Items for Sale - CSA 1, 5¢ Green Lithograph on Cover - Section One


CSA 1, 5¢ bright green with pre-use crease tied neat blue RALEIGH / N.C. dc cancel on clean homemade cover to Petersburg, Va. $275.

$ 275


CSA 1, 5¢ bright green pair showing parts of adjacent stamps at right tied TUDOR HALL / VA / DEC/31/1861 cds on neat commercial cover to Paulina Harden, Chester C.H., S.C., docketed Dec 25 '61, Very Fine] $450.

$ 450


CSA 1c, 5¢ Olive green, Stone A or B, horizontal pair tied by light FREDERICKSBURG / VA / PAID on cover to Castalian Springs Tenn., Very Fine. Description on verso by Van Dyk MacBride. $500.

$ 500


CSA 1c, 4-margin 5¢ olive green Stone 1 canceled with blue target and matching CHARLOTTESVILLE / VA / MAR / 3 / 1862 cds on commercial cover to Arrington, Va., small cover edge tear at top, Ex Engstler. $280.

$ 280


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green stone 1 with small faults, tied by CULPEPER C.H . / VA. cds, date not evident but is late 1861 or early 1862 on fresh plain brown cover to "Ed. B. Smith Esq. University of Virginia Charlottesville".  $170.

$ 170


CSA 1, 4-margin 5¢ green tied KNOXVILLE / TENN cds to A. G. Weleker, Esq. Chattanooga, Tenn. on cover made from brown wrapping paper. Very Fine. $275.

$ 275


CSA 1, 5¢ green with small corner scuffs in UR and LR margins, tied neat RICHMOND / VA // FEB / 27 / 1862 cds on blue commercial cover $160.

$ 160


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied MEMPHIS / Ten. 1862 cds on cover to "Mrs. Chas m. O'Hara Care Rev W. H. Thompson, Bolivar, Tenn.", Ex Powell.

$ 225


CSA 1, 4-margin 5¢ green tied by orange SMITHFIELD / VA. // MAR / 2 (1862) cds on cover to Farmers Grove, Va., Very Fine and scarce orange cancel. $475

$ 475


CSA 1, 5¢ green top sheet margin copy, probably Stone 1 (Stone 2 EKU December 2) tied TUDOR HALL / VA. / DEC / 1 [1861] to Buckingham, slightly reduced at left otherwise Very Fine.

$ 300


CSA 1, 5¢ green Stone 2 with short transfer at right and small faults, tied bold RICHMOND / Va. / JAN / 22 / 1862 CDS on cover. $150.

$ 150


CSA 1, 5¢ green, Stone 2, tied neat bold RICHMOND / Va . / MAR / 2 / 1862 cds on neat cover to "James M. Dorman, Esq., Petersburg, Va.", back flap tears and small piece missing, light file fold across bottom, fresh and pretty.

$ 150


CSA 1c, 5¢ olive green, deep rich shade and clear impression indicative of Stone AB although not plated; tied on fresh homemade cover by blue PETERSBURG / Va. // DEC / 7 (1861) cds; addressed to “Dr. A. C. Harris, Sassafras Fork, Granville County, No., Ca.”; missing top back flap, tiny sealed edge tear at top. 

$ 395


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied small neat CHARLESTON / S.C. // APR / 10 / 1862 double circle on neat commercial cover to “Mrs. Robert W. Allston, Georgetown, So. Ca.”  

$ 250


CSA 1, 5¢ green and 5¢ blue (stamps with faults) mixed franking tied together by blue PETERSBURG / VA.  cds over printed corner card of Evangelical Free Society to “Mr. Collin Stotes, Lunenburg, Va New Plymouth Post Office”  with note after address “To the postmaster please forward this as soon as possible in haste,” Ex Hubbell and Tobias.

$ 550


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied neat bold GEORGETOWN / S.C. / MAR / 20 / 1862 cds on cover to “Mrs. Thomas W. Porcher, Pineville P.O. , S.C.”, slightly reduced at left. Porcher was related to European royalty and owned large plantations in South Carolina; information on the Porcher family is readily available online.

$ 250


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied NEW ORLEANS / LA. APR (1862) cds on cover to “J.N. Chambers Esq., Port Hudson, Louisn”, docketed on verso as from Montgomery & White 1st April 1862.

$ 200


CSA 1, 5¢ green bottom sheet margin (crease in margin at lower left) tied neat NEW MARKET / Va. / APR / 6 (1862) cds on cover to “Col. H. Johns, Balcony Falls, Rockbridge, Va” and and docketed (from) Alex Paxton along left side. $250.

$ 250


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied RICHMOND / Va. / DEC / 15 / 1861 cds on folded business letter to “Mssrs Thos Branch & Sons, Petersburg, Va.” from Dunlop, Moncure & Co., Very Fine, Ex Tate.

$ 350


CSA 1, 5¢ green pair tied TUDOR HALL / VA / MAR / 6 / 1862 cds, right stamp is the “filled up FIVE CENTS” variety with small nick at right margin, on cover to “Miss Sarah Tranor, New Orleans, Louisiana”. Scarce boxed “ADV. 1” handstamp indicating that the cover was advertised in the newspaper for pickup. Ex Tate.

$ 650


CSA 1, 5¢ green (cut in) tied by HALIFAX / N.C. / FEB / 8 / 1862 cds on turned cover to Petersburg, Va., cover turned and sent back to Halifax with additional 5¢ green tied by blue PETERSBURG / VA. / FEB /14 cds (Valentine’s Day), Very showy turned cover, much scarcer with two lithos, Ex Tate

$ 600


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied blue NORFOLK / VA double circle cancel on pristine cover that has been silked with a couple of small closed tear, Very Fine. Ex Tate. 

$ 200


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied blue PETERSBURG / Va. MAR / 21 (1862) cds on pristine folded business letter to “Jno B. Cocke Esq, Belmead Mills, Powhatan (Co), Va.” for the “Sale of 18 bbls flour on a/c of Meherrin Plantation” addressed “To Patterson” and signed McIlwaine So & Co. The Cocke family was well known and produced numerous famous Civil War era personages including Gen. Philip St. George Cocke who committed suicide.

$ 300


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) tied neat clear GREENVILLE C.H. / S.C.  // FEB / 20 (1862) double circle cancel on commercially made pale pink envelope of laid paper (missing top back flap) to“Segt G(eorge). P. Anderson, Capt. Carraway’s Corps, Col. Manigaults Regt Georgetown, S. Carolina”. $350.

$ 350


CSA 1, 5¢ green underpaid use with manuscript Hardeeville July 10 (1862) cancel on linen lined “money envelope” to “Mrs. Daniel Crawford, Columbia, S.C.”; pencil docketing “Bills paid 1862”. Postal authorities looked the other way on the rate as was sent by a soldier who could have sent it “due”. $200.

Captain Daniel H. Crawford, A.Q.M. served in McLaw's Division in 1863, and later Longstreet's Division. Much more information on linked page.

$ 200


CSA 1, 5¢ green, two four margin singles, one left sheet margin and one right sheet margin, tied by New Orleans cds on clean cover to Columbus, Texas, back top flap missing, Very Fine, a lovely cover with opposite side sheet margins.  $600

$ 600


CSA 1, 5¢ green, stone 2, two singles with large even margins, tied by  PITTSYLVANIA C.H., VA. / JUL 25 cds on lemon cover to “Miss Lizzie Ewell, Care Dr. Smith, Hampden Sydney College, Va.”, minor corner wear at bottom left, Extremely Fine and choice with 1983 P.F. certificate. $425.

$ 425


CSA 1, 5¢ green plated by prior owner as stone 1, used on part of folded letter with manuscript cancel of South Santee, S.C. May 1st 1862. $160.

$ 160


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied neat strike YANCEYVILLE / N.C. // FEB / 15 / 1862 cds on folded letter. Cancel appears brown, but is likely degraded red. Small section of letter eaten away or cut out, probably to disguise sender. Ex Jack Solomon. $450.

$ 450


CSA 1, 5¢ green with light crease in bottom margin, tied blue PETERSBURG Va. / 5 cts / DEC / 19 (date inverted) [1861], likely Stone 1 but not plated, on cover to Lynchburg.  $200.

$ 200


CSA 1b, 5¢ dark green, Stone 1 (LL corner clipped) tied blue grid with matching  RALEIGH / N.C. // NOV / 25 [1861] on pristine cover to Miss Mildred C. Cameron Care Mr. Samuel Mordecai, Richmond, Va, Very Fine $250.

$ 250


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied neat blue NORFOLK / Va. // MAY 1862 cds on cover to Mrs. Julian C. Ruffin, Garysville, Prince George, Va., part of top back flap missing. Ex Hunter M. Thomas, Jr.   $200.

$ 200


LETTER: CSA 1, 5¢ green, tied peacock blue ink with manuscript postmark of Waynesville G[a] 4 Mch 1862 on folded letter to Miss Gaetnes (?) Mumford, Kingston, Cass Co[unty] Georgia with manuscript directive at lower left Spring Bank. Long 3-page  letter from father to daughter headed Waynesville 1st Mar 62 Sat night saying, in part: The military are on every side me - Capt. A.S.H. at the Tank - Capt. Nichols in the Streets old field & Hopkins is daily receiving large accessions, so that Campbell will soon have a company of his own & of this I am glad for he is a young man the most efficient officer I know. Henry Piles has joined & so has Geor & Daniel Scarlett and some others. L.W.H. & Jas F Th have joined Capt. Lang’s Cavalry Company stationed at present down on the Satilla. Gen[era[l Mercer has gone to Savah (Savannah) & ? now controls everything between the Island and St. Marys…Mr. Atkinson I fear is gradually declining peace meal, our misfortunes of late have distressed him exceedingly and they tell immensely upon us all. But the tide will soon be arrested the next battle at the west will turn in our favor, and yet the losses are to be incalculable & in respect to men irreparable for we shall have none so have to take their places…I had a great talk with all the little negroes about you yesterday. And more. On the outside is written, “This is a ‘Confederate’ stamp and may be some (1491) of value as a souvenir.” I believe the “1491” was erroneously transposed from 1941, as there is an accompanying more modern envelope on which is written in the same hand: One of Precious Father’s letter to me - written in 1862- by his own trembling hand - It has a Jefferson Davis stamps upon it which an old Confederate Veteran tells me is now very valuable. G. M. December 1941. The daughter was well up in years herself by 1941. $675. LL Listed in both Miscellaneous-1 and CSA 1 Covers, Section 1

$ 675


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 large margins) tied neat LEXINGTON / Va. // APR / 17 [1862] cds on back flaps of cover (stained on front) to Philip C. Hileman, Care of Capt. Templeton, Rockridge Battalion with long 2-page original letter headed Monday evening, At Home, April 14th, 1864 with salutation Dear Brother Philip and signed Sister Annie F. H[ileman]. She speaks of friends who brought their wounded sons home from Roanoke and Staunton but feared the jolting on the roads not good for them. She says, in part, Samuel is home now. I expect he will go in partnership with Doe Taylor. He got a position in a hospital in Richmond, but he does not care about the situation. Some of the Kerrs Creek people sent a petition to the Governor to get Sam off, as they were very much in need of a physician. Nine doctors under 45 are allowed to Rockbridge and there are but eight, so I hope Sam will get staying at home. And apparently he did, hiring a substitute. Nice intertwined family dynamic. $270.

Detailed information on three Hileman brothers on the linked page. STONEWALL BRIGADE

$ 270


CSA 1-1, 5¢ green, Stone 1, position 3, tied on cover by RICHMOND / Va. // DEC / 7 / 1861, to John M. Owen, Esq., Blk Walnut, Va, couple small edge tears at top; at one time this cover was considered the earliest recorded use of Stone 1—the EKU is now recorded as December 2, SCV $475. $250.

$ 250


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied MOBILE / ALA // JAN / 31 / 1862 double-circle datestamp on cover to Miss Josephine A. Bayol, Greensboro, Ala. Josephine was sister to Confederate Alabama soldiers Ned and Jules Bayol, part of the Greensboro Guards, 5th Regt. Alabama Volunteers. Ex Roger Ballard. $200.

$ 200


CSA 1, 5¢ green tied MOBILE / ALA // MAR / 1 [1862] double-circle datestamp on cover to Col. J.G. English, Aberdeen, Monroe Co[unty], Mississippi. Slightly reduced at top. Ex Roger Ballard. $150.

John G. English owned Strawberry Point Plantation near Aberdeen. On July 14, 1864, guns from the Battle of Tupelo could be heard at Strawberry Point. 

$ 150


CSA 1, 5¢ green (4 margins) used with known Selma target cancel on small lady’s cover to Miss Eudora Conley, Selma, Dallas County, Ala. endorsed “Kindness of Mr. Niall” at lower left. Likely, the stamp was already applied by the sender for posting to Selma but was carried as a favor to Selma by Mr. Niall who then dropped it at the post office for pickup. This was not uncommon. OVERPAID DROP use. $250.

$ 250

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