Items for Sale - CSA 10, 10¢ Blue Intaglio "Frame Line" on Cover


CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line with 3 complete frame lines at top, right and bottom - tied RICHMOND / VA. cds on neat cover to Mebanesville, N.C., cover slightly reduced at left, Scarce $3,000.

$ 3,000


CSA 10a, 10¢ milky blue Frame Line with full frame at left and a trace at top right, tied neat MOBILE / ALA // MAY / 29 double circle cancel on pristine homemade cover to R. L. Steele, Esq, McKinley, Ala, Very Fine. $3,000.

$ 3,000


CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line with two complete frame lines, margins full on other two sides, tied by RICHMOND / VA. // MAR / 9 / 1863 cds on homemade cover to M. H. Cruikshank, Talladega Ala.; original contents contain the last written words of Captain William T Renfro, mortally wounded at Chancellorsville—the letter then completed by a fellow soldier, the dying captain writing "In the battle of Saturday and Sunday the following men were wounded of my Co...I am mortally wounded in abdomen and arm.", the letter was then addended (likely by a chaplain) with "These are the last words of W.T. Renfro (I am in the field taking care of wounded soldiers)...He died like a true soldier. He had some attendant warm friends with him to take care of him and he seemed to glory in the society of his fellow soldiers. I sympathize with his friends and relatives in this and our country's loss..." Very Fine POIGNANT CIVIL WAR LETTER AND COVER, MADE EVEN MORE DESIRABLE BY THE FRAME LINE USE. Accompanied by an article by Brian and Maria Green on the letter. Ex Weatherly, Telep and Green (copy of 1992 NSTCW article on this by Greens accompanies). $4,250.

William Thomas Renfro served in Company B, Alabama 5th Infantry and on the CSA Roll of Honor for the Battle of Chancellorsville. Marcus H. Cruikshank  was an attorney and editor of the Watchtower and Reporter weekly newspapers, as well as a member of the Confederate Congress. Much more info on both men on linked page.

$ 4,250


CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line, four margins showing partial frame lines on all sides including full at top, manuscript "1864" cancellation with matching "Coffeeville Ala, April 29th" postmark on adversity cover made from Sunday School Report of the Methodist Episcopal Church, addressed to Mrs. Rebecca Carter, Snow Hill, Alabama, blue manuscript "Forwarded" under displayed corner; light soiling, with 2008 CSA Certificate 05335. An exceedingly scarce use of the Frame Line on an adversity cover from Alabama. Ex Robert Wiseman, old school student who plated the Frame Lines, as well as Harold Katz. $3,500.

$ 3,500


CSA 10, 10¢ blue Frame Line with full frame at right most of bottom with part of a third frame at upper left, tied OKOLONA / MISS cds on cover. 2002 CSA certificate which says, “stamp with corner crease lower right and small (very light) stain at upper right. Envelope with top back flap missing.” Addressed to Mrs. Ann Eliza Hall Care of Col. W. B. Hall, Montgomery, Ala. On back of envelope is “Capt. Thos. D. Hall, Co A. Boyles Regt, Okalona. (sic) SCV $3,250. $2,000.

Thomas D. Hall served in Company A, Alabama 56th Partisan Rangers Cavalry, Ferguson’s Brigade, Jackson’s Division, Army of Tennessee. Much more info on both men on linked page.

$ 2,000


CSA 10, 10¢ Frame Line with complete frame lines at bottom and right with large enough margin to show them crossing in corner, tied by VIOLET LYNCHBURG / Va. // JUL / 23  cds on commercially-made cover to Jas. H. McVeigh, Esq., Charlottesville Va., stamp with slight gum toning, still Very Fine, with 1975 CSA certificate, violet listed in Scott as a cancel for CSA 9 but not for CSA 10, SCV $3,250. for ordinary cancel and cover. Lynchburg well known for it’s colorful cancels, Ex Sam Williams. McVeigh was a prominent attorney in Lynchburg. $1,800

$ 1,800


CSA 10, 10¢ blue, Frameline showing full framelines at bottom and left and most of frameline at top tied by ORANGE C.H. / Va. on cover sent care of H. H. Cummin, Augusta, Ga.; stamp with couple small surface rubs at top and is unusual in that it shows a second frameline from the stamp above it on the sheet, ex Murphy, signed Dietz. SCV $3,250. $2,500.

The Augusta Orphan Asylum was incorporated in 1852 by Henry H. Cumming, Thomas W. Miller, Edward V. Campbell, John Milledge, Artemus Gould, Lewis D. Ford, and John R. Dow being the incorporators, with power to conduct an institution for the care of orphan children, to provide for their maintenance and education, and bind them out at a suitable age to some useful trade or calling until majority.

$ 2,500


CSA 10, 10¢ Frameline with trace of frame at top and partial frame at left, pre-use crease, tied on cover by beautiful struck bold (J)ACKSON [Mississippi] straightline on cover dated “June the 7” in manuscript and addressed to Mrs. W. J. Martin, South Carolina, Anderson District, Pendleton PO. Siegel Auctions website cites only TWO RECORDED FRAMELINE COVERS with the Jackson straightline, although I recently sold a third from the same correspondence that was CSA Catalog type CC SL-07A – the rarer of the two straightlines with ball on J intact, as this likely is. In the catalog, a straightline cancel listed on a Frameline cover has a 200% premium, thus valuing this at $10,500. This cancel on an ordinary cover catalogs $1,500. One in the Kilbourne collection a couple years ago sold for over $5,000 (including buyer premium). Missing small part of top back flap, light cover wrinkling, small iconic Dietz signature on back, Ex Conrad Bush. $2,750.

Warren J. Martin served in “G” Company, SC 22nd Infantry, Evans’ Brigade, French’s Division, Depart of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida (later Army of Northern Virginia). Much more info on linked page.

$ 2,750


CSA 10, 10¢ Frameline with mostly complete frameline at right and partial at bottom, separated roughly with small pieces out of edges, tied neat MILLEDGEVILLE / Ga. CDS on TURNED COVER addressed to D.A. Jewell, Rock Mills, Hancock County; inside use franked with pair of CSA 7, 5¢ blue tied by ATLANTA / Ga. // APR / 21 CDS, pair folded out for display of the lovely looking use, 1997 CSA certificate 03007, SCV $3,250 without premium for turned use. $2,750.

Daniel A. Jewell served in the Ogeechee Minute Men. Much more info on linked page.

$ 2,750

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