickly filled with more men that it was designed to hold. There were 432 bunks, but by 1865 the prison held more than 3,000 men. The POW was likely David Lambert Wyckoff - only 18 when he enlisted on May 11, 1864 - whose residence is appropriately listed as Bushnell. Military records (enclosed along with photocopy of him in uniform) show he died in 1864 and was a POW when “mustered out” 9/24/64. He was the only Wyckoff listed as a POW from Illinois, so the information fits. $1,500.

$ 1,500


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND: U.S. 65, 3¢ rose used with target cancel (upper right corner rounded) and matching Point Lookout double circle cancel, light strike of octagonal examined marking, addressed to “John T. Hipp, Esq., Norfolk, Va Care of Mr. Peter H. Whitehurst”, some tiny edge tears at left otherwise Fine $350.

$ 350


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, OHIO: U.S. 3¢ rose #65 (small crease) tied target with matching Sandusky, Ohio Feb 8 ’65 double circle cancel and Richmond, Va DUE 10 paying postage of both sides on cover to “Mr. A. E. Mitchell, Glennville Barbour Co, Ala.” with neat oval examined marking and mandated endorsement of “J. B. Mitchell Lt. 34th Ala Inf[an]t[ry].” Military records show no more than endorsement and do not mention him being taken prisoner. Military records are notoriously incomplete. Regimental records show many captured at Missionary Ridge and this could have been his fate. One online source shows record of letters from James B. Mitchell in Company F of the 34th Alabama. Mitchell was in Manigault's Brigade, Hindman's / Anderson's/ D.H. Hill’s Division, 2nd Corps Army of Tennessee. $900.

$ 900


PRISONER / FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA #12, 10¢ blue tied RICHMOND / VA // FEB / 11 cds on POW cover addressed to Mrs. Mary AShuliberinger, Miranda, Rowan Co, NC with “Flag of Truce” manuscript routing at lower left corner, small cover stains. Mary had two sons who were POWs at the time.  $300.

John L. Shulibaringer (his spelling – 18 years old when enlisted 1862) Co. C, 57th N.C. Infantry and also in Co. G, 42nd NC Infantry, was captured 6 Feb 1865 at Petersburg and incarcerated at Point Lookout.  He was released on oath June 20, 1865.

William S. Shuliberringer (his spelling – 19 year old farmer when enlisted 1861) Co. G, 6th N.C. Infantry was wounded at Sharpsburg and captured at Winchester July 20, 1864.  He was sent to Camp Chase until exchanged in March 1865. Full military records included on both.

$ 300


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: U.S. #65, 3¢ rose tied neat SANDUSKY O. //JAN / 27 [1864] cds on POW cover docketed “Wm. N. Berkeley Capt 8th Va” to “Maj. Richard S. Cox, Richmond, Va., Care Maj. Gen Butler Comdg Old Point Comfort” with manuscript examined markings and manuscript “By Flag of Truce Boat”. Neat cover with top back flap missing. $450.

William Noland Berkeley (1826-1907) was Field & Staff Virginia 8th Infantry.

Major Richard Smith Cox was Confederate Paymaster and formerly the U.S. Paymaster before the war and in early 1861. Cox held also the commission of Colonel of the 8th Regiment of the District Militia.

$ 450


FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12, 10¢ blue approaching milky shade with partial imprint at bottom, tied RICHMOND / VA // AUG / 16 cds on narrow commercially made cover to Oliver H. Middleton, Esq, Columbia, South Carolina with “per Flag of Truce” endorsement at lower left. $450.

Oliver Hering Middleton (1798-1892) was born at Clifton, Gloucestershire, England; educated at South Carolina College; entered U. S. Naval Academy but resigned and retired to his estates and the life of an opulent planter on Edisto Island, Charleston. His son was part of the Charleston Light Dragoons and mortally wounded at Cold Harbor May 30, 1864.

$ 450


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND (Camp Hoffman): U.S. 3¢ rose #65 (tiny faults) tied RICHMOND / VA // MAR / 10 [1864] cds on POW cover to Mrs. R. W. Steger, Care of Jno O Steger P Master, City of Richmond, Virginia; clear black CDS Point Lookout MD MAR 2 [1864] at left and Confederate DUE 10, thus postage paid on both sides. Full strike of the desirable large oval J. N. Patterson  approved Examiner’s handstamp (Harrison Type 1) (CSA Catalog type PWH-16 A). In as much as it was Richmond to Richmond, this is an OVERPAID DROP use; ms “Per Flag Truce Boat” up left side. The letter was sent to his wife care of his father by Roger Williams Steger, VMI class of 1854, who was captured as a POW near Fredericksburg Virginia on 1 OCT 1863. Captain Steger was named Assistant Quarter Master officer for General J.E.B. Stuart’s first cavalry brigade in 1861. Slightly reduced at top and bit of edge wear but a nice use of both sides. $950.

$ 950


POINT LOOKOUT, MARYLAND (Camp Hoffman): U.S. 3¢ rose #65 tied target with matching POINT LOOKOUT / MD. // APR / 13 cds as well as CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue (called “opaline” by old-time students) tied by RICHMOND / VA // MAY / 6 [1864] cds on POW cover to Mrs. Martha J. Parrish, Pittsylvania C.H., Virginia and ms Via Flag Truce with scarce large oval J. N. Patterson  approved Examiner’s handstamp (Harrison Type 1) (CSA Catalog type PWH-16 A). Prior owner asserts this is the next to last known use of this examiner’s handstamp. Ex Powell. A real “looker” – scarce use with both Union and Confederate adhesives. Although it needs verification and further research, it appears that this could have been from Abraham N. Parrish of both the 6th VA Cavalry and 21st VA Infantry. Some online records indicate he was married to Martha Parrish. $1,800.

$ 1,800


OHIO PENITENTIARY, COLUMBUS, OHO: US #65, 3¢ rose tied by target with matching COLUMBUS / O // OCT / 14 [1863] double circle cancel on cover to Mrs. Mary F. Bullock, Care Rev. John G. Simsall, Lexington, Ky., Censored “Ex Geo S Lester / ADC” (4th O.V.I. and mail examiner Aug. 30-Dec. 9, 1863). Harrison records only 43 covers from this prison. Very Fine. $900.

Major Robert Bullock was a member of the infamous Morgan's Raiders, specifically the 8th Kentucky Cavalry.

Much more information on linked page.

$ 900


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose#65 tied target with matching SANDUSKY / O // OCT / 21 / ’64 double circle cancel as well as RICHMOND / VA // JAN / 24 [1865] cds and DUE 10 on POW cover to Mrs Sarah F. Jones, Spring Garden P.O., Pittsylvania County, Virginia.  Johnsons Island O. Prisoner’s Letter examined handstamp with replaceable initials (Harrison Type I) (CSA Catalog type PWH-25 A).  The initials of this examiner, “F.W.R.” were those of Pvt. Frank W. Rittman 128th O.V.I.  His oval handstamp was recorded as used Oct.-Dec. 1864. Mandated endorsement of Geo. W. Jones Lt., Co I. 18th Va Regt. Manuscript routing “By Flag of Truce  Care of the Commd Officer Fortress Monroe via Aikins Landing.”  Wonderful use of postage of both Union and Confederacy. Military records included. $850.

George Washington Jones (1832-1910) enlisted as a sergeant on 4/24/1861 at Pittsylvania County, VA and mustered into Co I. 18th Va Regt.

Much more information on linked page.

$ 850


THE IMMORTAL 600, MORRIS ISLAND, CHARLESTON HARBOR S.C.  This was an island held by the Union forces, where all but forty (who had been sent to Beaufort Hospital because they were so ill) of the 600 Confederate Officers, “THE IMMORTAL 600”, were sent to be placed under fire of their own guns where they were held until 24 October 1864 when they were moved to Fort Pulaski near Savannah.  Endorsed from “Lt S D Bland, Co. A. 18th Va. Cav.” (he had previously served in the 1st Regt Va. Partisan Rangers, subsequently the 62nd Regt VA Infantry) and sent to Miss Kate Paul,  Bridge Water Augusta County Virginia. Manuscript routing  “By flag of Truce via Charleston S.C.” CHARLESTON / S.C // OCT / 6 [1864] cds with a manuscript “due”  and large handstamp “10”The Immortal Six Hundred by Maj. J. Ogden Murray, CSA on page 327 shows that Lt. S. D. Bland, Co. A. 18th Virginia Cavalry was captured in Pendleton County, West Va, in January 1863. He was first held at Fort Delaware and then moved to Morris Island from 7 September to 23 October 1864.  On 24 October 1864 he was with the contingent moved to Fort Pulaski.  Lt. Stewart Dolly Bland (1839-1918)survived the war, married Virginia Harper (1842-1927) and had seven children. Bland is also listed at from the list in the Southern Historical Society Papers. Many of his military records are shown at . THERE ARE 24 COVERS RECORDED FOR THIS POW STOCKADE. See my article on the subject   $3,000.

$ 3,000


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: 3¢ rose #65 (small faults and scuff on cover to right of stamp) tied by a light SANDUSKY / O // XX ‘64 with a clear black target to the right.  Manuscript examiner’s marking at upper right.  An example of the infrequently seen mail FROM A POW IN ONE PRISON TO A POW IN ANOTHER PRISON. This letter was sent to Capt. Ben N. Cocke, CSA Officers Camp Point Lookout MD. 2014 CSA Certificate. $600.

Benjamin N. Cocke, Captain, acting Capt. B. N. Cocke's Company of Independent Cavalry*

Much more information on linked page.

$ 600


JOHNSONS ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OH: US 3¢ rose tied target with matching Sandusky O, Feb 36 '65 duplex on pink-lined prisoner’s cover to Miss Mary H. Wallace, Care J. B. Alexander Esq, St Louis, Missouri with bold JC examined oval at center – noted by Harrison as John Coder and used between January 18-June 20, 1865; part of top back flap missing. Some note these color lined envelopes as wallpaper but they are commercially made and not wallpaper – just pretty. $300.

$ 300


LIBBY PRISON, RICHMOND, VIRGINIA: US 3¢ rose #65 tied cork with matching OLD POINT COMFORT / VA // DEC / 9 [1863] double circle postmark on inner cover addressed to Hiram Marshall, Jeffersonville, Indiana from 1st Sgt. William S. Marshall with contents docketing of Nov 28, 1863 up left side. William S. Marshall was Adjutant of the 51st Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry.He was a prisoner of war continuously from May 3, 1863 to February 14, 1865 except when trying to make good his escape from prison camp near Columbia SC in November 1864. This is the subject of one of my monthly columns “The Confederate Post” in The American Stamp Dealer & Collector. Ex Walske and Hedin. All Southern prisons uses are scarcer than Northern. $950.

William S. Marshall was Adjutant of the 51st Regiment Indiana Volunteer Infantry.

Much more information on linked page.

$ 950


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12c, 10¢ greenish blue (stamp mostly torn off) tied RICHMOND / VA. // DEC cds on TURNED COVER addressed to “Dr. Wm. Selden, Liberty, Virginia” with manuscript directive at lower left “Capt W. H. Hatch, Assistant Agent for Exchange,” which then appears crossed out. At bottom and upside down is written “Charlotte says be sure to wash this envelope & send it back. We have a mania for economy just now as you perceive.” The inside use bears CSA 11, 10¢ blue tied LIBERTY / Va. cds, to his daughter, Julia Selden (probably from her mother), care of Mrs. J. B. Dunn, Petersburg, judging from the note at the top “The dress has come.” A wonderful example adversity use. $475.

Dr. William Selden served as Surgeon at General Hospital in Liberty, Va., 1863-1864.

Much more information on linked page.

$ 475


CAMP PAROLE, ANNAPOLIS, MARYLAND: US #65, 3¢ rose tied Annapolis, Md. Aug 25 / 64 duplex on “U.S. Sanitary Commission, The Soldier’s Shield.” imprinted envelope. These envelopes were passed out to parolees by the Sanitary Commission (similar to the USO of World War II). Addressed to A. C. Hull, M.D., Olive, Ulster Co., New York with ms. docketing across end “First letter after prisoner, Annapolis, Md. Aug 24/64.” Very Fine, Ex Hedin. $750.

$ 750


"IMMORTAL 600"- MORRIS ISLAND S.C. inner POW cover to Col. Wm. T. Brown, Browns Cove, Albemarle County, Virginia, endorsed "B. G. Brown, Capt. & Prisoner of War, Morris Island S.C." and "Per Flag of Truce Via Charleston S.C.," CHARLESTON / S.C. // OCT / 1 [1864] cds and bold [due] "10" handstamp, Very Fine. In August 1864, approximately 600 Confederate prisoners were moved to Morris Island near Charleston by Federal forces, arriving on September 7, they were held in open barracks as human shields under direct shelling from Confederate forces in retaliation for Union prisoners being held in Charleston under shelling from U.S. forces. This cover is particularly desirable with the "Prisoner of war, Morris Island" docketing. See the story of the Immortal 500at including Col. Bezaliel Garland Brown. $2,800.

Captain Bezaliel Garland Brown, Jr. was a member of Virginia’s Seventh Infantry, Holcomb Guards, Company I, Terry’s Brigade, Pickett’s Division, Longstreet’s Corps, commanded by Brig. Gen. W. R. Terry. Full biographical information on linked page.

$ 2,800


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose died COLUMBUS / O // MAY 5 duplex grid with Camp Chase handstamped censor marking, CSA catalog type PWH-22, to his father, Jacob Baker, Winchester, Care Philip Diffenderfer, Martinsburg (West) Va., with ms. directive at lower left “Mr. D. will forward this as soon as possible and oblige C.S. Baker.” Slightly reduced at left. $400.

Christian Streit Baker served in Company A, 5th Virginia Infantry, Stonewall Brigade, Jackson’s Division, Valley District Corps, Army of Northern Virginia. Biographical information on linked page.

$ 400


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose (tiny sealed tear in left margin) tied blue SANDUSKY / O // MAY / 12 / ’65 duplex on cover to Miss Sallie E. Andrews, Columbia, Tennessee, with magenta manuscript “Examined ???” The only examined marking listed in Harrison during this time period is JCB (p. 188) and this does not look like those initials to me. The latest date of censor markings is listed as June 20, 1865 (p. 191). Bit edge worn but a nice late use. $250.

$ 250


JOHNSON’S ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose tied SANDUSKY / O // JUN / ? / ’64 duplex on cover to Miss Lucie A. Smith, No. 88, Second Street Corner of Chippewa, New Orleans, La., with manuscript censor “Ex R” which Harrison lists as used June 25-28, 1864. Interesting original prisoner’s letter with heading and signature clipped off. He hastens to assure Miss Lucie that he is still “a denizen of this ice-girt isle” and how different is this winter than the last when “Negro Minstrels, Theatricals & Co. were popular amusements” and “If it were not for the various rumors of exchange which are in constant circulations and the disciplines they give rise to, I’m sure most of us would die of inanition.” (defined as exhaustion resulting from lack of food, mental, social, or spiritual weakness or lassitude) Sealed tears at top right of cover. $220.

$ 220


CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: US 65, 3¢ rose (small sealed tear at bottom) tied cork with OLD POINT COMFORT/ VA. // JUL / 24 double circle cancel on commercially-made envelope to Miss Emma F. Tuthill, East Otto, New York, with manuscript “For ‘Flag of Truce.’” $200.

$ 200


SALISBURY PRISON, N.C.: Prisoner-of-war cover to Miss Carrie A. Nicholson, Care Ingham University, Le Roy N.Y., which has been crossed out and FORWARDED to Albion N.Y. LE ROY / N.Y. // JUL / 22 double-circle datestamp, Due 3 and Forwarded handstamps. SALISBURY / N.C. // JUN / 14 cds and blurry PAID handstamp at right; 3¢ rose (65) with tied by quartered cork cancel, OLD POINT COMFORT / VA. // JUL / 18 dcds struck at exchange point, manuscript pencil “Exd” (examined)  and “By Flag of Truce, Prisoner’s Letter.” Fresh and Very Fine, 2002 CSA certificate. VERY UNUSUAL AND SCARCE COMBINATION OF U.S. AND CONFEDERATE MARKINGS, Southern prisons are much rarer than Union prisons. Ex Schopp. $1,600.

$ 1,600


CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: 3¢ rose (65) tied by OLD POINT COMFORT / VA. / ? 15 dcds on cover to Mrs. Jane C. Adams, Claverack, Columbia County, New York Via Norfolk / Flag of Truce. Manuscript "Enclosed is the postage fee from Norfolk Va." and "I.S.M.D. H." examiner's marking. The 10¢ Confederate stamp was removed from the cover at top right at the exchange point; a replacement small faults) is hinged in place. Cover edge nicks, otherwise Fine and unusual civilian use exchanged through Norfolk and Old Point Comfort, with the specific notation that U.S. postage was enclosed, Ex Myerson and Schopp. $1,200.

$ 1,200


CHESAPEAKE HOSPITAL VA: Unsealed prisoner-of-war cover addressed to William Alexander Fewell at Chesapeake Hospital, Fortress Monroe, Va., a South-to-North use sent thru Fortress Monroe and Old Point Comfort. Mixed franking with Confederate postage paid by CSA 4, 5¢ blue, and U.S. postage paid by demonetized 3¢ dull red (26), both tied by OLD POINT COMFORT / VA. // JUL / 2 / [1862] cds. The address and other directives on the cover have been mostly erased and some of them re-written in non-contemporary pencil, the 5¢ stamp with toned spots. Despite the difficulty in deciphering what was originally written on the cover, extensive research by Galen Harrison and Jerry Palazolo offers conclusive evidence that this is a genuine South-to-North mixed-franking prisoner cover, accompanied by a UNION PATRIOTIC with a # 65 and the same Old Point Comfort circular datestamp (showing that this style was used during the period in question, cover heavily toned) and by several letters detailing the expertizing process as well as descriptions of the recipient, who served in the 1st Palmetto Sharpshooters, was wounded at Seven Pines and died at Chesapeake Hospital before this cover was received, with 2004 CSA certificate and extensive background information, Ex Schopp. LL  $1,800.

$ 1,800


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ILL: U.S. 3¢ rose (65) tied Rock Island, Ill., Apr. 18 ’64 duplex as well as CSA 12¢ greenish blue (12c) on POW cover to Mrs. Bestor Coleman, Hollow Square, Greene County, Alabama. Type B censor marking (CC PWH-12) used February-April 1864, which catalogs $1,550 in CSA Catalog. Fresh cover with scarce examined marking—a lovely use with frankings of both sides. Ex Roger Ballard. $1,500.

$ 1,500


CAMP CHASE, COLUMBUS, OHIO: U.S. 3¢ rose (65) tied “prison bar grid” with neat matching postmark of COLUMBUS / O // FEB / 16, to Col. Frank Farmington, Brandon, Vermont, with note up left end “from a rebel prisoner.” Censor “Exmd E. L. Webber, Capt. Comdg Prisons.” On verso is “J.K.P. Campbell Letter Feb 3rd 63.” Ex Roger Ballard. $300.

James K. P. Campbell (1844-1932) was in the Confederate Commissary Department, CS Infantry. He was known to in his family as "Uncle Brig." It is believed he was called this outside of the family also. He was known to have a very long mustache, and the assumption to his nickname came from the fact that he had a "brigadier" mustache.

$ 300


Civilian Flag of Truce: CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 margins) tied RICHMOND / Va. cds on cover to Jo Daviess Hamilton Care of Dr. McTyine, Montgomery, Ala. Ex Roger Ballard. $450.

$ 450


Civilian Flag of Truce from CONFEDERATE NAVAL OFFICER: CSA 11c, 10¢ greenish blue manuscript canceled on folded letter to Mrs. Julia W. Ramsey Care Dr. Cooke, Norfolk (at that time in occupied Virginia) and routed “By Flag of Truce.” It is headed Charlotte NC Christmas 1864 and signed [Captain] H. Ashton Ramsay. It would have entered the mail at Old Point Comfort exchange point but is missing the Union stamp. Ramsey writes to his wife mostly bemoaning their separation due to her attending her father in his illness. Their children are also with her.  $1,100. Listed in both POW-1 and Miscellaneous-2

Capt. H. Ashton Ramsey was Chief Engineer on the Merrimack, aka the CSS Virginia. Much more info on linked page.

$ 1,100


SALISBURY PRISON, SALISBURY N.C.: inner stampless flag of truce cover from the North to Joseph L. Parry, Prisoner of War Salisbury N.C. with two U.S. pencil censor markings "Exd" and "Ex-." Entered Southern mails and struck with blue PETERSBURG / Va. // JUL / 13 [1862] CDS with matching PAID and 10 ratings, CSA manuscript "Ex WPJ" censor marking at the top, Very Fine. SCARCE EXAMPLE FROM THE SHORT-LIVED PETERSBURG EXCHANGE ROUTE used only May through September 1862; 2008 PF certificate 468159. $1,400.

Joseph L. Parry was chief engineer on the U.S. transport steamer Union when it ran aground on November 3, 1861, on the North Carolina coast. Parry was held at Salisbury Prison until his exchange in September 1862. The Parry correspondence to and from the prison was described in two articles by Lawrence Lohr in the Confederate Philatelist in 1995 and 2008.

$ 1,400 HOLD


LIBBY PRISON, RICHMOND, VA.: inner cover endorsed "From Libby Prison by a Prisoner of War", entered mails with bold strike of OLD POINT COMFORT / VA. // MAY / 3 double-circle datestamp, addressed to Capt. Ezra Clark, Middletown, Connecticut, Very Fine. Covers actually endorsed "Libby Prison" are scarce. $600.

Ezra Clark was a coaster captain later turned builder and responsible for a number of the historic houses in Middletown. Libby Prison detailed information on linked page.

$ 600


ROCK ISLAND BARRACKS, ROCK ISLAND, ILLINOIS: inbound MONEY LETTER cover to prisoner John W. Howell in "Barracks 43", franked with CSA 12, 10¢ blue and + US 65, 3¢ Rose (faulty) but both uncanceled, as usual, ms. "$5 U.S. Currency" with penciled "Through the lines" endorsement above erased, pencil "ex" examiner's marking below stamps and light "C" in red crayon indicating cover containing currency; cover reduced and with erasures from cleaning at left, still Fine; accompanied by with an extremely detailed typed single-spaced 4-page biography of Howell "... a rather indifferent soldier in one of the Confederacy's most remarkable regiments," and good explanation of money letters on which stamps were never canceled as they did not go through the mails due to security concerns, 1999 PSE certificate. Fine research of unknown origin on John William Howell, who enlisted May 25, 1861, at Floyd C.H., Va., as a private in Company B, Virginia 42nd Infantry. $500.

$ 500


New 7-21-21

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: US 65, 3¢ rose affixed over Charleston, S.C., PAID 5 in circle and tied by Old Point Comfort / Va. // Mar / 14 double-circle datestamp with manuscript directive at lower left "Via Flag of Truce Norfolk.” On cover to Mrs. Carson, 6 East 120th Street, New York, from Willington, S.C. Entered the Confederate mails with Charleston, S.C., Feb. 24, 186-" (1862) CDS and PAID 5; exchanged via Norfolk and Fortress Monroe, manuscript docketing at top, accompanied by photocopy of original letter, which is in the South Carolina Historical Society archives, from James Petigru Carson to his mother with interesting content saying he is staying in Willington for the moment trying not to offend either party so after the war he will be a liberty to go either place. Stamp with small edge nick at right, cover missing bottom flap, slightly reduced at bottom, still Very Fine and scarce cover with postage of both sides. This was possible only between November 1861 and April 1862, a very short time. Ex Karrer with penciled dealer initials Wm. G. Bogg and Brian M. Green note. $1,500.

$ 1,500


New 7-21-21

SALISBURY PRISON, NC: flag-of-truce cover from Chief Engineer Joseph Parry at Salisbury Prison to his wife, Mrs. J. L. Parry, No. 1076 North Delaware Avenue, Philadelphia. Pa., Confederate postage paid by CSA 4, 5¢ blue, US postage paid by US 65, 3¢ rose. Both stamps tied by SALISBURY / N.C. // JUN / 15 / 1861 (1862) CDS (the year date is inverted and in error, as usual), censored in pencil by both the U.S. ("Ex") and C.S.A. ("Ex NK"); some edge wear, slightly reduced and small opening nick at right, 3¢ perforations slightly reduced. . RARE MIXED-FRANKING POW COVER SENT VIA PETERSBURG. $3,500.

Joseph L. Parry was chief engineer on the U.S. transport steamer Union. More information on linked page.

$ 3,500 HOLD


New 7-21-21

CIVILIAN FLAG OF TRUCE: CSA 12a, 10¢ milky blue, beautiful shade from first printing, tied by blue PETERSBURG / VA. // JUL / 5 (1863) CDS on cover addressed to Julien C. Ruffin, Esqr, Garysville post office,  Prince George County, Virginia; franked with instructions at top in the hand of Capt. P. P. Oldershaw, Assistant Adjutant-General to Major General Thomas L. Crittenden, commander of the 21st Army Corps in the Department of the Cumberland, "Maj. Genl. Crittenden requests that the Pro Marshal will forward this the first opportunity. Oldershaw AAG." The back is endorsed "Approved, Office Prov Marshal Gen. Dept Cumberland, Wm. L. King Clk." (U.S. Provost Marshal's censor marking) and "Examined H.A.C." (CSA censor marking), the Confederate examiner also wrote "Chg Box 589 HAC" on the front and the post office applied the 10¢ stamp, small piece out of flap and glue smears where sealed after censorship, Very fine. Ex Walske. $3,500.

Aiken's Landing Va. (near Petersburg) was the regular exchange point for flag-of-truce mail from May to September 1862, when U.S. authorities stopped prisoners' mail exchange. Because Petersburg was the entry post office for flag-of-truce mail for only a few months, COVERS CARRIED ON THIS ROUTE ARE RARE. Much more important information on linked page plus bio on Julian Calx Ruffin.

$ 3,500


New 7-21-21

CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 huge margins) tied neat WILMINGTON N.C. circular datestamp on long 2-page folded letter written in German (PAGE 1, PAGE 2) and datelined Wilmington N.C. Oct. 7, 1863, to Mrs. Oskar Aichel, Anderson C.H., via Columbia, S.C. from her husband as he was awaiting departure aboard the "Blockade Runner... Margaretha & Jessie" to be transported to Nassau and Havana. Scattered readable words in English regarding passage: Nassau, Havana, Captain Lockwood, Care Dr. Medway, Caulfield, Charleston, Dry Goods, Walhalla. Pencil letter series docketing “No. 16.” Please note that the first page of letter digitally cropped as would not fully fit on my scanner bed – the entire letter is in good condition and all there. Extremely Fine. Ex Walske with Brian Green penciled description on verso. $1,800.

$ 1,800


New 7-21-21

CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: CSA 12c, 10¢ bluish green (4 huge margins) tied boldly struck clear RICHMOND / VA // JAN / 18 (1864) CDS on INTERESTING FOLDED LETTER written in English for purposes of censoring and datelined Havana (CUBA) 22 Deceb. 1863, to Mrs. Oskar Aichel, Anderson C.H., S.C. from her German-immigrant husband. Aichel says he has been in Havana for one and a half months and describes the difficulty of finding work at reasonable wages, characterizing the locals as "those mis-trusting vicious creoles."  He says, in part, “Men of all professions Doctors, music teacher, clerks, teachers of languages etc. find the beginning here very hard and some even give it up in despair but after a person is so far that he earns what he consumes ($60-80¢ @month), then he is generally safe and I have arrived at that point.” The letter is endorsed "By Flag of Truce" and was enclosed in an outer envelope (discarded at the exchange point), which carried it by steamer to New York City and from there to the exchange point through Old Point Comfort to Fortress Monroe in Virginia. The enclosed letter was censored and marked "Examined J. Cassels" (John Cassels, Captain and Provost Marshal), then sent by flag-of-truce boat to Richmond, where the Confederate stamp and postmark were applied. Letters originating outside the continental United States and carried into the Confederacy under a flag-of-truce are extremely rare—rarer than blockade-run covers into Confederate ports. Illustrated in Special Routes book (p. 93). Ex Murphy and Walske, signed Brian Green. EXTREMELY FINE AND RARE FLAG-OF-TRUCE USE FROM CUBA to South Carolina via New York City, Fortress Monroe and Richmond, Virginia. $3,500.

$ 3,500


New 7-21-21

ANDERSONVILLE, GA: CAMP SUMTER/OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON, D.C./FORT PULASKI, Ga./IMMORTAL 600:  CSA 12, 10¢ blue (4 large to huge margins) tied by usual light strike of ANDERSONVILLE / Ga. dateless double-circle datestamp on prisoner-of-war cover endorsed "C. D. McCoy, Capt., 25th Va. Infantry, Prisoner of War," to his mother, Mrs. S.A. McCoy, University of Virginia, Albemarle Co(unty) Va. An Immortal 600 cover prepared prior to the departure of the Crescent City for Charleston on Aug. 20, 1864, "Passed W.P. Wood Supt. Military Prison" examiner's circular handstamp from Old Capitol Prison struck before departure, manuscript "Exd HW" censor's marking (U.S. Brigadier General Henry W. Wessells), endorsed "For Flag of Truce Boat via Fortress Monroe," but not exchanged there. After the Immortal 600 were removed from Morris Island on October 23, 1864, and taken to Fort Pulaski Ga., the cover was mailed via Camp Sumter and the CSA Post Office at Andersonville Ga., expected scuff at top right where the coin to pay Confederate postage was removed (would be a neat addition to add for exhibition, as is sometimes done). Ex-Roser and Summit, 2006 PF certificate. Very Fine. MULTIPLE-THREAT EXHIBIT PIECE WORTHY OF A LEADING COLLECTION. $9,000.

IMMORTAL 600, Charles Daniel McCoy and William McCoy. Much more information on linked page.

$ 9,000


New 7-21-21

FORT MCHENRY PRISON, BALTIMORE MD., OLD CAPITOL PRISON, WASHINGTON D.C.: US 65 3¢ rose canceled quartered cork, CSA postage paid by CSA 11, 10¢ blue bordering on milky blue (pre-use crease), tied by RICHMOND / Va. // NOV / 19 / 1863 CDS on cover from Lt. Col. Benjamin F. Little to his wife Mrs. B.F. Little,  Little's Mills, Richmond County, N. Carolina. Originated at Ft. McHenry Prison, endorsed "Through Comd’g Officer at Fortress Monroe, Va.," censored in transit at Old Capitol Prison in Washington, D.C., by Lt. Charles W. Thompson with scarce red Approved by C.W.T. Lt. & A. Provost Marshal, Washington D.C. examiner's handstamp (type V) with the name in manuscript, endorsed on back "from B. F. Little, Capt. Co. E. 52nd Regt. N.C. Infty," Very Fine, RARE MIXED-FRANKING PRISONER-OF-WAR COVER FROM FORT MCHENRY AND CENSORED AT OLD CAPITOL PRISON. Illustrated in Antrim (p. 175). Ex Dr. Green and Walske. $3,750.

Lt. Col. Benjamin Franklin Little served in Company E, North Carolina 52nd Infantry Regiment and is well known to historians for his participation at Gettysburg. Much more information on linked page.

$ 3,750


New 7-21-21

FORT PULASKI GA: US 65, 3¢ rose tied BALTIMORE / MD // JUL / 26 (1865) duplex cancel on commercially-made envelope addressed to former Confederate Senator Hon. Robert M. T. Hunter, Fort Pulaski Geo., while prisoner, manuscript directives “Care of Capt. Bryant,” and “Via New York.” $200.

Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter bio on linked page.

$ 200


New 7-21-21

FORT PULASKI GA: US 65, 3¢ rose tied blue BALTIMORE / MD // AUG / 19 (1865) duplex cancel, straightline STEAMBOAT cancel and encircled DUE 3, on cover addressed to former Confederate Senator Hon. Robert M. T. Hunter, Care of Capt Bryant, Commanding Fort Pulaski Georgia, while prisoner,  manuscript directive “Via New York.” $250.

Robert Mercer Taliaferro Hunter bio on linked page.

$ 250


New 7-21-21

CIVILIAN FLAG-OF-TRUCE: inner cover from Goldsborough, N.C., to Greenville, S.C., with ORIGINAL 3-page LETTER OF HISTORIC CALIFORNIA CONTENT, datelined "San Francisco April 18th 1862," sent to Nathan H. Davis, Esq., Greenville, South Carolina in the care of U.S. military governor of North Carolina, Edward Stanly, who hand-carried it to Union-controlled New Bern. The 3-page letter (PAGE 1, PAGES 2-3) on neat, lined notepaper, states "I avail myself of the kindness of your old friend Edward Stanly, recently appointed Military Governor of North Carolina." The letter goes on to describe “a most disastrous winter…the Sacramento Valley has been deluged to an extent never before dreamed of possible. The loss of property is incalculable. Farms and gardens and orchards destroyed, houses, fences, etc. etc. almost entirely swept away. (Sacramento’s) prospects as the future Capital of the State greatly damaged.” Manuscript "Examined Asst. Adjt. General" examiner's marking, entered Confederate mails with GOLDSBOROUGH / N.C. // JUN / 2 (1862) CDS with matching PAID, Very Fine, A RARE FLAG-OF-TRUCE LETTER ORIGINATING IN CALIFORNIA AND SENT THROUGH NEW BERN AND GOLDSBOROUGH N.C.  Civilian mail is very scarce sent by exchange points other than those in southeastern Virginia; illustrated in Special Routes book (p. 94), ex Walske. $3,000.

$ 3,000


New 7-21-21

JOHNSONS ISLAND, SANDUSKY, OHIO: US 65, 3¢ rose (faults) tied by segmented cork cancel, OLD POINT COMFORT / VA. // MAY / 10 / (1864) DCDS, addressed to Lt. James I. Metts, 3rd NCT (No Carolina Troops), Johnson's Island, Ohio, Care Gen. B.F. Butler, Fortress Monroe, ms. "Ex R" examiner's marking, blue crayon obliterating Gen. (Benjamin) Butler and Fortress Monroe, typical soiling including water damage, adversity cover fashioned from lined writing paper, Scarce, with accompanying detailed military records showing James Isaac Metts (1842-1921) wounded and taken prisoner at Gettysburg – includes postwar photo of him. Censor only listed by Harrison for a couple days in 1864, so this cover expands that record. $250.

$ 250

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