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Special Mail Routes of the American Civil War: A Guide to Across-the-Lines Postal History by Steven C. Walske and Scott R. Trepel, Confederate Stamp Alliance, 2008, 282 pages, full color.

This companion piece to the then-forthcoming CSA Catalog won the Grand Award for literature at Napex 2009. It contains new and comprehensive information about the most interesting aspects of Confederate postal history.

This work covers private express routes, suspension of U.S. postal routes, across-the-lines mail, flag-of-truce mail, blockade-run mail, the Trans-Rio Grande and Trans-Mississippi routes, as well as covert mail. It is a useful guide to the experienced and beginning collector alike. A necessary companion to the CSA catalog, it was originally written to be part of the catalog. Greatly reduced from the original publication price of $65.  $35 + $5 shipping. TLC

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