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General Helpful Resources for the researcher, philatelic and non-philatelic

Dates of State Secession and their Admission to the Confederacy All important table to the collector of Confederates. Print it out and keep it.

Global Philatelic Library - a centralized information gateway to the world’s greatest philatelic research. Founding partners include the Smithsonian National Postal Museum and Smithsonian Libraries in Washington, D.C.; the Royal Philatelic Society London and the American Philatelic Research Library in Bellefonte, Pa. The website establishes a single destination - a responsive centralized gateway - by which philatelists around the world can search, locate and access philatelic research from partner libraries in real time, from any computer. Searchable listings of books and publications, as well as resource locations and access, are now just a click away, providing invaluable resources to those doing philatelic research.

Library of Congress - This link is directly to the Civil War section, an essential resource for the researcher with a very deep range of every kind of information - from books and photographs to video, movie and audio history.

Arago - People, Postage and the Post - the Confederate section of the Smithsonian National Postal Museum. A resource for the study of philately and postal operations. One of the many research projects with which I have been involved. This is an outstanding and continually evolving resource. Lucky for Confederate specialists that this was one of the first sections to be included. It was unveiled at the Washington 2006 international exhibition.

U.S. National Archives - Online access to art works, census data, US legal manuscripts, the Federal Register and so much more. An invaluable source.

Soldiers & Sailors System website is a cooperative project of the National Archives and the National Park Service and puts Civil War Service Records online.

U.S. Postal Laws & Regulations The U.S. Postal Laws and Regulations, also known as the PL&Rs, are periodic publications produced from 1794 to 1948 that contained the laws and regulations that governed the U.S. Post Office Department. They have been recently made available in a searchable digitized format. While this may not be Confederate, it is very relevant to many aspects of Confederate postal history. It is an important resource.

In the Valley of the Shadow was created by the Virginia Center for Digital History; it has the history of Franklin County, Pennsylvania and Augusta County, Virginia including newspaper articles, census data, photographs, service records, diaries and much more. - where Civil War era documents live on. Some of the most riveting Civil War stories aren't in the history books. While this is a subscription site, it may be worth your while if you do a lot of research. Military records, census records and more.

Genealogy and the Law - A layman's guide to legalese, on the Just Great Lawyers website. Extremely helpful.

SCRAP - The Stamp & Cover Repository & Analysis Program (SCRAP) of the U.S. Philatelic Classics Society is an effort to get philatelic fakes, frauds, and forgeries off the market while retaining them for study and reference. For a primer on SCRAP, who John A. Fox was and the types of marking devices and fake covers he created, download the outstanding article by Varro Tyler and Michael Laurence that appeared in Chronicle 218 (May 2008, Vol. 60, No. 2, pp. 147-163).

Stamp Forgery Guide - Worldwide sources of information on forged stamps and stamp expertizing searchable by country or expert, past and present, with over 1700 listings.

CBS This Morning - The Passions of Stamp Collectors - a wonderfully entertaining presentation by Rita Braver who begins by interviewing David Robinson who discovered one of the 2013 right-side up Jenny sheets and sold it at auction for $45,000 to the buyer of that item, billionaire Bill Gross, as well as the story of the Inverted Jenny, a look into the Smithsonian National Postal Museum and more. A 7-minute presentation presented on YouTube. January 2015

2-Clicks Stamps - a stamp collecting directory that provides collectors an online philatelic guide with a database of 3,500 classified philatelic web pages, all under a specific category - an excellent resource.

Joe Luft's Philatelic Research Page - An extensive selection of worldwide philatelic links.

Virtual Stamp Club - An on-line philatelic newspaper or magazine, with a very active "Letters to the Editor" section. In the forum, you'll find news, information, opinions and advice.

Stamp Link - "Your on-ramp to the hottest sites in stamp collecting"

Collector Cafe - This online community guide sponsored by Stanley Gibbons, provides articles and news on more than 90 collecting interests. Visitors can contact other collectors and post free advertisements in the classified section. Collector Cafe contains links to hundreds of specialist dealer sites and is a valuable source of information for every collector.

General Civil War Websites of Special Interest

Online Civil War Indexes, Records, and Rosters - A genealogy guide and list of Civil War general resources as well as sources listed by state. An excellent resource.

Jim Stanley & Associates - Jim is a collector and purveyor of museum quality investment grade Civil War artifacts, images and documents. If your interests go beyond "paper," you may want to visit Jim's site.

Museum Quality Americana - This is a division of Cal Packard, LLC. Cal and his daughter Sarah sell quality historical artifacts and documents. A nicely done and most interesting site that specializes in Civil War materials with emphasis on "paper".

Confederate Railroads - David L. Bright's excellent resource. You will find each railroad, its location and length, its type and size of rail, the number of cars and locomotives it had when the war started, and the names and technical data of each locomotive. There are also lists of stations on each road and comments about most Confederate cities, taken from a Confederate railroad guide. There are well over 7,500 transcriptions of the railroad issues-related documents that he continues to find and post.

Confederate Texas and the Reconstruction - A Texas Civil War history lesson and over two dozen links to excellent resources on Texas during and just after the Civil War.

Philatelic Societies

American Philatelic Society - The APS was founded in 1887 and is the world's largest collector organization with members in 110 countries. It is supported entirely by membership dues, gifts and the sale of publications and services. Founded in 1886, the APS is now in its third century of service to stamp collectors and postal historians. Click here to download an APS membership application in PDF format.

Young Philatelic Leaders Fellowship - This is the dynamic youth program of the APS. The vision of the YPLF is to allow youth, who have already shown an interest in stamp collecting, an enriching and dynamic experience with a specific aspect of the hobby. See Trish with the young ladies of YPLF at StampShow 2013.

Confederate Stamp Alliance - The CSA was founded in 1935 and is a non-political organization dedicated to fraternity, research, and cooperation among collectors of Confederate stamps and postal history. Advantages include the CSA Authentication Service and an award winning quarterly journal, The Confederate Philatelist. Click here to download a CSA membership application in PDF format.

U.S. Philatelic Classics Society - The USPCS is the successor of "The Three Cent 1851-57 Unit" (Unit Number 11) of the American Philatelic Society. It was originally founded by a group of '51 to '57 specialists that included Dr. Carroll Chase, Stanley B. Ashbrook, and Leo J. Shaughnessy. Since its founding, the Classics Society has broadened its scope to include postal issues and postal history from the stampless era up to the Bureau Issues, as well as the occasional Confederate. Membership advantages include the award winning quarterly magazine, The Chronicle and an outstanding website.

Confederate Stamp and Postal History Projects

CSA Catalog and Handbook - In October 2006, the Confederate Stamp Alliance announced acquisition of the rights to the New Dietz Confederate States Catalog and Handbook, last published in 1986. The 21st century edition of the Confederate States of America Catalog and Handbook of Stamps and Postal History (CSA Catalog) was long overdue and in much demand by collectors, serious students and dealers. The new catalog takes advantage of all of the marvelous changes in technology that have occurred in the past three decades, including a color catalog and a complete rework of content from the ground up, using primary sources. Consequently, it sold out from the publisher in less than three months. Winner of the Grand Award for Literature at APS StampShow 2013. Only the deluxe edition is still available from the CSA for $500.

For an illustrated more in depth look at both the history of prior catalogs and the marvelous changes in this 2012 edition, see A 21st Century Confederate Catalog

Philatelic Retail Dealers - Respected Competitors

John L. Kimbrough - My esteemed competitor. John and I both have a passion for Confederates. His site also has articles and an in depth section on Confederate fakes. John is a respected author as well as a fellow member of the CSA Authentication Service.

Richard Frajola - A knowledgeable U.S. student and dealer, also a former postal history auctioneer. While his specialty is mostly quality U.S., he also knows and handles Confederates. He maintains a popular message board for collectors and dealers on his site as well.

Philatelic Literature

Philatelic Bibliopole - Leonard H. Hartmann, under the business name of Philatelic Bibliopole, has dealt in authoritative philatelic books and literature since 1965. He has a strong stock of Confederate States titles. His website contains a searchable listing of all Confederate auctions of which he is aware, not just those for sale. Leonard is recognized as the leading authority on Confederate lithograph issues, having collected and studied them actively since the mid-1950s. He also offers a Confederate lithograph plating service.

Auction Houses that regularly offer quality Confederate collections

Robert A. Siegel - New York
Schuyler J. Rumsey - San Francisco

Philatelic Exhibition Websites

APS Show Calendar - lists all the major national shows
Boston 2026 - the next big international stamp show in the U.S.
NAPEX - Washington, DC area - the premier East coast show
WESTPEX - San Francisco area - the premier West coast show

Philatelic Expertizing Services

Confederate Stamp Alliance Authentication Service (CSAAS) - This is the premier expertizing body for Confederate stamps and postal history. It was founded in 1945 as the CSA Authentication Committee. In 2006, the name was changed to the CSA Authentication Service. The purpose of the Authentication Service is to determine the authenticity of Confederate stamps and covers as well as the validity of Civil War period postal usages that passed through the Confederate mails. I am member emeritus of this group.

The Philatelic Foundation (PF) - The Philatelic Foundation was granted a charter in 1945 by the University of the State of New York as a Nonprofit Educational Institution. This is the go-to expertizing body for United States and general foreign material in the U.S. The PF has over 5,000 reference works including research notes and correspondence of Stanley Ashbrook, photographic records of major specialized collections and auction catalogs from around the world as well as a photographic record of each of the over 500,000 items that they have certified over the years.

American Philatelic Expertizing Service (APEX) - APEX offers opinions on the genuineness of philatelic material at moderate cost. APEX utilizes the services of more than 120 specialists and a variety of high-tech equipment to provide guaranteed opinions. It is a good service for moderately priced general material.

Philatelic Stamp Authentication and Grading (PSAG) - stamp grading and authentication services, specializing in United States and Canada.

Professional Stamp Experts (PSE) - stamp grading and authentication services, stamps of the world.

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