Items for Sale - Postmasters' Provisional Stamps Section 2 - Item# 20065
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Item# 20065

Madison Court House Fla., 3¢ gold on bluish (3AX1) with large to huge margins, clear strike of Madison C.H. Flo. Feb. 21 (1861) CDS, deep thin and tiny pinhole; Extremely Fine appearance. Ex Judge Frederick A. Philbrick, Sir William Avery, Philipp von Ferrary, William L. Moody III, Henry and Raymond Lapham, John and Patricia Kaufmann, Dr. Deane R. Briggs, and David W. Gorham. CSA certificate 02903. One of the most attractive of the five recorded off-cover copies with stellar provenance. Two copies have pen cancels, the third is the CNETS error; the whereabouts of the fourth is unknown (a poor photocopy of it exists only in the Philatelic Foundation files, apparently submitted by the Weill brothers). This is the fifth example. SCV $20,000. $18,000.

The history of the Madison provisionals is a fascinating one that I have written and spoken about for decades. See the basic story of this revolutionary provisional on my websiteA thorough census and provenance article on them was done in September 2021 in the Civil War Philatelist. Both are on the Articles section of this site. Information on the Madison provisionals is also available as a Power Point presentation 

Price: $18000